INI BISNIS BESAR – Membuat rak kabinet minimalis-anda bisa kaya mendadak

Hello boss … see you again with me at ssmifada youtube channel. channel that always provides inspirational content of course also educative friends this time I will present a video very special because this video is related with big business I will make a cabinet rack basic technique of making a cabinet rack this business is very promising friends if in my area, to make a shelf or cabinet rack and so on the price is usually per meter if in the area of ​​Kalia maybe the price is different the price is in my area around one million five hundred to one million seven hundred fifty thousand rupiah if in your area, the price can be more expensive or cheaper but usually in big cities usually the price is very expensive and also demand more, friends and this business is very promising for initial capital not great, because what you sell is service later I will give the tutorial in full how the manufacturing process please watch in detail on the manufacturing process maybe later you want to open this business this is really very promising business fortunately large and very much demand for those of you who haven’t subscribed, please subscribe to the ssmifada channel don’t forget to activate the notification bell so as not to miss every new video from me ok .. immediately do it ok’s over multiplex wood cutting process. then I will explain its size the size of the wood that has been cut this wood the size is two meters long it’s two meters wide then the height the height is one hundred and twenty two this little wood the size is 20.5 twenty four long This little wood, friends then this long wood, twenty three in width then I will assemble this cabinet rack ok friends … this is partially finished then I will continue ok boss … continue again cheer up … let’s always work for those of you who haven’t subscribed, please subscribe ssmifada youtube channel because this channel is a very inspiring channel, of course it is also educative ok .. uhuuu … fell down boss .. Cheer up boss … Cheer up … fighting, boss has a long way to go this is a very large cabinet rack my friends huuuu …. cool boss … this is huge it’s two meters long one hundred and twenty two meters high, my friends ok .. continue again, keep the boss’s spirit … huuu …. tired boss … the bottom shelf is finished, then I will add more shelves, friends the top part already provided which was cut into pieces multipleknya … ok hello boss … it’s over these are very big friends, the size of the cabinet rack is very large want to make the bed also comfortable huh .. all that’s left is to install it I’ll put it over here for example my friends want to make at home, the way is quite easy and simple and don’t need big capital, friends for example you want to screw the cost of making it This cabinet rack, friends I use multiplex sizes twelve milli meters, The second I use a multiplex measuring nine milli meters for example you want better use a multiplex measuring twelve milli meters, all of them because the size is thicker I use a size of nine milli meters the reason is to be cheaper ok … i will put it to the wall I will put on this wall I move this bike first I will nail it to the wall to be strong I made this especially for the wall I have finished drilling this just attach the bolt This is a bolt, complete with viser I will put it behind the shelves, friends This fiser serves to strengthen this bolt now I just install the bolt, friends here’s the bolt This has been completed mounting the rack to the wall then I will install the lights so it is better I use blue lights for example you want to install lights can use the color of the lamp according to your taste so..ini has finished making it, my friends it looks like this, to beautify the appearance usually in HPL paper layers I use this personally, and I want a wood motif I didn’t coat this with HPL, you can copy this model you can sample this model, if you want to make it this is two meters long, and the height is one hundred and twenty two the count in his business the benefits are already huge for making capital around more or less four hundred fifty thousand in total, around four hundred thousand for the result, it can triple the capital the cabinet rack, measuring two meters by one hundred and twenty two centimeters total size, about three meters more you can add yourself the amount of profit that you get if you want to make, can imitate this model the model has eleven small boxes and a big box in the middle This cabinet rack, I made machine tool kit and its function is not just a toolbox This rack can be made jewelry but you make smaller ones can also made a place items such as home furniture This can also be modified again, for example, in a small box can be given the door and so on, it depends on your needs I will install my equipment, friends … ok ok friends .. I have installed this part my machine tool, for the middle part I will install tools, like bolts then keys and small pieces of equipment, but for before, I would skate love skating in the middle of this according to the tools that I have for those of you who haven’t subscribed, please subscribe ssmifada youtube channel, don’t forget to share this video, and activate the notification ring so as not to miss every new video from me I hope this video is useful, and you guys continue to be creative creative greetings

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