Indoor Ants – Tips & Tricks For Finding The Nest

Indoor Ants – Tips & Tricks For Finding The Nest

Got ants here in the kitchen.
As you can see. And 1 of the tricks I’ve found, if there’s
only 1 or 2 ants it’s really hard to find where they are coming from, you spray them
it does not do any good. So what I do is I put some sugar or such and
when a whole lot accumulate. And they establish an ant trail, then I follow
the ant trail back to the nest. Here’s a little trick: If the trail is too
sparse to follow, blow on the group a little or just breath on them and they will start
scurrying back to the nest in a solid line. Makes it a lot easier to follow. Watch.
(Sound of light breath) And there they go.
They go off streaming in a solid line. Here they are, let’s follow them.
Looping back around. Go through here, don’t know if you can see
them in the shadows. Up the wall.
Keep them in focus. Up the wall, up the wall.
Where they get on this brown wood where you can’t see them. They are pretty smart.
Up here. Can’t see them very well.
You can see them crossing here. If you follow them they go back in that corner.
They go up inside, right in that little hole. I’ve got 2 things I need to do.
Spray them and patch that hole. If you leave the sugar out after your remediation
attempts, you can see if you were successful.
I’ve tried spraying once and they are still coming back very strong.
This is several hours later. Obviously where I sprayed is not the key nest.
I need to go back and try again. I’ve done a second remediation and as you
can see the number of ants has come down seriously. So I think I got the nest.
That’s all there is to it, a couple tricks to hunt down ant nests.
Hope you found it interesting.

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  1. You didn't actually kill the colony just sprayed where they were entering from. Meanwhile there are millions more in your walls. They'll be back!

  2. Sorry but you're only eliminated a very small percentage of the colony with this method. Spraying only causes the colony to split and double your problem. They will relocate and show up somewhere else.

  3. Boric acid is sold at 99 Cents stores. The concentration of boric acid in the bait is very important- too little boric acid and the bait simply doesn't kill the ants. Too much boric acid causes the ants to die before they can share the bait with the queen, workers and other colony members. I cut the bottom off a plastic water bottle…Use Honey add 1/4 that amount of Boric Acid. Add a little water, stir. DO NOT disturb the Ants.The temptation is to wipe them all away- DONT! All the ants will consume the poison…let them take the poison back to the colony. After a few days, wipe the dead ants away with soapy water- DRY completely. Replace the bait as needed.

  4. My ants hang out in the laundry room where the doggos sleep and eat. They keep on disturbing them, and when my doggos are disturbed, I'm disturbed. I spray the ants once a day, and I have to relocate the places where they eat

  5. When you say spray them….spray them with what? Cotton ball just has sugar to attract to find trail is super cool. I liked how you showed results.

  6. That's horrific, I'd have nightmares of that stuff but instead of a bee nest it would be several massive spider egg sacks

  7. I've been dealing with ants for so long no matter how many holes u close they'll open new holes best way is to keep food away and keep area cold they will disappear

  8. I also noticed they made multiple any holes in my wall.. which means more ants all over the place… Bait traps didn't work! So I used Spray and laid Ant paste all over the wall and bottem of the molding! Also I took the molding off two days ago and tons of ants which gave me the hint there in the wall. Now I have to pay$ for pest control.

  9. My family is having an ant infestation. They come to our house every summer. They are upstairs. They come from the bathroom, shower, and where we keep our cleaning supplies. We see lots of holes in our house but we don’t know which one because they come from 3 parts in our house. We try to see where they are coming from but when we watch the holes they don’t really come out. We’re going to have to look for a new house if this doesn’t stop. 🙁

  10. Man anytime I get ants or roaches the videos always show these tiny ants or roaches. Down in the South the ants are as big as the digit in your thumb, and the roaches twice that.

  11. I have medium size black ants in my gaming room, it’s not a lot, I’ll see like one or two every ten minutes. But they don’t stop coming and I have no clue where there coming from because on is on one wall and another is on the other. Anybody have advice?

  12. A better trick would be to take laps around the outside of your house. You will eventually be able to identify a point of entry. You can make a cheap spray containing borax, honey, and sugar all mixed with water. Spray the OUTSIDE of the house as to not invite the ants all inside the house. But hey if you like a colony of ants in your house, please ignore me!

  13. I’ll try this, we have an ant problem and it started off near and in the bathroom, they managed to get to the kitchen..
    I just have to convince my family to listen and try the idea, apparently just spraying the small trial of ants to them will kill them off for good..
    Thank you again

  14. Try using Terro Liquid Ant Baits. No need to hunt down the nest and spraying.
    The ants gorge themselves, then feed the poison (Borax) to their young and the queen.
    Ants do the dirty work for you! No fuss no muss.

  15. So tired of ants ending up on my bed, think they're on my clothes and then start biting me when I happen to be laying down and ugh

  16. No lie, I've been at war with these little bastards for years!!!! They're back every year. Every year at least 4-5 battles. Little bastards just ate my candy lol I'm studying and was unwrapping my candy and there's like 50 of em in side the wrapper and my lemon drop was missing like a 1/4! This is war dammit.

  17. My Aunt had a colony of ants crawling out of the plug outlet they were even crawling under the bed me & my cousin had to move the bed out & thousands of them were in straight lines coming out of the outlet I never seen that much ants before ugh 😣😖🙁😕🤢🤢🤢

  18. So if the ants are in every room, does that mean there are nests in every room? I see the ant trail is coming from behind the medicine chest in the bathroom!

  19. Well i found a nest evacuating (cuz of me) but no queen just ants with freaky larvae so I found the new nest and they shot me with ant acid SAVAGES 😠=💀

  20. Spraying is useless ….Terro borax liquid ant bait works and even the queen will come to the bait trap sometimes its crazy.

  21. I mix borax to sugar in a 1:2 ratio with hot water. Place a small amount in a cardboard box outside somewhere over their trails or near a nest.

    Place a bit each day. They swarm and die and reswarm and die over and over but it always gets them in the end. They also stop coming in the house in the first place which is the primary goal!

  22. Thank you this was so helpful never had trouble with ants but my baby niece was eating a Lolly pop and she put the candy at the back of the living room table and I didn’t see it and now I cleaned the whole area but I saw a lot of little ants and now I have a big problem. I clean washed the whole living room and vacuum but they keep coming back so annoying! I’m trying to find where they are coming from but I have one question, how do I close or seal off the hole they are coming out of? Plz help I hate ants it makes me feel like I’m a dirty person!

  23. I’m a sugar fanatic. I’m so lazy and don’t clean after myself. I can’t find the nest. They come out of nowhere! I need help! I found a nest while back in my trash can. There were like +100 in there. I had a bunch of papers and don’t see it. I have been going to school and coming home to ants everywhere. Help!

  24. use Terro/Borax which they will take back to the nest and kill all of them within a day or two. Spraying them just gets rid of the drones you can see, not the thousands you can't see.

  25. Thanks for the advice. I got an ant costume at Party City and tried asking the ants where there nest was. They didn't respond.

  26. Go to Lowe's , buy a tube of Bayer Max Force Ant Gel . Put it out where you simply see the ants . They will eat it and carry it back to the colony . The colony will be destroyed . Problem solved . Watch a video about Bayer Ant Gel . It works great . You can buy it at Lowe's .

  27. i used a caulk silicone sealant and have sealed about 100 entry points but they always find another. The only thing that worked permanently was baiting them with ant gel, problem solved with very little effort.

  28. I had like 4 of these in my carpet due to two Cheetos on my floor.. so I vacuumed them and I got the ants and nests. But then I checked my closet and saw a few loose one's going around. The ants I have though are about the size a few pieces of sand.

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