Incision & Drainage of an Infected Cyst – Part 1 of 3

Incision & Drainage of an Infected Cyst – Part 1 of 3

Subscribe WillGlowBoys for latest videos Like, two or three. So recent- ah we’ll definitely be able to squeeze something out of it. So we know there was something. So recently this was inflamed here so make sure nothing is going to be sharp in here, okay? Tuck this under here just in case, too. It’s not as – it’s not as wet as the last one, so I think we’re okay. Time to start pulling out of this. You okay?
-Mh hmm Okay, here we go.
I’m gonna squeeze here. Okay, good. Yours was infected! It was recently inflamed and infected, huh?
-Yeah Poor thing. How do I get myself into these things, huh?
(patient chuckles) It keeps going! Can you kick that towards the chair more, because I’m gonna hit that loop and I don’t wanna – -get this loop messed up. Right here. Take that off of there… thank you. Is that hurting you when I push on you?
-No Can you help me squeeze a little bit? Okay, it’s almost all gone?
-Mh hmm Just dab that, right there. I don’t know, I think maybe we need to leave this to heal open actually. ‘Cause it’s got all that inflammation in it. I don’t think we should be closing that. It was recently inflamed and infected there. Let me see here… Thank you.
-Mh hm A little moisture here, we’re just gonna kinda clean this area out a little bit. See, squeeze some of that out of there too. I think it got nice and clean so far…

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  1. Every time I introduce someone new to this channel I show them this! I believe if they can enjoy this they’ll love this account 😂

  2. if U're going to make videos in 2 or 3 parts, must u force us to search for them too? I mean cant u link them together at least?? I prob won't be able to find the 2nd or 3rd video because I'm the exact title.. it really would be nice if they were all linked to one another!!

  3. This reminds me of the first cyst removal I assisted with when I was a medical assistant. I about threw up from the smell, and all the liquid that came out!🤢

  4. Dr. Lee, what is your guys' monthly budget for gauze 4x4s? I'm just curious as to how many of those packs you go through during a day, a week, etc.?

  5. When you're squeezing large cysts like this – why do some not automatically require a tub? Watching all the drainage get on gloves or gauze / be messy drives me crazy!

  6. I really appreciate it when you give detailed descriptions in the description box. I like knowing about the condition definition and course of treatment.

  7. I don't see how you have the guts to do this, and then with a smell… I enjoy watching, but I'm glad I'm not doing this to anyone… You have a strong stomach… Thanks for doing this this for us, we enjoy your videos….

  8. Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) I have a question about doing cultures on an infected cyst/lesion. You stated that most of the time they come back negative. I have been watching many inflamed/infected cysts videos and found a doctor by the name of Geoff Butler. He has done many of this same type of procedure. He states that if you take a culture of the top wound of pus that is coming out, you are basically collecting dead cells and that a lab cannot grow anything from something that is dead which normally comes back with a negative result. So, he evacuates most of the contents of the cyst/lesion wound, meaning the pus and infected keratinous material, does a thorough cleaning inside the wound with saline water and then takes his squab from the inside the wound against the cell walls to try to get an active bacteria to get a better determination. His analogy of this is that if you were to go to an army that was attacked, you wouldn't want to talk with the dead people, but instead find someone alive to be able to tell you what happened.

    I wonder if this a matter in how doctors are trained when taking cultures, and have you ever heard of this method? Have you ever used it and received any better results? Thank you for your time in answering this question if you possibly can. Your fan in South Carolina!

  9. I had one of these in an armpit. I thought the Dr. was going to gag when she lanced it, it squirted on her clothes and it smelled pretty bad. They did a culture, and it was infected with staph. They gave me the 1st 2nd and 3rd degree about how I contracted it (at work, as far as I could figure).

  10. Yours is infected!!!!….The nicest way she could say "Hey guy your neck smells like shitty baby diapers that's been layin' out in 100+ degree weather for months"…..

  11. Dr Lee, just wondering, dentists have that nifty little gadget that squirts water and vacuums at the same time. Instead of just constantly wiping away all the gunk, would it not be better to use something like that to suck it up as it comes out. Could also be used to insert into the cyst or abscess cavity and clean it out without all the squeezing and bruising of surrounding tissue ?

  12. She is such a professional and she is so personable and interactive with the Pt’s reassuring and informing them on what’s happening while it’s happening. Me I’d be so into squeezing and poking I wouldn’t say a word to them lol

  13. That's when I'd like to have a suction machine like at the dentist and I could just suck all that liquid up and save on gauze.

  14. Why do they never put a basin underneath the wound to catch the drainage instead of constantly taking four by fours and getting goop all over the place

  15. I always use to get alot socially when I would come out pregnant now I'm 57 years old and I'm glad I can't have anymore babies but I wish you would've been my Doctor…. I Love your show😍

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