I Gave My Fire Ants a Mouse

I Gave My Fire Ants a Mouse

Oh boy! You won’t believe what I managed to film this
week. My massive pet fire ant colony, you guys have
named the Fire Nation is without question my most ravenous, meat-hungry, prolific, ant
colony on the channel, as you may have seen from a past video where we fed them a bird-eater
tarantula or a chicken head. And so, AC Family, this week, I noticed that
the time had come to give this all-star ant colony the protein boost they needed, this
time – a mouse! And what they ended up doing to it, will leave
your jaw on the floor, just as it did mine! You’ll see exactly what I mean by the end
of this video! Brace yourselves, everyone, as we enter the
firey Selva de Fuego, the epic paludarium kingdom of the Fire Nation fire ants, here
on the AntsCanada Ant Channel! Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and hit the
BELL icon. Welcome to the AC Family! Enjoy! The innovation of the classic ant farm has
come a long way since the 1950’s when the first ant farm was invented. Who would’ve ever thought that ant farms could
actually be bioactive, with plants and a community of other animals, even aquatic ones like the
various fish, snails, and shrimp living in this flowing, moving river world? The Selva de Fuego, a half land-half water
vivarium, inspired by and designed to mimic the edge of the Amazon River, is ruled by
my red tropical fire ants called the Fire Nation, and they are no joke, aggressive ants
not to play around with. They are so adapted to life around water and
navigate the river’s surface masterfully. They set up stations on the floating aquatic
plants but can skate atop of the water’s surface if needed. But walking on water isn’t my favourite thing
to watch them do. AC Family, as you may already know, the Fire
Nation truly leaves us breathless when they feed, and lucky for us, it’s feeding time! A few ants have found these two superworms
and word is reaching back to the colony now. Here they come! Brace yourselves AC Family, and watch how
they come swarming in to feed on our offerings. These initial ants guard the superworms while
more and more ants march in emerging from the nest. The entire area is now covered in a pheromone
telling all surrounding ants to come and eat. It won’t be long until this superworms will
be, no pun intended, the hottest thing and newest talk of the kingdom! Now when the swarm had finally arrived on
location a few minutes later, to start dissecting the superworms, I noticed something a bit
peculiar. Have a look! Now if you’re familiar with this colony and
have been following them for awhile, you may notice that there’s something a bit off about
the workers. Do you guys notice it? Watching the ants feeding, I found it strange
that the ratio of ordinary workers to majors and supermajors, the extra large ants with
huge heads for cutting up food, was slightly off. In this big crowd of fire ants, I could only
count around 4 or 5 supermajors. This is actually a small number per sample
for the Fire Nation, and it was a bit of a cause for alarm, because it meant to me that
the colony was not getting sufficient protein. You see these specialized, massive supermajors
require extra protein and material to form, and are generally speaking ‘nutrient expensive’
for an ant colony. So, if a colony is not getting enough protein,
it will produce less of these supermajors, which is not necessarily lethal for the colony,
but it does mean that the colony may take longer to process food. What’s even more worrying is that with nuptial
flight season just around the corner for these Fire Ants, I fear they’ll be needing a surge
of protein soon in order to produce the male and female alates, and I’d hate for them to
be cannibalizing their own young to meet these protein demands. So this, AC Family, is why I decided it was
time, to give the Fire Nation the protein boost they were needing. Behold, the protein of choice! This dead white mouse. It’s packed with an amazing amount of protein
and other nutrients which will benefit the Fire Nation greatly, and AC Family, you will
truly be shocked at what will be left of this mouse once the Fire Nation is through with
it! Here we go, AC Family! Placing the mouse into the Selva de Fuego,
and fixing it into position. The Fire Nation doesn’t seem to be jacking
up into full-out attack mode, probably because they don’t identify the mouse as a threat. Had this mouse been alive and moving, it would
definitely be a different story! They’d be stinging this mouse to death, but
of course, we don’t do live feeding on this channel. The Fire Nation has been notified of the mouse’
fresh carcass, and they are starting to emerge now to engage in the feast! Some of the ants are hoping to gain access
to the good stuff within, by way of the exposed skin of the mouse’s feet. They’ll be trying to burrow in through here. Others will be attempting access to the mouse’s
insides through its ears. Oh, the thought of fire ants entering the
ears makes me shudder! The ants will attempt to enter the mouse’s
body any way that they can. Through the eyes, nose, mouth. The Fire Nation will indeed be working over
time over the next few days until this entire mouse is processed. Over the next few hours, as expected the Fire
Nation was busy performing their mass excavation and transport project. What will end up happening is that the ants
will bit by bit, carry peices of this mouse back to the nest where it will be fed to the
rest of the colony, including larvae, and their queen who will use all this awesome
protein to lay more eggs. The protein will also go towards making more
super majors for the ant colony. Ants happen to be some of the world’s most
important detritivores in the ecosystems they are part of, breaking down dead animals like
this mouse. What we are witnessing here, though somewhat
gruesome to new eyes, is actually one of the important purposes ants fulfill in the natural
world, and you’ll marvel at just how effective they are at their jobs. It’s several hours after the introduction
of the mouse, and by now the ants have begun to gain access to the mouse’s interior! What’s amazing is that the ants are working
in perfect synergy, communicating by way of pheromones, biochemicals laid on surfaces
and wafted through the air, which communicate specific signals, carrying key messages to
all ants in the colony. By now, their dissection strategies have been
fleshed out, no pun intended again. And as you can see, some of the ants have
begin to form burrows in parts of the mouse’s fur. It looks like some ants are wanting to burrow
directly into the mouse’s fore head! In fact, the ants have chosen their spots
of excavation throughout the mouse’s body. Where would you be burrowing if you had to
eat into this giant animal? Over night the ants continue to work at breaking
down this mouse. They cannot rest, as this huge mass of food
is valuable to the colony and in some cases could spell the difference between life or
death for an ant colony. They not only need to break it down and bring
it all into the nest asap, but they must also defend it, as well. Now check this out, AC Family! Before sunrise, I discovered the ants had
even begun the process of stripping off the mouse’s fur. Isn’t that crazy?! And even cooler, I noticed the ants had begun
to carry chunks of mouse meat back to the nest! The excavation was official under way. I wondered how long it would take for the
ants to finish this entire mouse. How about you, AC Family? How long do you think it will take the Fire
Nation to fully consume this mouse? Leave your guesses in the comments and go
back to your comment at the end of this video to let us know if you guessed correctly! Whatever the time frame, I hoped they would
finish it ASAP because I was not looking forward to the smell of decaying mouse in the Ant
Room! Now AC Family, watch this. What I ended up seing by morning, truly shocked
me. AC Family, behold. In just 12 hours, the fire ants had managed
to reduce the mouse to this! Wow! Take a look at that mouse skull! They’d successfully stripped the mouse’s head
meat off leaving just the skull beneath. I am certain under that layer of white fur,
not much of the mouse’s body was left either. Guys, have a look at the tail and that leg
completely stripped of its flesh! I couldn’t believe their progress, and to
think they were carrying away the meat piece by piece. What’s even more incredible was that there
was no smell! They were quick enough to carry the majority
of the meat away before any kind of stench grew from the site, but it didn’t stop some
flies from trying to get in at the carcass, “trying” being the operative word. The ants weren’t going to share this meal
with some maggots. Again on night two, the ants continued to
work at the remaining flesh on the mouse. Such hard working creatures! By the next morning, the mouse had officially
been fully processed. Check out what was left of the mouse! Bones and fur. In nature, these leftovers, which are not
usable to the ant colony, would be dealt with and further broken down by other microorganisms. The entire process of entirely consuming this
mouse took roughly a day and a half, though most of the body had already been carried
away into the nest after the first 12 hours. Once again, AC Family, we’ve had the privilege
to witness one of nature’s most important biological dismantlers, as they helped a dead
mouse return to the soil. As an ant keeper, I just love watching this
process, and the Fire Nation is definitely an expert in the Antiverse at carcass deconstruction. And it made me think. What is our purpose in nature, and are we
doing our best to fulfill it? Thank you, guys for watching, and until next
time. It’s ant love forever! AC Family, did you enjoy today’s episode? Did you miss us? After a several week hiatus we’ll be uploading
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transition from just me to the new AC production team, in case we miss a week of uploading
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guess right? Don’t worry! I’ve been reading all your concerned comnments
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