100 thoughts on “I found GOLD ANTS in Indonesia!”

  1. Im planning to start an ant colony, may I ask a question. My area has not many ants but neighbouring states have more ants do you think it will be okay to bring some home to start an ant colony? (From Malaysia and Indonesia to Singapore) Or is it not okay, just wondering.

  2. I love your channel but I have one question. can you please use common names as well as scientific names? I like many other people who love your channel need to know common names

  3. I've never seen a butterfly like the one in the background of 9:19 soo pretty. I love that you know all the scientific names…makes me feel like I have a competent teacher😁

  4. My knowledge of ants:
    Black ants where I live (MA) I don’t know the name of: there ok to touch and if you lift one rock in my yard/ forest (cause that’s my yard) you’ll find the queen
    Orange fast ants: they also “hide” there queens under rocks but they are a orange color and are speedy they bite but don’t sting.
    Red ants (maybe fire ants in MA?): they sting and bite also don’t hide queens very well and are red DON’T TOUCH THEM burny tingle pain feeling for like a few days.

    Pls tell me what the could be
    There definitely some type of ants In Massachusetts where I live and are definitely native cause I find them everywhere

    Ps, I didn’t mention the red and black ant mix cause I don’t have much knowledge on them at all but pls tell me what they could be.

  5. The Weather is Not the same because the weather is the condition of the atmosphere that changes from time to time and it varies from where you are

  6. What do you do for work?? Im assuming the area of biology but what area???? If u dont mind me asking 😊

  7. Dear antscanada, how would you differenciate a trichomyrmex destructor queen with a solenopsis geminata/invicta queen?
    Thank you

  8. Fun fact: many of the red/yellow flowers, especially the really big thick ones are pollinated by birds, not insects.

    But I do wonder what the ants ate there – did they steal nectar?

  9. Lol" I'm not allowed in here but there are loads of ants ." I'm sure which ever god it was for will want you stoned to death and your whole country feeling his wrath but never mind WE LOVE ANTS 🙂

  10. Hi, finally i Gott my first three Baby ants, but Theresa Winter be New. I have them for like 3 months and my queens like 6 months an I won't get any new ant babys

  11. I've seen a very similar polyrachis species in Australia ( I think the species may be in Australia as well as Indonesia )

  12. Could you do a colony of the Golden ants it's cool to see different ants and is it true that if a ant colony takes over a nother ant colony that well keep the larva of the other colony and raise then as there own and some times if the ants well be a little different in color but it has to be the same type of ant but could or would you try to mix up brood of other ants to see what they would do maybe I think they would take them in if they kill the queen and have enough food to take them in but it's all about food

  13. You should look for Polyrhachis cyaniventris, the metallic sky blue ant endemic to the Philippines.

  14. You can find in Indonesia, a lot of people make weaver ants cultivation as a business. Look on of this youtube channel . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZrtQwZpmac.

  15. if you get a queen of destructive ants back in the manila and they raise a colony, i want to name them the demolitionists

  16. I Have A Colony In The Wild Near My House They Appear To Be Black Crazy Ants And I Feed Them Here And There To Help Them

  17. We have lots of ants in California San Diego there so cute I think we also have some red ants in my neighborhood 🐜🐜

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