How to Use Taurus SC Termiticide |

How to Use Taurus SC Termiticide |

Hey I’m Chris the Bug Guy from,
and today we are going to show you how to get rid of termites using Taurus SC. Taurus
SC is a non-repellent termiticide/insecticide with fipronil as the active ingredient. Many
professionals use Taurus SC because it is economical and kills termites quickly. Taurus
SC is a concentrate and is found in a 20 oz and 78 oz bottle. One 20 oz bottle will make
25 gallons and treat 60 lineal feet. The 78 oz bottle will make up to 100 gallons and
treat 250 lineal feet. Let’s go outside and we’re going to show you how to apply Taurus
SC in the trench around your house. Step 1 is digging the trench. The trench against
your house should be 6″ wide and 6″ deep. You can use a shovel or a pick axe, and the
trench will be directly against the foundation. Once you have dug the trench, it is 4 gallons
per 10 feet, 10 lineal feet, along the house. So you are going to mix in the termiticide,
make a line on the bucket if you need to for 4 gallons, and once it’s mixed we’re going
to evenly distribute it over the trench. So we have a 10′ section over here. You are going
to evenly distribute those 4 gallons over the 10′, and then move on to the next section.
By the time you get back around this should have dissipated into the soil. Now once you
have finished trenching and filling the trench with the termiticide, and it’s had time to
dissipate into the soil you need to put the back fill back into the trench. Now the dirt
right now is untreated. This is the dirt we took out of the trench, but you want to make
sure that you treat it before you put it back in because you don’t want a layer of untreated
soil on top of the treated soil. If termites happen to go right near the surface, they
are going to skip the termiticide you placed in the trench. So this is a lot easier with
two people. You want to mix some termiticide in a 1 gallon pump sprayer, and then you want
to have a shovel or a rake to push the dirt back in the trench. The person with the sprayer
is going to go ahead and start just wetting the dirt down, not so much that it is muddy,
but just start wetting the dirt down, and as you are pushing it back in with the shovel
or rake, the other person is going to wet it down. Just move on down the line. Let him
wet it down a little bit. As you shovel it back in they’re just going to wet down that
back fill and get it mixed well with the termiticide. Now your house is completely protected by
the professional termiticide. I hope you found this video useful. For more information click

18 thoughts on “How to Use Taurus SC Termiticide |”

  1. Think it would be better to dig a 10ft trench, pour the final product, then fill it up immediately so that top dirt comes into contact with the fipronil and you don't have to spray additional product(save $). Then go onto dig another 10ft trench and repeat.

  2. thanks for the video. I purchase this product few weeks ago. I have a question, so for every 1 gallon Im suppose to pour a 0.08 of Taurus SC solution? I mix 4 gallons in a 5 gallon bucket, then I pour 4×0.08 solution of Taurus SC solution. is this right?

  3. Reading the label it says to dig the trench and rod down to the footer or if the footer is more than 4' below grade, drill down 4'. Then is says something about adding a dilution of 4X4 (16gal) per 10 lineal feet. So do I dig a 6" trench, drill holes 4' deep every 12" and add the dilution? And how many gallons for a 10' section? Thanks.

  4. What if you are only dealing with carpenter ants? Can you just spray the Taurus SC when mixed with water onto the ground and surfaces of the building instead of dealing with the trenches?

  5. Got a questions i going to do the tranch and put the chemical do termites come down to the soil agian or do they stay long on the wood because. they claiming up to the walls i want to do it my self. I dont got the money. To pay can somebody give me an advice. Thanks

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