How to Use BORA-CARE Borate Wood Treatment

How to Use BORA-CARE Borate Wood Treatment

Boracare is a unique borate-based product
that provides prevention and control for Termites, Carpenter Ants, Powderpost Beetles and Decay
Fungi. Boracare can be used on most unfinished or raw wood including plywood, particle board,
and wood structural components. Boracare can also be used to prevent subterranean termites
from forming tubes on surfaces such as concrete, block, brick, metals, and PVC plumbing pipes
found in structures. Boracare can be used at a 1 to 1 or 1 to 5
Boracare-to-water ratio depending on the job at hand. Please refer to the product label
for the correct usage rate for your specific needs. Boracare should be mixed with hot water
in a bucket until it is thoroughly dispersed in the water. Boracare should never be mixed
directly in sprayers as the product is very thick and will clog the sprayer if it is not
premixed with hot water. Boracare can be applied as a spray using a
hand pump sprayer, as a foam using a foamer and a foaming additive, or it can be painted
on with a roller when needed. Indoors, Boracare can be applied on infested
wood, wooden elements of furniture, wood floors, and stud walls. Apply Boracare until surfaces
are saturated, but not to the point of runoff. Use Boracare in a well-ventilated area, or
use a respirator during application in confined locations such as crawl spaces or attics. Outdoors, all raw wooden elements such as
fenceposts, decks and new wooden siding can be treated. Do not apply within 48 hours of
rain or snow. For elements that will be exposed to rain and sunlight, wait at least 48 hours
for Boracare to dry before painting, staining or sealing with a water-resistant product.
All exposed wood needs to be sealed within six weeks for Boracare to remain effective. And it’s that easy, with the expert help from
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6 thoughts on “How to Use BORA-CARE Borate Wood Treatment”

  1. What do you suggest for finished furniture? I built a walnut slab table that now seems to have active powder post beetles. They must have been dormant over the cold winter, cause now that the table is in a warm environment, you can definitely see new activity.

  2. i just ordered some off the site for my Mom's multiple large antique furniture pieces. I initially took all the pieces outside and sprayed them with Terminate Wood Destroying Insecticide and got them on the run, but I need to be 100% sure they're gone before I bring it back in the house. I didn't know you had to seal the wood within 6 weeks for the Bora care to stay penetrated in the wood. i guess I'll found out soon

  3. We purchased from your site and sprayed — some of the product ended up on the already installed window glass. It is EXTREMELY difficult to remove from the glass. We tried very hot water and soap with no luck. What do you recommend?

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