70 thoughts on “How to Train for a Spelling Bee”

  1. Thanks today I won my spelling bee and going to the next round. This is to make it to the scripps national spelling bee so I better hit the books

  2. I won my school spelling bee so i'm going to a second division of it at a fair and im so nervous. I was scared enough for my school one! My knees were knocking.

  3. 1:10… You said this is how the Champions train. Aaaaand there was a winner and he read the dictionary they use. And memorized it. In the span of a year. Whew!

  4. God I was the top of my class he first of three who got in and the words are for like after university I'm only in fourth grade I'm so scared

  5. I won the spelling bee at my school,so now I'm going to the County Spelling Bee. GAHHH, I didn't think there would be this much pressure. TT_TT

  6. I had a class spelling bee before Christmas break and at the end of January I'm going to the school competition I'm so scared

  7. Thank you! 2 kids from each class in the 4th and 5th grade and we had a class spelling bee and I won so I'm one of the 2 kids for my class! We're doing the same thing tomorrow, to find the other kid to do it!

  8. I'm in fourth grade and my spelling bee is Tommorow: Jan 13,2016 the first spelling bee I've been to and me and my crush are representing our class

  9. im in an Irish one in the next two months or so. first my county, then regional and then all Ireland. wish me luck!

  10. im gonna have a spelling bee soon im probably gonna get nervous and say a different letter than what im thinking of

  11. I made it to the National Spelling Bee of Canada Championship Finals last year and I am trying again this year to see if I make it further.

  12. My spelling bee words are so hard that I cry 3 times cuz I think that I will fail and be embarrassed. I forgot if I have to preform for the whole school or the whole third grade.

  13. Well great. My spelling bee is tomorrow and my school just gave us the preliminary rounds today. So basically they said "hey guys, remember the spelling bee's tomorrow and the people who won the preliminaries today, you better study that whole page cause you’re going against the whole school tomorrow"

  14. I have almost won my state spelling bee and I am going to my county spelling bee this Saturday. Hoping to win, one girl from my school said this is “her year” . pfft

  15. Nice tips in the video. I found another great way to prepare for spelling bee. It is a software to prepare you for spelling bee contests called Spelling Bee Ninja. More about it here: https://www.spellingbee.ninja/get-spelling-software?wpam_id=17

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