How To Tell If You Have A Male Yeast Infection

How To Tell If You Have A Male Yeast Infection

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A question I get asked from time to time. It’s not hard to tell. There are certain peculiar
signs and symptoms on how to tell. I’ve covered this in some other videos, but not with this
particular question. The typical symptoms are itching, redness,
and with continued scratching, there will be burning of the skin as well. Some people
are driven crazy by this condition. I’ve seen guys from all around the world email me or
Skype me with this condition. Some of them just don’t even want to live anymore; they
have the condition so bad. Some people think they’ve got a sexually transmitted disease
and don’t want to sleep with their partner. They’re very embarrassed with it. Others think
that they’re going to give it to their partner. I cover these questions in other videos. But how to tell if you have a male yeast infection
is not hard. You don’t usually need a doctor to tell you this because the most characteristic
symptom is itching and redness and wanting to scratch that area. And a key area to look
at often for guys will be the inner thigh region, in and around here, these are key
sort of areas, if you’re scratching in and around there. It’ll often start on one side
and it can sometimes cover both sides. It can cover that whole sort of region, so the
whole private part could be affected. The penis could be affected. The scrotum could
be affected. And this little bug, it likes moisture. It
likes darkness and it likes sugar. These are things that it feeds on, so ask yourself this
question. Are you drinking a lot of beer? Are you eating a lot of sweet foods? What
is your diet like? Are you into hygiene? Are you having showers or baths quite regularly?
If you’ve got these symptoms, the key thing is to have a shower twice per day, in the
morning and in the evening, and I want you to put on clean cotton undergarments each
time. That’s number one. Number two, diet change. You need to look
carefully at what you’re eating to stop feeding this yeast. My father had this problem for
a long time. Dad would eat all the wrong foods. He’d have lots of ice cream. He’d have lots
of cookies. He’d have lots of endless cups of coffee with two or three sugars in them,
so these are the sort of things that feed up the Candida, so you need to stop doing
these things. Hygiene, dietary change, lifestyle change. Another thing you can do in the summer is
to swim a lot in the seawater, particularly, and when you can, wear little or no underclothing
and get sun exposure on the area. So these are the sort of things that are going to help
eradicate the condition. In other videos I’ve talked more about the
stress and the lifestyle responses that you need to look at if you want to eradicate this.
You can get rid of it. It can take between three to six months. Check out my other videos
and they’ll explain a lot more about the eradication. Thanks for tuning in.

31 thoughts on “How To Tell If You Have A Male Yeast Infection”

  1. Hello I have a feeling I do have the infection but I don't know my penis hurts when I pull the meat back should I go to the doctors

  2. I think I have yeast infection. I got checked a month ago and they said I have no HIV, Syphilis, Gonnarhea and Chlamydia. I thought I was okay but I still felt itchy and a burning sensation down there and when I saw the head, it was turning brown. So I went back and they gave me Econazole to treat it for a few days. It seems to be working. There's less pain and itchiness but the brown marks are still there. It seems like they're starting to fade away. But I have a quick question.. since I'm uncircumcised, do I let the foreskin overlap it or do I peel it back after putting on the Econazole?

  3. My scrotum is peeling in white little specks and my skin is kind of mess up and weird feeling. The skin is kind of stuck together. I thought it was dry skin but lotion doesn't seem to be helping. I don't know if I should go to the doctor or let it go. It only itches a little bit.

  4. I have to get up several times to go to the bathroom in the night. When I go it burns but only at night. During the day I tend to not drink enough because of urge to urinate. Could this be from candida imbalance? thanks

  5. I have NO symptoms whatsoever. No itching. No redness. Nothing. However, every single time I have sex with my wife she comes down with a yeast infection within 18 hours. She's convinced I must have a yeast infection and that I keep re-infecting her. Even though I see no signs of a yeast infection in my groin, I'm thinking about getting treatment as though I have it. Maybe an anti fungal cream. Any thoughts?

  6. Doc the head of my penis has bumps and I have white stuff building under the flaps I'm in circumsized what do I do is it a yeast infection I need help

  7. If I have showers daily and I stop eating wrong food and I do this will I be ok.Because I’m really scared right now!

  8. Hello I think I may have a yeast infection because there is white stuff on the head of my penis and my foreskin is cracked and sore so I need help pls someone help me

  9. I had unprotected sex on Monday , it's Tuesday now. I just looked at my penis and its dry with a lot of white little bumps. Does this mean I have a yeast infection. Help

  10. I’m only 13 and I have little white bumps on my penis, I haven’t had sex obviously, it dosnt hurt or itch either, help?

  11. Showers twice a day! That's insane I would at least recommend once a day until the yeast infection the once every other day afterwords

  12. I juice fruits and vegetables daily….I believe I have a yeast infection….so would the drinking of my juices of fruits and vegetables feeding this infection?

  13. The very best thing to use is a creme called Man1 Man Oil. It is packed with antibacterial vitamins and proteins that eliminate these microorganisms on contact.. keeps things extra fresh and clean all day. It is awesome so check it out.

  14. This is so true you can also use clotrimazole cream helps with the itch and kinda helps kill the bacteria. But you still have to follow what the dr said in this video.

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