How to Report and Help Reduce Bugs In The Sims 4

How to Report and Help Reduce Bugs In The Sims 4

When I’ve been critical of Sims 4 recently,
like doing a mediocre review, a few people have suggested I should focus more on the
bugs in packs I’m reviewing. Well, people are right but I’ll say that if
it happens to me I will bring it up if it’s interfering with my enjoyment of the content. It also depends if I’ve actually seen that
bug or not. They aren’t all universal and I don’t spend
tons of time looking at other people’s experiences with these packs because I want my opinion
to come only from me and always avoid tainting my views. But let’s say you do have a bug. Well, how do you report it and give Maxis
a chance to fix it? Let’s look at how stupid easy it is to say,
“I have this too, please fix this”. To report bugs you head over to the
forum using the link in the description. Or you can start from scratch, type in The
Sims, pick Sims 4 and head over to the forum. Whatever you do, to participate in this you’ll
need to be logged into your EA account. I think it’s the same as you’d use for logging
into Origin. I definitely want to point out that you can
ask for help for technical issues here, but the topic of interest is the Bug Reports forum. You’ll notice up top a compiled list of issues. This is managed by the wonderful crinrict,
and she’s taken time to list out all open bug reports and you can first look for the
bug you have here. In fact, you should, because it saves crin
some work and this is a volunteer position as far as I’m aware. If the bug’s listed, you only need to login
to your account and you’ll be able to hit the “me too” button at the bottom of the first
post. This tells the people who work on bugs that
1 more person has this and it’s kind of like voting on it. The most prevalent bugs are a bit more likely
to be worked on as you may have noticed. So what we do if we are basically the first
person to report a bug? We go back to the main bug board and make
a new post like so. If you have good solid info, be sure to include
as many details as possible. Be sure it’s a bug… but questionable design
decisions that may be unintentional could be classified as a bug sometimes. You should test without mods before submitting
a bug report. Now, I’m not going to submit this because
I’m not an asshole and my Sim just sucks at cooking. Before some people complain about this video
realize I do know there are bugs that are old and unfixed, and no I don’t know why and
there isn’t any need to bring up some obvious old bug as anecdotal evidence that Maxis doesn’t
ever fix them. The 80 patches this game has received would
disagree with that. I will say that recently it did feel like
releases were more buggy or not well tuned and more time was needed before release and
I feel like that’s a valid criticism. I’ve made this in an effort to help more people
understand and USE this process. I’m just hoping to see more people involved
because taking effort to talk about what you were doing when a bug happened can give vital
evidence to figuring out its cause. We do not all see the same bugs due to the
many, many different factors in the game. At the very least, if you do this, you can
be sure that you have reported it through the proper channel and the bug has a better
chance to be fixed than if you had not done so. Especially if you’re the first to report it. And realize about bugs that sometimes they
can be hard to track down. There are many in a game like Sims because
of its very nature. There’s something like 70,000 xml files involved
in the game’s tuning alone so you can imagine there’s plenty of stuff that can go wrong
in there. So that’s how you as a player can help and
I hope a few of you will use this. Thanks for watching and have a nice day.

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  1. Why not Maxis leave EA while keeping the Sims license? Oh wait, their main studio was shutdown back in 2015 but still, Bungie left Activision and it was a huge sucess. They made the game free to play with a few DLCs (Forsaken and Shadowkeep are the only priced DLC) and its on Steam, additionally, on the first day they overflow the server which made the server shutdown temporarily. Imagine if the Sims 4 was like that, I think they should just make some of the packs free or inclduded from another DLC.

  2. As a former head of a QA team I say: don't do EA's job for them for free. We give them billions, they can at least hire a QA team.

  3. dude not even kidding, i was just thinking of this yesterday. see the gnomes are getting stuck after harvestfest, at least for me anyways, and if theyre angry gnomes my shit is constantly breaking, and im getting tons of free flowers, until i sell them when usually they go back to "normal" after harvestfest. anyways, yeah, again you have read my mind and answered a question of mine you didnt even know i had. you are truly a saint carl.

  4. Ummm, EA doesn't fix bugs, just look at the current whims system. Whims only sporadically complete and there are plenty of "Me Too'" clicks in whim related threads. (Myself included) This has nothing to do new content. It has everything to do with them not caring about simmers and taking their money. Here's what I do: Boycott buying new content until they at least fix the whim system. I'm not just going to turn off whims cause grey don't work at give them a pass. The points are needed for reward traits and things that affect my gameplay. Time to do your job, EA.

  5. Sad that we have to rely on modders to fix the things that EA should be fixing, including those that have been open in the bug reporting system forever.

  6. Shrewd trait still doesn’t work. Sims still get fired from their retail job that they get hired for when you play as them. Heads still disappear coming back from first person. There’s a long list.

  7. If bugs are actually handled by a volunteer, that states everything right there. The priorities aren't on fixing issues or the position would be paid.

  8. i thought they addressed the bug causing a friend/relative sim to dip out on an invitation to a community lot; it still happens in my game.

  9. Surprised u didnt mention rosemow. That's the person I see fix ppls bugs. I only see the volunteer u mentioned when they r telling someone to relist the issue in the correct forum.

  10. I can’t even leave the house without one house being unavailable upon me returning. All of the sims are missing but marked as at home. Had the problem for months even reported it and was told it was already reported for the Xbox, that’s it. So I honestly just stopped playing after all the money I’ve spent over $200 on dlc’s even brought it on my PS4 and still haven’t tried playing. It’s just a real turn off, I’m afraid to even add more content to my game when it’s already broken. And the console community is the last people EA cares about and I’m sure they don’t help the pc community either.

  11. I think some of the bugs people complain about r do to A) the mods/cc there using. ( I've noticed this, that something keep happening n when I turned mods off, it's not a problem anymore. Then I spent time finding the mod/cc that was the cause. Cause guess what not everyone who makes Mods/cc keep up there mods/cc. Or don't care that it's causing u to have problems. N EA can't fix problem mods/cc). B) there using a crappy computer/ game stytumn that has not been updated or it's over 10yrs. C) ur computer updated n it's causing the promble n not sims 4. Like Windows 10 just had a big updated. N it messed up the sims 4. Yet most people were acting like it was EAs fault. I however went looking for the problem, n realized it's was the windows 10update. N after 4days if playing around found 95% of the stuff wrong was fixed. D) some of the bugs r not a big deal, yet people want to bitch about it anyway. Like the Toddlers only eating half there food. I find it funny n I'm like welcome to real life. Where kids don't eat there dam food n are hungry 2hrs later. E) user era. Plane a simple people can't fig out how to fix things them self. N blame it on others. F) forgot that it's a game. N the people making the game are human n make mistakes. Hey guess what Other Games/Programs/Apps have problems or bugs. Life is messy, it's not perfect, we can't expect everything to be perfect when we are self's are not. I got cancer. I live with chronic pain. But I'm not out there blaming everyone. It happen. I'm living with chronic pain. N living with the effects from cancer from 6yrs ago. I play Sims to forget about my problems. My sim dosnt have pain n can go for a jog n afford a big fancy house n date the prince of darkness. N if the toddler dosnt want to eat there food, well there is that age it up option. I don't likey noise nieghbers. I'm drawing them in the pool. Don't want nieghbers. I'm bull dozing down all the houses. It's a game. It's fun to play even with all the quirks it has. It makes it more fun…..
    Also u want to see drama. Watch a 8yr old n 5yr old play Minecraft. 8yr old building. N 5yr old is destroying what the 8yr old built. N the 8yr old getting mad. N u telling the 5yr old go cut down that tree, live ur sister house alone. Deal with that for 4hrs. N u will find sims 4 to be the most relaxing things u ever played n love every bug. Because u can just go drawn everyone in the pool.

  12. You might be able to improve your entries with an aplication that can read and critique your writing.

    Some word processing programs can suggest improvements, such as using active voice and eliminating yes/no questions.

    I'm not selling Microsoft Office or Grammarly (I don't use either one) but they are both examples of programs that do this.

  13. Appreciate you being helpful as always, but I personally left this behind a while ago after experiencing those forums firsthand. When you see things like the thread entirely dedicated to butlers with dozens of unique bugs that weren't touched for years and all the merged threads for restaurants, GTW careers, random things here and there it starts to feel kind of hopeless when you actually read the patch notes. They simply have no quality control over there and pretty much everything that doesn't straight up break the game is "we'll get to it when we get to it if at all". It's a joke compared to (often MUCH smaller) devs that constantly pay attention and tirelessly put out fixes until their game is acceptable… meanwhile EA is over there putting out a couple of random fixes once a month.

  14. I don't really wanna do EA's job for them.
    It's bad enough I have to deal with bugs as a paying customer.
    EA could really stand from having a thorough, or at least more dedicated, QA team.
    Yes, Sims is a big game, but the number of bugs and gameplay issues that make it through to the final product is shameful.
    Players are so starved for meaningful content, but I feel it'd be better for the game itself if they dedicated at least a month to pure bug finding and squashing.
    Though I doubt even a month would be satisfactory.

  15. They dont fix bugs that aren't popular. Like the one who broken half of CC or Skin shiny ones. If you want a bug fix game must be broken by that bug

  16. Well, I hoped they released a patch today that addressed the Tea Appliance blowing green smoke even after cleaned. But nope. I reported it to the EA website for bugs and on the forums but to no response and it's been 4 months now. It started after the June patch. Others have agreed with my complaint that it was happening in their game too. I guess it's not a priority, EA just moves on with more games filled with more bugs that make gameplay frustrating.

  17. I got this weird big with one of my kids, I aged her up to a child from a toddler and now she's a creepy glitch toddler kid thing, reminds of the Sims 3 glitch, haha I'm laughing now but I hope I can fix it

  18. Thanks, Carl. I've always disliked how obscure and involved the bug report process is, but it's good that you are showing others how to get it done. I don't check the bug page often, but I'm glad I sometimes find fixes there when I do. Crinrict is very helpful.

  19. The very small list of bug fixes that came with the update yesterday is a clear indication that the company's priority is to push out as much new content as fast as possible and not fixing the game people already payed for.
    When you go to the forum and find the bug you've been experiencing in game and realize it's been reported for months(years for Dine out!) you really wonder why bother…
    There is such a thing as quality control and that has clearly been lacking at EA lately.
    Sometimes I wonder if people at Maxis even play TheSims, because there are some issues with the game that are pretty obvious to any player (like npc leaving spoiled grilled food everywhere, adults repeatedly putting toddlers in and out of the high chair, broken laundry animation, broken freelancer carreer, everyone becoming spellaster…)

  20. People have been reporting bugs since day one, but some of them have not been fixed up to this day. It looks to me that some bugs only get fixed if enough people have them or if, in the teams eyes, they are a game breaker. If not, then they will remain unfixed.

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