How To Remove Stubborn Bug Guts – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys we’re glad you could just us
back here in the Detail Garage. Today we have this Tesla P85+ it just got
back from Vegas, about a week ago we drove it out to Vegas and we brought it back and
this is where it has sat. Dust and all kinds of things have accumulated
on it but over the road trip all these bugs and everything we picked up started staining
the paintwork. So using our Bug & Tar Wash we’re going to
remove all of that to restore the perfect shine. I’ve already set up a bucket down here with
a Dirt Trap placed inside. This is our Bug & Tar Remover which we will
add to the bucket, about an ounce should do it. I’ve already washed the Tesla which took care
of the heavier loose grime from the trip but all the bugs have started to stain the paintwork
so we need something a little stronger to get down and pull the stains out of the paint. The Bug & Tar Wash in the bucket is ready
to go, I’m using warm water which is going to help agitate and pull stubborn filth off
without scratching. This is our dual sided sponge which will help
me scrub off the filth. As you can see I have my gloves on because
this is a citrus based chemical that I don’t want on my hands. Also you might want to wear some eye protection,
this is a good practice if you are polishing or working with stronger chemicals that can
harm you. I’m restricted to wearing glasses all the
time so I have my eye protection but for you guys just in case. After washing the vehicle I parked it in the
shade to cool it off, I’m controlling the surface temperature this way the product isn’t
drying as we work. Now taking the Dual Sided Sponge and dunking
it in the bucket and trapping some wash on it. I’ll start gently scrubbing to get off the
bug guts. The reason why you want to remove bugs or
bird poop from the surface is because it can eat away at the clear coat due to their acidic
properties which can’t be removed unless it is polished. You see how simple it is to use Bug & Tar
Wash, we’re going to take a clean microfiber towel and wipe off the excess to show you
the before and after of how well this product works. You can see it has taken care of the bugs
and any other stubborn stains from the surface to restore a factory finish. Now there are still some stains on the hood,
glass and mirrors which we are going to take care of. Check these products out on website If you like this video be sure to give it
a thumbs up and if there is anything special you want to see drop a comment below and we’ll
see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.

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