How to Reduce Mold in your Ant Nest | Ant Care Tutorial #2

How to Reduce Mold in your Ant Nest | Ant Care Tutorial #2

32 thoughts on “How to Reduce Mold in your Ant Nest | Ant Care Tutorial #2”

  1. thanks allot i have the same problem with mold thanks for this video! and funny bloober lol

  2. Perfect video, My nests not got mould yet but I'm sure it will and now I know how to solve it! I love this nest haha

  3. It probably would be a good idea to fill most of the chambers with the substrate since the ants tend to dump their carbage into the nest when they have too much space! This way the ants can just dig the chambers out when they need more space! Also its a good idea to water the nest from different sides each time so the mold doesnt have consistent humidity and it wont develope as easily!

  4. there's always some sort of mould growth in warm damp nests most of time on starting off a colony. Once colony is at a nice size the ants them selves can stop mould growth by eating everything and taking out trash or coving it with formic acid.

  5. You could at least reduce the given nest space, for such a small colony. If your colony can't fill the nest, they dump everything in the unused space and this will increase the speed of mold growth. That's one of the first few things i've read about ant keeping.

  6. The reason why your getting mould is because you have given them too much room…. an ant colony that has the right amount of space won't use there home for dead members and or unfinished meals… in the nest… instead they will move it to the out world…

  7. It is also beneficial to have multiple water resevoires in a nest and regularly change where you humidified as it keeps the humidity unstable and harder for mold to grow

  8. Thanks for giving me tips of how I schould deal with mold.
    I know another metod tho. If you sometimes water one side of the nest an next time water the other side. That will provent mold from growing because mold need "as you say" stabile humidity level.

    Ps i love your vids.

  9. Ahh, so I probably used too much water then. Will try the substrate thing also. My setup is a bit weird coz I wasn't expecting to be an ant keeper, but I'll see what I can make happen 🙂

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