How To Make An Ant Trap

How To Make An Ant Trap

In this video I’ll show you How to make an ant trap Using peanut butter and borax (music) Alright so we’ve got a standard cap To a plastic water bottle We’ve got some household Peanut Butter And some Borax And a little tweaker To mix everything all together So it’s pretty simple ants love this stuff Especially the little sugar ants They go crazy for it Ever get those little ants crawling around
your house Well this is one way to get ’em They take the peanut butter and the borax Back to their their little ant colony And the borax kills them Make sure your pets And your children don’t get into it though (music) Now for the fun part (music)

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  1. OK so where can I find Borax? I mean around the house, without having to by anything… I don't want to go and buy something I don't need if I already got it in the house…. Is there anything that contains Borax in it that I can use as a sub?

  2. @Unitx21 As I understand it borax is a natural mineral found in the earth. I dont' know of anything off the top of my head that contains borax. I'd have to do a google search. If I had to guess I would pick white powder laundry detergent. But that could just leave the ants smelling like a mountain breeze. If you look for Borax in the store it would be called "20 Mule Team Borax Laundry Booster"

  3. @Ryanyoo170 If you want to catch them and keep them alive just use peanut butter by itself with no borax. I assume your joking but figured i'd give an honest answer anyway.

  4. @nunoyobiznis It sounds like you have carpenter ants. You are correct. This solution will not work for carpenter ants only the tiny little sugar ants. I would get some chemicals if I were you and spray them or treat the area where they are getting in. I have heard ants don't like chalk and will stay away from chal lines. Might be an old wives tail but couldn't hurt to try before you go with spraying chemicals.

  5. Ants are really sensitive to chemicals and strong smells, put something like vinegar or cinnamon on the window. Also make sure there is not anything the ants want like snacks in there.

  6. I dunno about that. Some successful commercial ant bait uses sodium tetraborate decahydrate (a.k.a. borax) as the active ingredient. Both boric acid and its salt should work just fine.

  7. Thanks for verifying that PacoBell. I thought it was the same thing but wasn't about to start an argument. Good info.

  8. Not sure. Look on the side of the container to see if it includes some form of Borax. If it includes some form of Borax it might work.

  9. I just estimated and it seemed to work for me. I would suggest a 50/50 ratio if you want to take the time to measure it out precisely. The important thing is to make sure it is mixed together very well so you cannot see the white chunks of Borax.

  10. This is a nice video I've tried it and it worked 2 weeks and every ant was death!!! Really nice video

  11. @Dennis Dubbeld Thank you. It has worked for me every time I try it. Usually in the spring time the ants come into our home and this seems to get them to disappear.

  12. Try dissolving the borax in a little hot water first then mix it into the peanut butter, you can even add a little flour to thicken it up a little.

  13. Never heard of them. All I know is that it works with those little tiny sugar ants that are common in New England. Sugar ants are often called grease ants too.

  14. Oh ok, thanks for the heads up. Are there certain species of ants that tend to be pharoah ants? Or is Pharoah the species name also?

  15. i should have watched this before i bought an actual ant bait thing. i smelled it and it has peanut butter in it too!

  16. hey nate, does Boraxo (20 mule team brand) hand soap work as well? the ingredients say borax + soap flakes. Borax is hard to find here.

  17. it is perfectly safe 2 let ants pleasure the nipple shinyredgrapple, depending on the type of ant, however after some time it can become quite antagonising!

  18. You could try ant poison. If your looking for household items to substitute for Borax you could try powder dishwasher detergent. No promises though.

  19. Great upload! I love how little you used to bait them and even more loved the playback of the week up until they died off. Gave me a really good idea of how long I should be patient while the Borax does its "magic". Again, great vid. Really appreciate it!

  20. Thanks for the great feedback. I'm glad a put the time lapse footage in there. It makes it a little more interesting and as you said gives people an idea of how long it takes to work.

  21. Check the link in the description. You can order from Amazon if you need to. But you should be able to buy it at any super market or grocery store.

  22. It can take a while for the mixture to turn out right. Try mixing it with a small spoon or butter knife so you can really press the mixture together against the side of your bowl or mixing dish.

  23. Thank you so much Ben! I really appreciate it. I'm conducting a $100 giveaway when my channel hits 1,000,000 views. I"m a few days away. Thought you might want to know.

  24. Good question. I've done 50/50 and had good luck. You could also go heavier on the Borax 70/30. It helps to have a good mixing dish and a spoon.

  25. At the one week mark, did the ants stop showing up because they were all dead, or because there wasn't any peanut butter mixture left in the cap?

  26. i really have an ant problem in my new house i will try this to see if it works.. It Looks Affective thanks for sharing 

  27. The ants are starting to come out. If you've got Borax and peanut butter you can build your own ant trap

  28. Try using butter to catch them. Then you can fry them over the stove. And top them on mash potatoes. You can also catch grasshoppers with honey on a stick and you got yourself a meal! 🙂

  29. Ok I made the device now just sit and watch . 2 hours later 12 hours later 1 day later 4 days later one week later. They all die wait oops

  30. will it work for all types of house ants? our house ants are typical vv small . 1/8 sizes compare your video ants. well i will try it out and see if these ants are still running at dinning table

  31. There are more effective ways to getting rid of ants and not killing them. I am an ant keeper and killing ants just because your house is a premier attraction for them (filthy) doesn’t mean you have to kill them. Just keep your house clean .

  32. i thought it was for cathing and keeping ants not killing them. dang it i dont like people who hate on ants

  33. I bought 3 dozen small crickets last night for my 2 anole lizards. There was an apple for the crickets to eat. This morning there were no crickets but plenty of ants. We don't have them around the house that I've seen, but I have noticed a few in with the crickets. Now I know they eat crickets, (they ate 36 small in 24 hrs!) but thankfully my lizards will eat the ants, and so now I thought, why buy crickets when I can just trap ants?

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