How to kill bed bugs – with CIRKIL® RAG IN A BAG™

How to kill bed bugs – with CIRKIL® RAG IN A BAG™

>>Shannon: Currently, when you treat a house,
for bed bugs or other insects, there are certain items you can’t treat such as electronics,
DVDs, books…>>Nate: They’re all potential hiding places
for bed bugs. And it’s not easy for a Pest Control Professional to treat every single
one of those individually. In fact, it’s often impossible.>>With CIRKIL RAG IN A BAG, we’ve developed
a method where you can take your books, your electronics, other delicates, put them into
a bag, take a cloth or paper towel, treat it with CIRKIL, place that into the bag seal
that bag up — for up to 5 days — and all the bugs, including eggs, will be killed>>Applying an insecticidal product to a rag
that you put inside of a bag with all of your clutter, sealing it up and ensuring that you
can kill all of the bugs and eggs that might be in that is pretty valuable.>>Any of the delicate items in these bags
they’re not damaged because only vapors are coming into contact with the bugs.>>The bed bug’s ability to climb into cracks
makes it particularly difficult to deal with clutter.>>There are lots of little nooks and crannies
in the spine of books that bugs>>Not only are the adults there, but the
adults are in there laying eggs. So, even if you’re able to treat the adult, they can
escape and the eggs might still be remaining in the deep crack or crevice.>>The RAG IN A BAG protocol is dead simple
to figure out. All you’ve got to do is spray that cloth, and throw it in the bag with your
items, seal it up and let the product do the work.>>Vapors from our product will penetrate
those cracks and crevices and kills not only the adults but the eggs as well.>>The PMP can save time, by not having callbacks
from reinfestations from those items and the residents can save their items, such as their
books, and stuff that they would normally have to get rid of, because they’re infested. I think the PMPs are going to love this product
just because it addresses a concern that they all have. And there has not been one way that
they can treat it. So if someone’s using a different pesticide
to do their broadcast treatment of a suite, they could still use RAG IN A BAG™ to complement
that treatment. No matter what you throw in there, the bugs
will be dead. I feel that RAG IN A BAG™ is giving a very
useful tool for the PMPs to complete their total bed bug protocol.

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  1. We had a bed bug problem in the past. Don't want to have that problem again. so before my husband and I move into our new apartment next week, I'd like to spray every nook and cranny with the cirkil products. What you suggest we do? Which brand of products do your company sell that I can use to spray an entire apartment?

  2. So I can use this for any electronics Im moving? My collection of beads? Craft supplies? I dont have to throw away all my shoes?

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