How to Keep Fire Ants As Pets

How to Keep Fire Ants As Pets

Dab on them They’re aggressive, explosive in numbers. They’ve conquered and invaded many areas of the world. And in a large swarm all people and animals in their path quickly become aware of their presence by way of their powerful stings that burned like fire. Many of us have had an innate fascination for ants at some point in our lives; and perhaps when as far as keeping a pet ant colony in an ant farm. But I can tell you. It takes a little bit of crazy to want to take care of a fire ant colony. Perhaps I and many of you out there have that little bit of crazy; because I’m one of many people who keep fire ant colonies as pets. Greetings everyone and welcome to the AntsCanada and channel. This video is about my pet fire ant colony and what it’s like keeping them. Let me begin first with a warning: These ants are definitely not for the
faint at heart; and if you have kids or Rowdy pets I highly recommend not keeping fire ants as their stings can truly inflict tremendous pain and harm or even death if you’re allergic. They are highly aggressive, especially in large numbers; and hard to contain. I’ll go more into that later in the video so stay tuned until the end I’ve owned and cared for many species events in the past. And I still have several other and colonies in my possession. But I’ve never had an ant colony. Keep me on my toes like fire ants have. These ants are programmed for three simple things One grow the colony as big as you [can] so you can to Overpower and eat as much as you can and three sting to death anything that comes in your way no matter. How large or small To understand fire ants a little better. Let’s do a little history now the fire ants that most people know belong to the genus and [Solenopsis] and most of us crazy ant Keepers keep one of about four or five different species the species Solenopsis, Invicta and Solenopsis, Genera actually originated in Central and South America Have managed to reach many parts of the world through human activities like hitching rides and shipment crates These ants are among the most widespread and invasive ants in the u.s [salon] Obsess Invicta Aka [Reefa] or red imported fire ants are A huge problem and many of you in the us write to me about the abundance of fire ants in [your] area the us government Is trying to contain the spread of these unwelcome invaders because they out-compete and displace native? Ants which is not a good thing for the ecosystem Why have these ants become so successful at taking over the world? Well, let’s take a closer look at their lives These pet ants of mine are Solenopsis, [Gemin] Adam also known as red tropical fire ants This happens to be my fifth colony of these guys you [see] here in the philippines where I’m currently based it’s common for first-time and keepers to catch these Super Abundant fire ant Queens raise them to create colonies And then when the colonies reach a massive size the ant keepers find it harder and harder to Contain the ants [and/or] keep up with the feeding and maintenance that come with them. So they end up letting them go; or I End up taking them in. As far as pet ants Go they seem [like] everything you would want in a pet ant colony. First off, they grow super fast. With most species of ants for a colony to get this size, it takes at least a good year or two. But believe it or not this colony is only a few months old and Started with just a single pregnant queen end in a week from now this fire Ant Colony will have increased in size by a third part of the reason these guys have been so successful at invading various parts of the world is because they can grow to a Massive size in just a short amount of time and in the ant world the sooner you can get your colony to a massive size the greater the chance of survival because you can gather more food have more work force to construct Ample housing and take care of the Young protect the colony better and also out-Compete any competitors for resources in less than a month I predict I’ll probably need to attach [another] [form] aquarium to the [setup] to accommodate the growing colony Ants go from egg to worker in just a few [short] weeks And the queen is busy her entire life laying eggs throughout the day Another thing that an keepers love about these ends is that [they’re] semi-nomadic which means they don’t live in one place their entire life these ads have no qualms whatsoever to pick up the colony and move to a completely different location if they need to or if they find a better home this willingness to move can be a great thing for ant keepers a little light and heat from a lamp is enough to get a colony to move out of whatever container they may be in and into a new space Watch this footage of how a colony of a couple thousand or so fire ants moved into this hybrid nest for Macario ten minutes later 20 minutes later Thirty minutes later [it] only took half an hour to transport an entire colony of Thousands of workers a queen and tons of brew these guys can adapt and adjust Housing very easily and can even form living rafts using just their bodies that float on water if needed Which also explains why they’ve been so successful at invading various parts of the world Third these ants are voracious eaters. They eat anything I give them on the first day. They moved into their new home They were more than willing to take a super worm I Also feed them feeder cockroaches which they love their success at invading many parts of the world can be Attributed to their acceptance of various kinds of food These ads will even eat grains cooked meats Table Scraps and love sweet stuff like chocolate and even brown sugar water as seen here Forth if you’re like me, and you enjoy seeing ant aggression and predation these ants never disappoint Just a few nights ago Termite elates were flying all over the philippines [and] somehow they get into houses as they search for lights within homes So what I did was I place the lamp over the ants [outworld] and as the termite elates flew in the fire ants were more Than willing to take them in for dinner you Their regression also gives them the upper hand than competing for territory Defending themselves from predators and collecting prey food for the colony to eat again making them very good at invading other countries Overall these ants are designed to survive and all of this sounds cool, right? Why wouldn’t you want to keep fire ants as pets well these four after mentioned fire, ant traits like fast growth willingness to re-home? wide acceptance of food and aggressive behavior Can also be bad traits for ant keepers hoping to keep them let’s look at their fast growth now because these ants grows so fast So too must their maintenance Housing and food intake increase these ants depend on me to clean up their garbage site graveyard as seen here Look at all those termite Wings they discard it from the other night ants always establish garbage sites and Graveyards which the elements and other organisms clean up or break down but in an ant farm? I need to chime [in] to do the job right now. I only need to do it once every couple of weeks But in several months from now the duties will need to be done every day Their second trait their willingness to move also can be a difficult [thing] to deal with as an ant keeper You see these ants are escape artists and most people keeping fire ants may not have troubles keeping them while the Colony is still small But soon realize as the colony grows they become harder and harder to contain When these ants are [underfed] or they need more space They will constantly be testing the setup for weaknesses until they [manage] to find their way out a breach in the security They also chew through silicone grout and rubbers Now I’m not too worried about them escaping this setup though this solenopsis hybrid setup is designed to house fire ants and these ends can’t chew through the materials used in the Solenopsis hybrid nest this Ac [Outworld] is rounded so the ants can’t grab on to the corners to climb out and This [outworld] is also designed to keep them in by way of an upSide-down band of baby Powder Along with a well secured metal mesh, lid I find new inexperienced owners of this species who make the mistake of making their own setup soon become accustomed to coming home to a Nightmarish room full of Escape ants all busy moving the colony out into a crack in the wall or down the drain in the bathroom All it takes is a few hours And they’re gone and if the queen moves out you have a big and serious problem Third the demand for food for a growing colony is great and the ants will Eventually need large amounts of food daily for a lot of people this can be a challenging job Especially if you want to provide them their favorite food live insects Finally their aggression which may at [first] be a source of intrigue and entertainment just may bite you back in the butt Literally these ants have stingers and can inject an excruciating dose of an alkaloid Venom called Saline Opsin which causes a painful burning sting which later becomes an iTchy bump that takes days to go away When working [around] these ants [I] wear surgical gloves Now what about if you would like to keep fire ants well now You know what to [expect] if you think you would be up for the challenge of keeping fire ants? Why not give it a try? otherwise why not subscribe to this channel so [you] can simply follow the progress of this colony until It also gets to the point where it becomes too big for me to handle and I can film how I release my ants back into the wild from whence they came Thanks so much for watching this video on the ever extreme fire ants What do you think of fire ants let us know in the comments section it’s Antlia Forever. Bye Thanks so much guys for watching our new video on fire ants moving means a lot to us Be sure to subscribe to this channel if you like what you saw we release a video every first and third Monday of the month And also if you’re planning on keeping [access] [pads] be sure to watch our [ant] Canada tutorial playlist [it’s] got lots of great information on and keeping basics and if you like fire ants don’t forget to check out our Solenopsis Geminid [a] playlist Finally if you need and keeping products visit us at ant Canada comm we’ve got lots of information there if you want to do some Reading on and keeping we also sell ant colonies and key cities So check our queen ants for sale section And finally don’t forget to join our ant forum with thousands of members from all over the world who Keypads and who love ends You can connect with them. Please join us guys

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  1. In my area there's so many more fire ants and Native ants that the only ant Queens I can never find are solenopsis Invicta which makes them the only option for me keeping ants

  2. When I grew up in the tropics this was my go to any species to build an ant farm. Back then I had no clue they were the dangerous fire ants I had read about because in the Caribbean we just called them red ants. I was never successful in keeping a farm for longer than a few weeks as they'd just die in my crude home made ant farm. I got so used to their stings they became more of an annoyance & perhaps I became partially immune to the sting. Plus it became a thrill to know I had become so expert at handling them without getting stung. Eventually I discovered termites & fell in love with them & the even more challenging attempt to have a termite farm. Even caught a termite queen once. But now I live in Canada & don't have the time or patience to go back to the hobby.

  3. I had a …rough feirst meeting with Fire Ants… aka I accedently steped on there home when I was five…

  4. "it takes a little bit of crazy to want to take care of a fire ant colony."

    than I must be downright insane to want to keep bullet ants. XD

  5. How can someone refer an ant colony as a pet? A pet is either an animal walking freely in your house, like a dog or a cat, or a smaller animal in a cage, like a hamster or rat. A pet is an individual animal thats given a name. Having thousands of random ants in a colony is not a pet, its a collection.

  6. "Hey guys I got some new pets!"
    "Awesome! I love animals, what're they? Dogs? Dogs are great!"
    "Oh..well then cats? They're pretty chill too!"
    "Wrong again."
    "Oh…Fish? Turtles? They're not hard to manage so that's a good choi-"
    "I got ants *motherfuckers*."

  7. every nuptial flight here in the us contains fire ant queens, I catch about 20 solenopsis queens every flight.

  8. I have had a fire ant queen for about 3-4 weeks. She has laid about 20+ eggs and I can’t wait till they hatch!

  9. Lol I have pet ants outside! But their not really mine… they just kinda live under the concrete and I sometimes give them honey… I love ants do 🐜 🐜 🐜

  10. Love the channel but your playlists play backwards. It starts with the newest episode and goes backwards. I would love to watch these videos in order from oldest to newest. Plz fix.

  11. I had a pretty bad experience with fire ants as a kid(6 years old). Was playing football when I had to go into my neighbors yard for the ball… I didnt know but their yard was infested with these… they amassed on my leg to where my own skin wasn't visible… my mom panicked and poured peroxide down my leg. Only half let loose and fell she poured the whole bottle then 3 gallons of water to get them all off… was interesting to watch this

  12. just bought a five queen colony of solenopsis geminata, guess im nuts, your fault btw. Its because of this channel that i fell in love with the species.

  13. I have so many memories of being little, and running around outside barefoot. Yea you can already see where this is going- I've stepped in fire ant hills unaware so many times, and by the time I notice my fricken feet were covered and I'd be scrambling to brush them off and to rush inside to rub this aloe vera stuff all over my feet and legs pfft

    Good times lol

  14. Here in Australia , our government spend 800 million dollars on trying stopping this pest .I like a queen IRFA to sell to our government , as they refused to negotiate my compensation case . I pre sell it to them on commission bases . I will meditate for us ! at 50% commission .

  15. I live in a small town in California, and we have red ants all over the place here! They are HUGE, and so are their mounds. When I was a kid, I accidentally stepped in a nest, and they covered me in seconds. I couldn’t believe how fast they were, and I will never forget the pain. They were even in my hair. 😬😬😬

  16. In germany we have 2 common species of wild Ants:
    Small Black Ants, all what the bites of those do is itching.
    And Fire ants"
    Those Bites are frickin burning, as a 4 year old Child i played at a lake, and was so unlucky to sit on a Anthovel of Fireants. Only a Jump in the Lake saved me 🙂

  17. That is, if you as an antkeeper are industrious and have a HUGE ant farm setup with any potential satellite nests connected by an ingenious system of valves that can be opened as the fire ant colony grows, thus lending them more room to grow. You could maybe even top it off with a paludarium setup situated in the center of an artificial lake, wherein any amano shrimp or sufficiently sized fish you get can eat the fire ants, dead or alive, thereby controlling their population, to an extent.

  18. Here in texas we would stick our hands in a fire ant mound and see who could keep it in the longest the strings not that bad it's the itching for days after that kills

  19. Me: *Is scared of ants*
    Me: *watchs a channel ALL ABOUT ANTS*
    Me: *Doesn't scream*
    Me: "Wow I'm impressed with myself 4 the 1st time!"

  20. Hey, I love your channel and you seem super knowledgeable about ants. What do you think of these ants ?

    I would love to see you make a set up and tell the world more about these kinds of ants.

  21. 9:40 "this AC antworld is rounded so the ants can´t grab on to the corners to climb out"- 2 ants on the left side be like "say it again nigga?"

  22. Im not crazy, just lucky. A fire queen ant came to my house… so yeah I have it now. It has not laid eggs yet. My father caught it 2 days ago.

  23. The slaughter of the termate princesses reminded me of a set up for a horror movie. The fact that the ants tore those poor girls wings off before dragging them down below the surface to be eaten just makes it all the more disturbing.

  24. I just found this channel… When I was 4 I fell on a fire ant hill. They had to call 911 and spray me of with a hose and take me to the er… Long story short I still have scares, and there bites all over you is the worst thing ever

  25. Oh, i will never, EVER have a ant farm, not because they are animals, but because it would be WAY Too much work for me to handle, but its fun to watch you do it, you make it quite entertaining and that ability is very rare in this day and age.

  26. Honestly I don't hate ants they just attack us because they think that we are attacking them they're just trying to defend their home so I think that answered nice and good

  27. I was on Portland and I was wondering we mostly find Black Crazy Ants here which type of species is the nice cup of slow specious I know that black Crazy Ants I've seen your videos and you said I can have one of the Queen's not calling you but what I don't get is what type of species of ant do you think I should get I know not to get fire ants until I'm a really good ant keeper but mostly I want is a black ant colony I think Walmart for like Black Crazy Ants has also what school is they do not sting Vesper acid likes acid liquid to kill their prey Black Crazy ant so if you're at work and usually would you find them I know I've seen your videos where you catch him I got inside World test to that stuff or anyting I want a queen ant but one day if you can't ever can like a ship like crazy and queens to me cuz I won't answer that they're interesting and also they're really fascinating I think your YouTube channel is amazing and I love you and videos Could you actually upgrade update your termite colony because I want to see how they're doing because I'm curious about them I think they're interesting their car is still at their cool because they're different from ants but it's crazy that their enemies to Aunt but I want your one day when I make videos on my phone and I will put it posted on YouTube one day if I have a camera but I'm getting it for my 13th birthday which I hope that I watch your videos ever forever to get more experience just what day you feed your ant colony

  28. I've wanted to stock my Uncle Milton with these bad buggers since the '80s, when i took out a 5 foot tall RIFA mound with a rental car (best vehicle, for this type of thing, imho). Sure wish they had gopros, back then. It was spectacular.

  29. Id like to catch a fire ant queen and raise a colony and document it., tnx for the informations., godbless., #antloveforever

  30. So if fire ants are a bad ant farm for beginners what is a fast growing polymorphic colony that you recommend?

  31. I’m keeping a species called solenopsis invicta,the red imported fire ant.I know there sort of invasive but there really fascinating once you get to understand them.Im used to being stung by fire ants as I have never been affected by 12 or 20 stings,even though they hurt.I have one queen in a closed capsule,much like a test tube.She has laid eggs and is not harmed.I am looking forward to keeping her.However still we still need to control the spread of the Rifa ant.So I capture as many queens as I want.Then I kill all the rest.Even though it doesn’t affect their population.It will reduce ants to a massive scale.I usually capture 1 queen a day then kill others.This has been affective bringing back native ant queens,which is good.I even saw a semi claustral irodymirmex queen.Anyways I’m talking way to much so I’m just gonna stop 😂

  32. hi antscanada i live in EU i cant get these ): u are AMAZING i sub and hit bell! i got subscribe and hit bell all for u

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