How to Get Rid of Wasps

How to Get Rid of Wasps

Hi I’m Tricia an organic gardener I grow
organically for healthy and safe food supply. For
a clean and sustainable environment. For an enjoyable and rewarding
experience. There’s nothing like a wasp sting to
ruin an outdoor event. Today I’m gonna be
sharing some tips on how to control wasps, yellow jackets and hornets organically. Social living wasps like
Hornets and yellow jackets are actually considered beneficial insects and that’s because they’re the predators
of many pest worms and caterpillars. Social living wasps make annual colonies
only the Queens over winter and then in the early spring they start
a new colony which then lives for one season before being killed by frost. If a wasp
nest is out of the way of people, pets and livestock. It’s
best just to let them be and then benefit from the pest control
that they provide Wasps are only a problem when they nest where people frequent. Or later in the
season when they scavenge instead of hunt. You
can prevent wasps from building nests inside your
structures like inside your attic by caulking up any holes or openings that
they could get in. You can also hang decoys like this Waspinator and this will help prevent territorial
wasps like paper wasps from nesting because they’ll think that
the area is already taken. In early spring be aware of wasps
building nests under eaves or entries or in holes in
the ground. If you see a lot of back and forth with
wasps they’re probably building a nest. You can control some small nests by
yourself using products like this WHY spray. It’s labeled for wasps hornets Yellow
Jackets and it can be used under the eaves are in holes in the
ground and its natural. It contains lemongrass oil, clove oil,
rosemary oil, and geranium oil. To control a nest wait until
after dark or early morning when most of the wasps
will be in the nest and they’ll be sluggish. When you’re
ready to spray the nest make sure you wear long sleeves long
pants gloves and a veil if you can. Check back in the morning to
make sure that the nest is gone. Repeat the process at 3-day intervals. At nighttime wearing protective gear you
can remove wasps nest by hand and then you can put
them in plastic bags, put them in the freezer
or out in the sun so that the wasps will die. If the nest
is large it’s wise to call a professional
exterminator who can remove the nest safely. In late summer the wasps stop
hunting and start scavenging and they’ll bother you on a picnic they’ll
try to eat your food and they’ll climb into your beverage can
and boy that can be a painful sting right on the mouth. Traps like these contain a
lure and can draw scavenging wasps away from your party. Hang these kind of traps away from your
gathering area you’ll have the best effects if you hang
them in the pathway that they take to your party. These types
of traps won’t eradicate a nest but they’ll
reduce the number of gate crashers to your party. So enjoy the outdoors and grow organic for life!

16 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Wasps”

  1. Thank you i got a bad sting last week getting out of my car. Im in a wetland area so we deal with alot. Even had some bear cubs a couple months ago scavaging .

  2. Karma goes both ways I believe. Mosquito borne pathogens account for the deaths of millions of humans. Having empathy/pity for "lower" life forms is an admirable thing, but I believe there's something wrong with trying to equate the value of a human life to that of an insect or any other plant/animal.

  3. I don't believe in pest control, everything is supposed to co-exist together, kill one thing off and the next thing you know you have a locust swarm, things are there for a reason.

  4. why would you kill wasps when they are beneficial to your garden?  if they build a nest near your home, all you have to do is wait for them to leave their nest and then knock the nest down and they wont come back to that area again and if it's a small nest, just knock it down early morning, it will be too cold for them to be mobile enough to fly.

  5. You people are all alike. A walking, talking contradiction. I thought you were going to share a non lethal , , ,. This reminds me of a bunch of spiritual people talking about how pollinator bees should be pprotected and how wasps all deserve to be killed. They were even talking about how they were teaching their children this.

  6. Where wasps, yellow jackets or bees are a problem, you should drink your sodas through a straw when outdoors. You won't get them down your throat and create a possible medical emergency if you are allergic to stings!

  7. That last glass bottle  "trap" can often attract honey bees, don't use those. If you have a yellow jacket nest in the ground, use the technique of water and dish detergent, watch some videos.

  8. Thumbs down for propagandizing and pastoressing … vs. direct show and tell. Wasps are a dreadful curse and folk desperately need attack plans to protect themselves from these monsters.

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