How to get rid of Bed Bugs 2017 | Facts about Bed Bugs | TheCoolFactShow EP9

How to get rid of Bed Bugs 2017 | Facts about Bed Bugs | TheCoolFactShow EP9

Important facts you should know about Bed Bugs by THECOOLFACTSHOW. Subscribe for more cool facts! Fact #1 Bed Bugs are small flat parasitic insects that are extremely hungry. Hungry for human blood. Fact # 2 Their home is terrifying. They live in your bed. They hide along the seams of your bed. They are at their most active when you are asleep. Fact # 3 The sweet bliss of unconsciousness keeps you unaware that tiny little vampires are eating you alive. The bite is typically painless so most people don’t realize they have an infestation until they see the marks on their skin. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Fact #4 Bed bugs should not be considered as a medical or public health hazard Experts agree that bed bugs don’t significally increase the risk of transmission od disease from one human to another making itching and irritation the most common symptom. Well that and the terrifying realization that tiny monsters are sucking on your life juice and their’s nothing you can do. Just kidding their definitely a few things you should be doing. First of all you need to protect your home. Fact #5 Bed bugs are great hitchhikers they move from one infested area to a new one on furniture, bedding, luggage, boxes and clothing. They are clever but we can beat them! Fighting bed bugs can be tough and the outcome will depend on the extent of the infestation and site specific challenges. fact #6 prevention is easy. A few simple precautions can prevent bed bugs infestations in your home. You must always check second hand furniture before bringing it home. Use a high quality protective cover for your mattress and box spring. It will eliminate hiding places and the light color will make the bed bugs easy to spot. Reduce clutter in your home and vacuum every other day to pick up hitchhikers. be vigilant when using shared laundry facilities. Transport items to be washed in plastic bags. If you have an active infestation use a new bag for the ride home. Remove the clothes directly from the drier and put them into a bag and fold at home. A drier on high heat will kill bed bugs. If prevention failed you. Now you go to War, Bed bugs are a challenging pest to get rid of. They hide very well and reproduce very quickly. The egg form tends to be resistant to different types of treatments. You need to do six things to get rid of bed bugs. First identify the problem. Are they really bed bugs? How severe is the infestation? You must develop a strategy. Do you really want to do it on your own? Critically, you must stop the infestation from spreading. You have to kill every bed bug and evaluate week after week. To make sure they don’t come back. If they are gone make sure to take preventive measures to prevent their recurrence. To contain an infestation anything removed from the room must be placed in a plastic bag. for treatment. Items that cannot be treated should be placed in a sealed plastic bad and left for an extended period of time to ensure any active live bugs die. Once you have an infestation you need to keep vacuuming. make sure to dispose of what you vacuum in an outside container. Don’t throw away your furniture if you can kill the bugs. If not, dispose of your furniture responsibly. So how do you kill these nightmarish creatures from hell? Consider using non chemical methods. Some work better than other. Heat above 120 degrees will kill the bugs. You can use steam or your household dryer. Extreme cold will also kill the bugs so you can clean some of your belongings by freezing them. Use pesticides only if you absolutely have to look for EPA registered pesticides that list bed bugs on the label. Use foggers with extreme caution as they improper use can harm your health or cause a fire. Drying agents can be particularly effective. In some situations since they work by drying the out the bug which means the bugs cannot develop a resistance to this treatment. If you are using drying agents do not use pool or food diatomaceous earth as this type of DE can be harmful to your health if you breathe it. After treatment make sure to keep evaluating the situation. bed bugs are know for being difficult to kill and coming back. You can purchase interceptors that you place on the legs of your furniture to catch the bugs before they climb. If all this sounds like a pain in the ass its because it is. You might just want to hire a professional. Theres no shame in that. These things are tough and sometimes it takes several treatments. if you like this video please don’t forget to press the thumps up button please share this video with your friends. This is THECOOLFACTSHOW subscribe for more cool facts! Thanks.

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  1. How do you forget to mention Rubbing Alcohol?  Spraying bed bugs with rubbing alcohol actually suffocates the bugs.  It is one of the cheapest methods for stopping the spread.  Follow this step with laundering everything and replacing the infected bed or furniture, in my opinion (don't know who would want to keep furniture that was infected), is the simplest form of treatment.  Good points on the video also.

  2. It's important that everyone knows how serious a situation these Bed Bugs can be if not treated immediately after getting them! Once it becomes an infestation you're looking at spending hundreds to thousands of dollars for a pest control company to treat your home or business and it could take 3 or more treatments pending how bad the infestation is so take note and listen to the tips given in this video they could really help

  3. I have been using hot boiling water on mattress and box spring . in the past 15 days have done this 3 times and seems to have eliminated them . am not seeing big ones anymore . Last night they hit about 2 am they seem to only come out after 1 am and continue till 5 am. Have been boiling water and pouring it on mattress and boxspring Allowing the hot water to seep on to carpet to kill any in carpet . Everyday I take my sheets put them in a bucket or traveling cooler . Pour boiling water on to sheets and blankets. Allow them to sit in hot water for about 2 hours . The bucket or cooler is small enough to keep the heat and steam from hot water from cooling down so fast . Have found just using bucket after an hour the steam is still present which will kill the eggs . Could tell from last night's invasion that eggs had just hatched. I have a Hoover carpet cleaning machine with upholstery attachment but a shop vac would work just as well . Just to remove water from bed and on floor . I use fans to dry out mattress as well with the sun . Also cook the pillows in boiling water . These bites are getting better and not so many . I have also been using heating pad under my pillows ..Helps kill them and keep them of my neck. The bites itch all the time . The box spring , have removed all fabric down to just wooden from. They hide in the knott's of the wood and have used caulking , wood filler , to seal up all wooden knotts . Today even used PVC glue to fill in wood knott's

  4. coolfactshow .. yes the bed bugs are gone … have set up traps several days ago have nothing in traps .. am going on about 15 days now with no bug bites or sittings … the boiling hot water trick worked real well but had to redo 3 times .. they get in the wood of the box spring and the Knott's of the wood … hope this trick works for someone else ..

  5. Ok theres signs of my building being infested and my landlord is making me move. How do I keep from moving the bugs? Tempted to walk out actually

  6. Never say ''cool'' in the same sentence as bed bugs. Those things are basically the worst thing ever. The itches last for weeks. Not getting bit over and over. One. Itch. One itch stays for a couple of weeks and itches madly.
    I basically have PTSD after having those. I can't stay in cheap hotels anymore. But after washing and drying everything twice, I packed stuff in plastic trash bags, and when I moved, I was lucky to have a situation that I could keep all my stuff in storage for over a year. But they are truly the worst bug I've ever dealt with.

  7. 91% rubbing alcohol works, just be sure to open the windows, then pretty much soak the furniture with a spray bottle, paying good attention to cracks and crevices. Remember it is flammable.

  8. I'm an exterminator and trust me if you get bed bugs you best bet is to get professional help 9 outta 10 times you ain't gonna get rid of them on your own……

  9. A new study from Penn Medicine researchers in the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics demonstrated that bed bugs, like the triatomines, can transmit Trypanosoma cruzi, the parasite that causes Chagas disease, one of the most prevalent and deadly diseases in the Americas.Nov 17, 2014

  10. these things cause me to itch so bad I have been scratching my skin off. I am at the end of my battle with bed bugs. they win. I'm going to do what a samurai would do and commit seppuku.

  11. DE food grade is exactly what you want to use, do not use the pool type it is harmful to humans and pets inside of the home. You guys said not to use food type that is incorrect sir. You can also wrap your mattress in industrial plastic sheeting just make sure you use a good industrial duct tape. Lastly is, most extermination companies only offer a 90 day warranty on their work so you could be re infested if you do not take precautions on your own after treatment which DE is a good start. I forgot to mention a good household dry steam cleaner can be very effective at killing these little pests.

  12. TRUST me people! Get:
    91% Alcohol – (prevention and kills on contact)
    Diatomaceous earth -food grade (to suffocate them)
    Temprid SC ( only pesticide that kills bed bugs)
    Dry all your clothing
    trust me we did it and saved ourselves freaking $1450 cause those pest control people wont do a thorough job

  13. Cimexa …. NOT D-EARTH…Cimexa …. NOT D-EARTH…Cimexa …. NOT D-EARTH…Cimexa …. NOT D-EARTH…Cimexa …. NOT D-EARTH…

  14. Question: I have two bagged vacuum cleaners. If I spread a bit of Cimexa or DE into each one and then vacuum, won't the bed bugs die from what's inside the bag? Vacuum cleaner bags are not as inexpensive as they used to be.

  15. I live in social housing and I've found that Diatomaceous Earth works really well.. it takes about 2 Months but it has drastically cut down the bed bugs.. I'm no longer bitten anymore and I can't find any on my mattress or furniture.. a lot of bedbug treatment businesses will try and convince you not to use DE (Food Grade) but that's all part of their business.. What I did was used a large washed and dried coke bottle and I screwed 4 holes in the lid with a screw and screw driver, filled the bottle with DE using a funnel and pumped the powder all around my house I no longer have Cockroaches and all my Bed Bugs are dead.

  16. Public Health and Housing Help Centres and Municipal government DO NOT promote the use of PROFESSIONAL HEAT TREATMENT. Most brochures put out still fall back on pesticides and laundry. Time to more forward IMO.

  17. these guys are full of..¿¡!/…. diatomaceous earth.. does work.. an will not efect your heath because it is All NATURAL. .. vacuum often an use it an they will all be gone… thank you. .. for reading my post. .

  18. if diatomaceous earth is unsafe for your health then why do they use it on deworming cows and you can use it in your home and they say it's safe around pets and humans… iv been using it for years now… an I have even fed it to my dogs an cats to deworm him.. an they are all alive an well worm an flee free… so stop the lyes about it…

  19. Bed bugs ARE a public hazard to me. They are so gross and it's 1:38 am and I don't want to sleep in the bathroom or hallway which is possibly the only place that's bed bug free. Ugh if only my parents listened to me when we first got the furniture which already had it. 😒 Parents…

  20. This spray on Amazon killed my bed bugs!
    Zepol Labs Bed Bug Killer 16oz, Natural Organic Formula

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