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  1. @brian9827 Thats how I want to die, thinking about fucking a praying mantis/human hybrid… As long as the bottome 1/2 is human, I'm good 🙂

  2. Looks like that dump is probably infested with termites, roaches, and silverfish too. I would suggest cleaning your house and keeping it clean. I find that eliminates 99% of bug infestation problems.

  3. petroleum jelly is dangerous to consume. they say u should contact poison control if you ingested it. why the hell would i want to risk poisoning my pet?

  4. I have a secret recipe for it, this always works.
    All you need is sugar, and hand sanitizer.
    Where your ants are, spray or pour lots or hand sanitizer.
    Hand sanitizer kills ants.
    Sprinkle sugar in the hand sanitizer, they will not come to it if the sugar is not there.
    Then just wipe up the ants, and they will stop coming!

  5. whenever there were ants in my bathroom and i saw a bigger one i poured hand santizer on it and it would stop moving

  6. I tried all those tricks and it really doesn't seem to work. I spayed vinegar ON those fucking ants and they keep walking like nothing happened… and came back…. and I did it more than once.

  7. THIS WORKS AND SMELLS GOOD WITH NO HARM TO YOU, CHILDREN OR PETS. All you have to do is use an old perfume or men's cologne that you don't use anymore and spray a minimal amount on window sills and any other cracks where they are entering. Do it for a few days in a row. Your house will smell great and the ANTS WILL BE GONE!!!!! The list of all the things I tried, before succeeding with this one, is too long to list here; and believe me, I've tried them all. Hope this helps someone else.

  8. Smearing petroleum jelly along the top of food bowls is an extremely silly idea, not only is it a mess the fact is that cats will also be deterred by the smell. I don't think the author of that tip has any experience with pets.
    The smartest and most effective way to keep ants from getting to the food bowl is to stand the bowl in a container of shallow water. We have a serious ant problems in our area and this method is 100% effective.

  9. Why do we need to know that the die after sex with the queen. And is she made of petroleum jelly? Lol

  10. Howcast,

    No matter how i used these methods to get rid of ants in my kitchen cardboard.
    From Steaming with Shark Steam Lift-Away 5-in-1 Portable Steamer Attachment to Spraying insecticide like Baygon to Using normal wet and dry Microfibre Cloth with Spray to Using Ant Bait to Using Electronic Pest Stop like 4000. 

    Clean from Top to Bottom, Inside and Outside, Side to Side and Front and Back for 3-4 Days Straight.. A few hours later can still see ants crawling around my kitchen table. Even just now my Microwave Oven as well..
    Don't really know why? Foods are all seal and not open. 

    These nasty, irritating, stubborn, stupid ants just don't go away.. Which keeps on bothering me every-time when i see it.

    Pls anyone who has encounter something similar to this, have any advise or life hack to eliminate ants? It would be really helpful and i would be much appreciated. :')

  11. Howcast
    Thank you. Right to the point not like this other people that tell you their life stories before getting to the subject.

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