How to encase your mattress to protect from bed bugs

How to encase your mattress to protect from bed bugs

Mattress encasements are a great tool in your fight against bed bugs. They make it easy to get a good night’s sleep and protect your mattress. Encasements work by sealing your mattress
and box springs away from the infestation. If there are any bugs on them, they’ll
be contained and if they’re bed bug free they’ll stay that
way. There are many good brands of encasements on the market and they’re available at a wide variety of stores – from online retailers to home good stores. The most important thing, is to make sure
you selected an encasement designed for bed bugs or pests. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve select
the right size for your mattress and box spring. Encasements cover your mattress similar to a large, sealable fitted sheet. Once the encasement is on, you can put your
normal sheets over top and sleep like you usually do. Encasements are also available for your pillows. You should usually leave the encasements on
for about six months, or until you’re able to heat treat your mattress and box springs.

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  1. Can i use the powder inside the casing before i zip it up? Also if u can is it ok to sleep with it zipped up in the casing?

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