How to cook a cockroach

How to cook a cockroach

Pushkar : So, our mission today is to fry this cockroach We also have a little bit of oil here *laughter* One… two… three… four packets of oil And this… is our, what do you call it… This is our stove We’ll just place it right here And then light the fire And then fry it, here over the water We’re gonna fry it, you cunts! Anjan : That’s not water, you cunt *laughter* Anjan : I have to record from the beginning now Pushkar : Damn! You cunt! Anjan : What can I do? He called while I was recording! Cunt! Now continue Leave it, cunt Pushkar : Okay, so now we’ll commence our marvelous job 1, 2, 3… AH! *lights fire* Anjan : Are you burning plastic? Pushkar : Oh no!
Prabesh : Listen to Ace Ventura & Astrix, they’re awesome! Pushkar : Ya, Ace Ventura Anjan : Hey, the plastic’s gonna smell really bad! Anjan : Plastic smells bad Pushkar : Doesn’t matter motherfucker Anjan : Son of a bitch! Plastic really does smell horrible Prabesh : Holy shit! Don’t make the fire so fierce *laughs* Don’t make the fire so fierce, that’s enough! That’s enough! Anjan : I’m telling you the plastic smells bad, motherfucker! Prabesh : Add the oil! Add it first! Pushkar : Where’s the scissors? *laughs* Anjan : Seasoning! *laughs* Seasoning We have to make it spicy! Isn’t that right? Pushkar : This thing called fire lights up really quick You guys don’t have to worry about that You only have to worry about how I cook Ya, you can also taste it for free This right here is our, Bibek’s son He’s a martyr. Former army Today morning, I was dancing. While dancing, when trying to perform a backflip. It went SMASH When I checked it out, it turned out to be a cockroach It was buffalo’s (Bibek’s) army Little buffalo Anjan : Make it quick, cunt! Pushkar : Motherfucker, oil isn’t coming out *inaudible* Anjan : He’s teaching us to cook Pushkar : He’s right Look lad, Aakash is already here and we’re cooking vegetables here Preparing food for our trek Prabesh : Pushkar, turn on the lights Pushkar : This my last day in hostel to cook After this I’m not gonna be here Prabesh : Don’t add too much oil Pushkar : No we need to add more how is it gonna get friend without oil? Okay done, finally We’ll do seasoning after a while, not right now Anjan : Don’t light that up, cunt. Light the newspaper instead Prabesh : That’ll get put out really quick Light up the plastic, doesn’t matter if it smells *lights paper* Anjan : Heat it, fast *Pushkar laughs crazily* Prabesh : Burn the plastic as I said Pushkar : Today I came to know that making a fire is such a difficult task Prabesh : Burn two or three *phone rings* Pushkar : Pick up the phone, cunt Anjan, pick up the phone! *phone keeps ringing* *talking on phone* You psychos Ooooh, the oil is heating up I’m having a hope that our experiment is gonna be succesful Prabesh : Has it already boiled? Pushkar : About to Prabesh : Do it quick Pushkar : Come closer Today I’m gonna cook Bibek’s army One! Tw.. *gets interrupted* Let the light come Ready? One! Two! Three! Chrrrrrrrrr Motherfucker! Today is my farewell party Add the seasoning now Prabesh : Laughing to tears so early in the morning Pushkar : What the hell? Fire’s put out I need fire Hold this bro Wait, wait, wait You’re the cameraman. The cameraman’s not holding it.

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  1. note pad bata subtitle add gareko kee software gareko yeso bhanindu oaryo.Mula aba youtube video halnu paryo bhanne sochirathe daamna ley halecha.mero pani cha vudeo haru hera hai

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