How To Clean And Remove Dry Dead Bugs From Any Car – Chemical Guys Bug & Tar Wash

How To Clean And Remove Dry Dead Bugs From Any Car – Chemical Guys Bug & Tar Wash

Today is a very special day in the Detail Garage because we have this whole crew rolling in from Northern California! This MOPAR car club is coming in from areas
like Sacramento and The Bay Area. When you’re driving 500 – 600 miles on the highway, you’re gonna get bugs all over the front of your car! When you have a big, bright muscle car like
this Dodge Challenger, you can’t be distracted by these ugly bugs
all over the front of the vehicle! You need to take them off. Plus, if you don’t remove them quickly, the
bugs will stain and etch into the paintwork causing permanent damage. You need to take them off before they can
wreck your paint. I have a few of my favorite products here
to deal with bugs. I’m mainly worried about Bug & Tar Remover. This is a specialty soap that you add into
your normal car wash bucket or detailing spray bottle so you can take down the bugs and break them
off the surface so you don’t have to resort to hard rubbing
and scrubbing to get them off. To get set up, I have my two bucket method
already ready to go. I’ll set up my car wash soap. I’m using Hybrid V7 Car Wash Soap, I’ll put
a couple ounces in, then I’ll add just one ounce of Bug & Tar
Wash into my car wash soap bucket. It looks like I want to pre-saturate some
of these bugs with a solution of Bug & Tar Remover. I have a detailing bottle here. I’m going to make a 5 or 6:1 dilution of Bug & Tar Wash. If you just want to spot treat a few areas
without spraying down the whole car, you can use the Professional Detailing Bottle
with the pre-marked dilution slots on the side. I’ll pour in just enough to make a 5 or 6:1
dilution ratio. That is 5 parts water to every 1 part chemical. Once I have the product in, I’ll add some
normal filtered water. I’ll fill it to the top of the label… These bottles are great because they hold
more product. These are also great to use whenever you want
to dilute your detailing products like cleaners, degreasers, and detail sprays. And they come with these upgraded sprayers
that pump out more product with every spray. I’ll just prime the sprayer… there we go! Before I even rinse down the car or come at
it with a mitt, I’m going to pre-soak these bugs as I prepare
the rest of my wash method. I’ll come down here and just spray down all
these bugs. I’ll let the solution dwell for a couple minutes. It’s safe to use Bug & Tar Wash on any paintwork,
plastic pieces, glass, or optical plastics you might have on your car. It’s also safe to use on any clear bras or
clear wraps. Some of the cars here from the club have clear
bras, so it’s easy to treat a lot of these bugs on any of these cars. It looks like we have the whole front end
covered here. As that’s dwelling, I’ll set up the rest of
my wash buckets. I already have my soap solution mixed here
in my wash bucket. I’ll just activate the suds with my hose. To scrub down these bugs and guts, I’m going to use the Premium Microfiber Wash
Sponge. Unlike normal wash sponges, this one is made
with soft microfiber with a chenille side and a microfiber woven bug sponge side. This is great to gently scrub the bugs so
I don’t have to scrub hard and install a lot of scratches and I rub the paint. This has an elastic cuff, which makes it easy
to use and almost impossible to drop! I won’t drop it on the ground, pick up rocks,
then scratch the paint. If I want to use the bug scrubber side, just
flip the elastic over, and now I have a bug scrubber sponge that
I’m not going to drop. I’m letting that dwell on there for a while, I’ll pick up some suds, and gently wipe off
as many of these bugs that I can. Just with the first couple wipes I’m already
knocking off the bulk of the bug bodies, they’re just coming right off the paintwork. This is the easy part; the hard part will
be scrubbing out all the parts that are stuck in there. I’ll give this whole bumper a quick wipe. With the Two Bucket Method, you have one bucket
with your soap solution, and the second bucket with clear plain water. I’ll scrub out any bugs and guts directly
on the wash screen. I have a Dirt Trap in the bottom of this bucket,
which is going to help separate out any filth and dead bugs from the wash water
to keep my mitt nice and clean. You see I’ve knocked out all the dead bugs
and filth, I’ll wring it out on the ground, then come back into the bucket for more soap. Now that I have my mitt prepared again, I can get a little more aggressive on these bugs and gently scrub. You can see they’re all starting to just melt
right out of the paintwork. They’re all coming right out, and I’m not
leaving anything behind. It’s important to get out all these pieces,
because if you don’t get out the parts that get really stuck in there, that’s what will eat into your paintwork and
leave you with weird spots and gouges. Wow they’re even stuck in the fog light! These
are really in there… Obviously, when your car has 300, 400, or
500 horsepower and you’re going down the highway at
“highway speeds,” bugs don’t stand any bit of a chance! I’ll get more soap then come up here on the
front valance and get this soapy water solution all over the place. You can see this mitt holds a lot of soap
and a lot of water. This is the perfect tool to use for any weekly
wash or gut removal. I’ve knocked out the bulk of the bodies, so
I’ll come back with the gentle scrubber to take out the remainder. There we go. I can do this half of the bumper, and all
these little black spots are just going away. Bug & Tar wash also works great on road tar. So if you ever drive through a freshly-paved
road or construction site where they have tar and fresh asphalt being laid down, the tendency is for that stuff to fling all
over the side of your car when it gets kicked up off your wheels. If you can get on it pretty quickly, use
Bug & Tar Wash at a higher dilution ratio. You might be able to cut through that before
it sticks to your paint. If tar gets really bad, you might have to
use a clay bar or microfiber pad and a machine polisher to get it out. If you get on it quickly enough, you can get
on it with some Bug & Tar Wash. All this stuff is coming right off, so it’s
good that we got on these after she got off the road to avoid any permanent damage or
staining. Alright! Now the car is bug-free. I’ll rinse off any contamination so we can
move on to drying it so we don’t get any water spots. Just take your garden hose and rinse it down. Now you see we’ve taken off all the bugs and
all the filth and grime off the front of the car. We’re ready to move on to any drying steps,
so I’m gonna go ahead and dry off this car. We have a few more cars with a whole lot of
bugs all over the surfaces that we need to take off. But you can see how easy it was to use Bug & Tar Wash to remove anything that’s bugging ya on the front of your car.

26 thoughts on “How To Clean And Remove Dry Dead Bugs From Any Car – Chemical Guys Bug & Tar Wash”

  1. How about the LSP on the car. Bug and Tar removers are strong cleaners, isn't is going to strip wax off the car!?

    I'm using spray wax and MF towels to spray and gently wipe the bugs, I believe that's safer

  2. @Chemical Guys Need a shop out here in Maryland like Lothian area the shops out here suck and over charge.

  3. Quick question… Why wouldn't you start with the below procedure before jumping to a bug and tar remover which typically erode layered wax systems.
    1. Pre-rinse the front end first to blast away the larger, less stuck-on bugs
    2. Then start with a soft microfiber towel with car soap and wipe in straight lines using one side of the towel for each wipe as to reduce scratching
    3. If bugs still exist, use the soft microfiber bug sponge (your blue one or similar) again wiping in straight lines and rinsing sponge as they accumulate
    4. The above steps require no special chemicals or special soaps.If bugs still exist then possibly use an AP/bug/tar removing cleaner/soap as this would be the last tier in an effort to protect the paint wax systems.

  4. I'm telling you guys I live in Fl and we have love bugs here and they are very bad to get off your car, this bug and tar wash works great on getting them off. I have three cars and I love detailing them all Chemical Guys is the Mack Daddy in detailing stuff. I love everything so far that I have gotten from Chemical Guys .

  5. thanks again! great meeting you all! you guys have amazing products! we are still showing them off, up in this area!!

  6. Why not go for a touch-less wash first of snow foam then pressure wash rinse. And THEN do these steps? Wouldn't that make it safer?

  7. I'd love to try this at my detail shop here in Louisiana with dried on Love Bugs.
    Customers bring us cars in the hot summer months that has been baking on for a month or so.
    What a pain and labor cost it takes.

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