How to Avoid UTIs and Yeast Infections at Burning Man

How to Avoid UTIs and Yeast Infections at Burning Man

It’s 143 days til the Man burns and today we’re talking about vaginas again! Everyone knows about playa foot, if you don’t I’ll do a video on it just for you. But, what a lot of people don’t know about is playa vagina or you know UTIs and yeast infections, because they happen a lot at Burning Man. It’s something to do with the alkaline in the playa dust it messes with the delicate ecosystem between our legs. It happens… So, pre burning man if you can get your hands on like cranberry pills and probiotics especially the ones designed for ladies and lady health, then you know, that’s just going to help your body kind of build up some protection against it, hopefully! It doesn’t work for everyone. Some people are still going to end up getting hit by it, but you know anything you can do right? Like I always say I’m not a scientist or a doctor, like I don’t know if that stuff works but the people at the health shop seem to think it works so why not? Even if you take all of the pills, you follow all of the advice anyone gives, you drink cranberry juice like it was the only liquid on planet earth, some of you are still going to get hit by something. The best thing you can do is go to the doctor before hand, explain the situation, you know tell them, it is known…this happens a lot, and hopefully they’re going to prescribe you something just in case it happens to you, and you know, while you’re there ask them for some tips you know, is there anything you would suggest I do to try and prevent it from happening, because you know prevention is the best thing ever. For yeast infections there are quite a lot of over-the-counter solutions, so pick one of those up as well, just have it in your medical kit just in case. While you’re there you’ll want to keep things nice and clean and fresh, I mean you can be the cleanest person in the world and still getting hit by something like this, it’s not like…it’s not like if you get it you’re dirty and disgusting or something you know, it happens to many many people. But I suggest bringing extra knickers with you especially you know like cotton breathable ones, because think about it, like playa dust is going to get on your clothes it’s going to get on your knickers and it’s like alkaline, it’s just going to be rubbing against your vag all day, like it’s asking for trouble. Lots of people like to bring double the amount they think they need and change them twice a day. Obviously every time you change them make sure you have a good clean down there as well otherwise it kind of defeats the point a bit. Aside from anything else, changing your knickers are brushing your teeth, it makes you feel amazing when you’re at Burning Man, you feel like a princess out there, fresh knickers, fresh teeth hmm! Obviously you want to store all these somewhere where they’re not going to be getting covered in playa dust because otherwise that would kind of defeat the point. So, you know, a big ziplock bag or something is perfect, keep that in your tent or you know, somewhere it’s protected as much as you can from the dust, if it’s possible to protect anything from dust at Burning Man. Even though baby wipes are like the number one choice for keeping things clean down there and I mean we use them on babies butts so they’ve got to be good for ours right? Getting some ph balanced feminine wipes can be good as well because the pH balance is kind of the problem, it’s the alkaline in the dust and you want things to be pH balanced down there. If you’re planning on going nude while you’re at Burning Man you want to bring a towel or something that you can sit on, I mean, it’s considered etiquette anyway to do that, you know, don’t go rubbing your butt over other people’s stuff, but it’s also going to mean you know if you decide to sit on the floor you’re not going to be sitting directly on playa dust. Peeing is very important as well, you know, pee when you need to go don’t…don’t hold it for hours and hours just because it’s super inconvenient you know, and if you have any sexual contact with someone then pee afterwards as well because that’s a really known cause of UTI. So I know it’s not very romantic, it kills the mood to be like “I’m just going to go pee so I won’t get a UTI” but seriously, be unromantic, do it look out for number one! So I know I already mentioned cotton panties, but I know that some of you out there are like “I’m not wearing granny knickers to Burning Man! I’m going to be wearing this sexy g-string i just bought with the tassels and the beads and stuff” that’s great, you know go for it, but be aware that those things are a bit more irritating to vaginas, and maybe bring along some cotton panties as well just to be on the safe side because you probably don’t want to be stuck in an uncomfortable g-string the whole time you’re at Burning Man. It’s also a great kind of nap time option, you know, if you just want to have a sleep then you can put on your cotton grannies and have a sleep where everything can breathe, or you know if you’re comfortable with it if you have a tent or something that you’re sleeping in go bare butt naked and really let everything breathe down there. So that is it guys you know, sometimes bad things happen to good people and one of those good people might be you so be prepared for the worst! I hope this is helpful, if you have any questions or comments or tips or anything like that let me know in the comments section, and if you’re at Burning Man this year feel free to come and say hi to me if you spot me roaming around. Bye!

4 thoughts on “How to Avoid UTIs and Yeast Infections at Burning Man”

  1. Hi there. Thank for all your videos. They're so helpful!!!! This BM is going to be my FIRST one. Am as nervous as much as I am excited.

    I have a few questions: I like to wear boy shorts/slip shorts under my skirt. So should I go for the nylon/spandex ones that are moisture wicking? Or plain cotton should be good? Which ones are less likely to give me alkaline burns. Am dreading those.

  2. What a terrible mistake??!!!! People and especially women are advised to wipe front to back. That means it is realized the danger on t. paper use of UTI, and still everybody keep telling them to use t. paper! How somebody could be sure that the millions of microbes in the remaining feces film, would not later travel to their genitalia?

  3. Thank you so much for these thoughtful and helpful videos. I had UTIs every day for 3 months and took antibiotics for them. It wasn't fun. Then I went to the doctor in Germany and they told me to rub a small amount of yogurt onto the urethra and vagina area to make them acidic. This is only as a preventative measure and not as a treatment. If you have a UTI already then you need antibiotics. But it really worked and I haven't had a UTI since. I plan on bringing a small vial of yogurt to the Playa in a small cooler as well as some yeast infection medication.

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