How Much Food Is There On Earth?

How Much Food Is There On Earth?

Hi, this is Emily from MinuteEarth. Canada’s Quebec province produces almost
three quarters of the world’s maple syrup, and hoards 50,000 barrels of it in the globe’s
only strategic maple syrup reserve. This reserve exists not in case of an apocalypse
situation where Canadians have to get by on maple syrup alone, but because, if one year’s
harvest is low, rather than having the supply drop, and prices shoot up, and demand go down,
Canada can use the reserves to supplement the syrup supply and keep prices and demand
stable. Other countries have food reserves too – both
for economic and emergency reasons. But if something crazy were to happen, how
long could humanity get by on the food we have in the planet’s cupboards, supermarkets,
warehouses, and silos today? The short answer is, not very long. Grains like corn, rice and wheat, and tubers
like potatoes and cassava make up the lion’s share of our food stores: on their own, they
could feed humanity for about 3 months. Add in everything else – the stored fruits
and vegetables, the meat, the milk, the eggs, the oil, and the sugar, and they’d extend
our rations by another four weeks. And that would be it. However, there is a lot of potential food
out there. If we picked all the berries and mushrooms
in the world, they’d feed humanity for only another hour or two. If we hunted all of the world’s wild mammals
and birds they’d get us by for a few days. Slaughtering every domestic chicken, sheep,
goat and pig on the planet would give us another month, and butchering every cow would buy
us another 2 months. If we caught all the fish, shrimp, crab and
krill in the ocean, they would sustain us for about 6 months. And if we could vacuum up all the termites,
ants and earthworms in the entire world, they’d feed us for perhaps another 6 months. That said, eating all of Earth’s animals,
plus all of our stored food, probably shouldn’t be plan A. But hypothetically, they could
provide enough calories to feed us for around a year and a half. And that maple syrup? Each person would get half a teaspoon, almost
enough to sweeten a couple of termites. So, the premise of this video is admittedly
super hypothetical, but we did do a lot of proper math to come up with our estimates
for the global food supply. To get hands-on with some fun math problems
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100 thoughts on “How Much Food Is There On Earth?”

  1. Do americans actually eat apples like that? I mean when only the middle part is eaten. If so they're fucking retarded

  2. Just seeing the people as stick figures is funny because I draw a lot of stick figures and for some reason my friend really likes the drawing sometimes they would try to mimic me but they don't know how to do the postures and positions for a stick figure I've done a stick figure drawing the whole paper no space left behind and it looked crazy nice its fun drawing them but I bet it'd be more fun animating them (I dont know how to do that) This is unrelated but still I'm still typing this

  3. Minute earth u r assuming that every single person on earth would get an equal share of the food which is unlikely and would be a stupid strategy for humanity to take on to survie. Should i also mentioned how u missed canned food, roots, and seeds. Also cannibalism would occur I am sure because in this desperate situation humanity would look for a way to consume less food and have more food so yeah u should probably also add that to ur calculations also people could water food down and just change food in ways to make more of it and thats without growing anymore food with all of these additions and changes i think humanity would hold out for a much more reasonable +30 months

  4. Juz go to tha Metros! Iz safe there! Then you can use groundwater to harness it to electricity so you can grow potatoes!

    I swear to Christ if someone takes this horrible joke seriously and bombards me with the words "asshole", "Bitch","Mother Fucker", and "Commie"…

  5. Just watch the 100! They forced an isolated algae bloom that helped the last people in exist survive! Get on this ppl!

  6. Don't for get vegans if they are willing to do it in not being rude but we can just eat all the earth grass too

  7. Guys this is fake because animals keep giving birth and fruits and vegetables keep growing so we can keep getting food how long we exist

  8. But this is if everyone gets the same amount. If the food still costs money, the millions or possibly billions of people in poverty wouldnt be able to get food. So instead of 1 1/2 years for ALL of humanity, probably like 3-ish years for people that can afford food.

  9. That is surprisingly little time. Does it account for long-lasting food stores like canned goods? And for efficient rationing so everyone stays healthy but not much more?

  10. 0:30 chinesse dont eat pork, they eat dog, there is even a dark joke about it, im not gonna tell it cuz 1 its very dark, and even if i wanted 2 i am serb so i dont know really much english

  11. We can’t heat earth because of the water cycle until the cold part so the global warming is evaporating water causing water cycle for the ice and snow

  12. Minute eart om your Minute eart YouTube video is so good and I'm a kid I can sigh sick 😇😃😄😅😐😯😉😂😁😀😊☺😮

  13. You forget about due to the highly uneven distribution of food most of the poor peoples will probably died first in our current society

  14. We wouldn't just run out like that because nature always make new food. New plants grow, new animals are born and it has been that way for millions of years. Humans are very capable of making new food as well, perhaps even better than nature when it comes to making food humans eat spesifically. Then again people would starve in an apocalypse but that is not the same as saying we would deplete all the food in the world.

    Also some other factors you didnt consider is food spoiling and turning inedible.

    And malnutrition if you dont have enough variety of food, even if technically having enough food that will make you sick and even kill you if it goes far enough.

  15. in order for us to live a long while we would probably have to kill the majority of humans and turn to cannibalism not only for more food but also so that there are less people to feed.

  16. But un reality we all know all the poor gonna Die fast and nobody care, and only thé rich with 1000years of food gonna survive

  17. If ya think about it properly, humanity would last less than half of that. Think about the time it would take to find every single fish of possible billions or every berry in the world. It would take us WEEKS to collect it all and around a couple of YEARS to find everything and share it out. Think about it.

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