How Do Bed Bugs Work?

How Do Bed Bugs Work?

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  1. I now cuz of bed bugs have worse anemia then ever before they have been feeding off me for months since I moved in to the place where me and my fiance live together. I woke up once to find one heading for my fiance's neck and squashed it and it burst. after that I couldn't sleep

  2. I've dealt with these bugs already. I found them hiding in the corners of the ceiling. Killed them all with a knife.

  3. What about cold temps.If you have bed bugs,and you put your blanket in a bag and put outside in the cold. Like winter weather,would they die,or would they live and come back to life ,like a fly?

  4. Me and my family lived in a house that that was full of bed bugs for 2 year it was really depressing. It wasn't as bad for me as it was for them. my baby sister got Ill and my mum got depressed. We where all red and itchy we couldn't sleep. Every time we sat down to watch TV we couldn't keep still . Every time we visited relatives we didn't want to talk about it because we where embarrassed. My brothers and sister where screaming through the night because they couldn't sleep it go so bad that we all slept in the dining room floor at first ther was no bed bugs their but within a week or two they where in the dining room. We moved house there gone for now but just found out my grandmother has them hopefully we'll get rid of them for good.

  5. I just found out I had bed bugs last night cause I felt something crawling on me so I grabbed my phone and looked and there was a big bedbug

  6. I'm a truck driver I just found about 5 bugs crawling around on my bed I got a paper and killed them didn't see anymore except 2 little small ones what do ya think

  7. begins mumbling from traumatized flashbacks
    "99% isopropyl alcohol, diatomaceous earth, mattress and box sping covers, sleepless nights, you can't escape, don't leave the room, they follow, double-sided tape around bed, bedbug spray, bag every belonging, 40 mins in the drier, don't panic, don't panic"

     *hugs knees and rocks back and forth*

  8. once I woke up and there was a bed bug on my knee i tried to get it but it grabed in to my skin I pulled harder and my skin riped off

  9. y even have a infestation of them we clened everything dryed it moved things we threw are beds and they still keep on bitting we fumigated and everything

  10. yo im i was blaming my sister inlaw for her poor hygiene, for the reason why we have piece of poop bed bugs. you dont understand how much i despice bed bugs

  11. one day we went to Myrtle Beach and the second day my mom slept on the couch and we found bed bugs and we were on the top floor so we had to move down till like 3rd 4 444 and it was a big bomb

  12. Sleep with a due rag on, long sleeve sox over your pants legs. Long sleeve shirt with tight wrist and neck action. You'll wake up unbitten for maybe a week. After that they'll get so hungry that they'll go to your hands and head. Good luck.

  13. I just woke up to itching and looked at my arm to see a reddish brown super small beetle like thing crawling all over me

  14. Ever heard of a batbug? looks just like a bedbug but it has slightly (as in microscopic)longer hairs and sucks on bat blood. Scientists believe they evolved to suck on humans due to us living in caves with bats back when we all wore Leopard-print robes and yielded clubs for weapons. Therefore, the batbug was born.The more you know!

  15. I was on a jeepney and I know I was bitten by a bedbug, I never had seen any bedbugs before but bcos my boyfriend is suffering from which thats why I came to check how they look like and how they work on YouTube. This happened few days ago. Im on my way home and I felt an itch on the back of my legs bcos I was wearing a skirt and saw 3 big redish bites (looks like a mosquito bites but 3-4 times bigger), I was freaked out and I know what those bites were. after a day or 2, on my bed before I even sleep, I felt an itch on my hand and scratched over it and saw those bites again. I didn't had this shit in my home before esp on my bed but I couldn't sleep anymore, I need to find this shit! so I looked for it and found it on the Raffles of my pillow case. I know there's only one bcos I know this is the one from the jeepney(thats how we get them). I changed the mattress of my bed and pillow case, cleaned my room and stuffs and all to make sure if there were eggs I'll get rid of them too. It's 2 days now and I don't seem to feel anything like them yet. hopefully never. By the way I'm from Philippines.

  16. can someone pls tell me wether I have bed bugs or not? I have been getting bites all over my head, neck and shoulders but not my back,legs,feet,hands or arms…(yet) hope not T_T it's been happening for 3days now

  17. I have bed bugs and in the middle of the night I always wake up to having bed bug bites good thing that I'm moving and throwing everything I have because I don't want bed bugs f those

  18. I've been battling these things for a couple months now when I moved into a apartment unknowing their were bedbugs here. Went months before I knew anything was even wrong, I don't get any reaction to these bites at all, neither do 2 of My children , but my youngest son kept getting red itchy spots all over in the morning when we would get up, I did not want to believe that it was bedbugs. Almost had a nervous breakdown the first time I found one. I've used over 20 bottles of alcohol, 10 bedbug bombs, 6 cans of hotshot spray, mattress cover, boxspring cover, and pillow covers. I also tried the buggybeds traps (which do NOT work) must say the problem has gotten a lot better, but they're still not gone. I'm going to repeat everything I've done so far. I've tried almost everything. I can't afford an exterminator and the people over the apartments won't do anything at all. I tell you all, it is so depressing. Even thought they don't effect me at all, they leave horrible rashes and spots on my youngest child, and just the thought of going to bed knowing they're there is the worst feeling in this world. Most nights I don't even sleep. When I do it's on the couch which I know is bad because I will just spread them in here and make a larger area to treat but how does one go lay their child in a bed where you know they are going to get eat up. I just want to give up. This is the most miserable not to mention embarrassing thing ever. Does anyone have any home remedies or experience using anything with good results??? Please someone help me.

  19. These fuckers bite me! & wake me up-.- I enjoy squishing them . But it’s annoying to have them and not being able enjoy my bed and couches

  20. I would wake up in the middle of the night when my body told me that there's a bump and it iches. So after I get bit by a bed bug ew I would look around to see if it's there. One time I squished one and there was a blood stain on my pillow. Rip

  21. When my dog plays in mud outside then walks around my bed I think I got bed bugs ps I talk to ants then they kill them for me pss I biuld tiny cameras so I can watch the battle

  22. Ok…The most gross story I have is: One night, a bed bug crawled into my can of soda. I unknowingly, took a drink. The damn thing tried to crawl under my tongue. Ewww!!! I spat it into an ashtray. Killed it with my stun gun.

  23. i’ve had bed bugs for the last 6+ months and because my uncle won’t let an exterminator in his room, there’s no end to this in sight u_u

  24. We think that my Daddy has bed bugs on his shirt but it's really not because I know it's from mousey Mick because they don't even do nothing they just want to make kids do everything so bed bugs

  25. Me and my family lives in a house infested with these blood suckers. They were mostly attracted to my skin so I got bit the most. And now my torso, arms, legs, other make me look weak and fragile. I have a problem with the way my body looks, but we don't have them anymore

  26. 90%+ rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle kills them, just make sure you have a well ventilated room do it about once a week it should keep there numbers down or kill them off just find where there hiding and spray them

  27. This kills bed bugs! Zepol Labs Bed Bug Killer 16oz, Natural Organic Formula

  28. Well my bed was infested. So i felt them all pinching me in my sleep. I got up and looked ans there they were

  29. I have been up since 2am right now its 6am. Woke up with 2 bed bugs crawling next to my face. I was so terrified and I still am. The sight of my bed disgusts me. I have 3 red bed bugs bites on my legs they keep on itching and have this burning like sensation. I havent slept in days I stay up all night on the chair. And it seems like they are most active at night. how can I get rid of them yall? I am going to die if another day passes without me getting some rest. help please 😭😭

  30. Who ev I9 er said bed bugs don't fly or jump ,don't know what your talking about, you need to do more research. They are air born and they can move fast, when they first hatch, because i can feel them jumping all over my arms, legs. It feels like a bunch of tiny mosquitos on my arm. How can they get from the floor to my forearms that fast. You people need to do more research because, your giving people the wrong information about bed bugs. When first hatch they are air born and they can jump and move fast. Now the older adults of bed bugs cant run jump because of their size. But when they first hatch can jump and move fast. I know and I have friends who can tell you the same exact thing. And is from personal experience and research i have done. You people need to do more research because youreally don't know much about these things like you claim you do.

  31. You people need to do more research because you really don't know what your talking about, those things can fly, i don't know how far but far enough to get from the floor to my forearms. This is from personal experience and research from other people if you can't give the right information to people, you need to keep your mouths chut

  32. I spray the entire House with Bedbug killer products, I literally spray the heck of it In every single place for an entire 3 weeks about 3 times a day. Clean all my stuffs
    And that was the end of the BedBugs

  33. I woke up in the middle of the night saw s bed bug running 🏃‍♀️ An drooled were he was going. And it was like 20 of them right there next to each other

  34. Bed Bugs will borrow into/under your skin!  when you feel skin crawling they are actually on your skin, or in your skin,  Remove them,  Nasty Things.

  35. Mask their pheromones with loads of air and linen fresheners. Its like taking down their bedbug tinder accounts. If you are consistent with blocking their pheromones they won’t be able to mate nearly as often and may even distance themselves from your room to find a mate.

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