29 thoughts on “How bees turn nectar into honey”

  1. Welcome teacher since you are an expert in the field of Tlnhal and tools where can I find these plastics cell that Guy video

  2. Heya! Is there any experience of the FlowHive in Scandinavia? Our summers at least here in Finland are cold and wondering if honey would crystalize before getting out. I have followed your invention from the start and have to take my hat off, really something out of the box and will change whole beekeeping in the future if it has not already.

  3. And you want me to believe that all of this wonderfulness came out of a single amoeba over millions of years as a result of accident? No, God created these marvelous creatures. Big like for the video 😀

  4. Hi great video one question what is the black stuff in the video it was in jars at the bee hives. I use honey every day as sugar it poison to our system i replaced sugar with honey as honey is sweeter than sugar i do not need sugar the plus is that i am fitter and healthier i am 73 and i could run any one 20 and 30 years younger i feel great have no blood sugar problems my latest reading was so low they said i never use any sweet stuff in my food every day they got shocked when i said i use honey every day in my breakfast dinner and tea well i like a cup of tea with or after my dinner lol. If every one used honey instead of refined sugar there would be no diabetes and no obesity in the world today. Just remember that 1 teaspoon of honey it equivalent to 2 teaspoon fulls of sugar

  5. Ban the picking buying selling of flowers. Bees butterflies need flowers to survive .u humans don't need flowers .Ur birthdays anniversaries valentine's are a want and not a need .also ban pesticides no flowers no bees no butterflies .bees butterflies and other insects need flowers pollun necter to survive for them flowers is life and food .for humans flowers is unnecessary celebration

  6. Thank you I am teaching preschoolers all about honey. I like how this went slowly enough for children to observe the bees at work, great film work.

  7. 4 sep 2019 4:42 pm edt:
    0:13 swallow both (1)nectar and (2)pollen to nectar/honey-stomach
    0:48 transfer nectar from nectar/honey-stomach to digestive-stomach

  8. Quran [16:69]

    Then eat of all manner of fruit, and follow the ways of your Lord easy to go upon.' Then comes there forth out of their bellies a drink of diverse hues wherein is healing for men. Surely in that is a sign for a people who reflect.

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