Hot Shot Ant Bait Review – Maxattrax Ant Traps

welcome to my hotshot ant bait ant trap
review and in this hotshot ant bait review I am going to be talking about how
effective they are or not in the first bit of this video you will see
me showing you how to deploy and use the ant traps in the second bit I’m going to be
talking about how effective or not the hotshot ant bait traps turn out to be
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anyway on with the review I have been having a problem towards the tail end of
this summer with ants which is driving me crazy
saw these down at my local Ace Hardware under two dollars for a pack of four and
it says kills the queen and destroys the colony starts killing within hours and
lasts up to six months if used indoors now I use Terra ant bait stakes outdoors
which I find highly effective but I’m still getting a problem predominantly
with ants sneaking in just like one at a time somewhere onto my keyboard of all
places now half the battle I think is actually finding in where they are coming from
you are wondering why the hell’s he showning me a picture of the corner of his room well
up here this leads up to the kitchen I’ve got a pipe which leads to outside
and I think the ants have been coming in through the wall and tracking down the
pipe that’s taken me quite a while to figure that out so I think there may be
coming in and crawling down that pipe and they’re coming along this side of
the wall on there guys now I’ve already opened one pack of the
hotshot ant bait traps and put one down there and I’m pleased to say that the number of ants coming down onto my keyboard has already decreased as I say
the hotshot ant baits come in a pack of four now I’ve already opened them
earlier on today and placed them around the house as I said this is my second pack on
it to use them nice and simple just snap that plastic tab off and your ant trap is
immediately ready for you to use no need to pull any tabs out the way of it these are the
slots at the side that the ants crawl in they take a little bit of that poison
that’s inside they don’t die immediately on contact on there so you won’t to expect
to open one of these on traps and find lots in there dead they’re goning to take
the poison away with them back to the nest and as it says kills the queen and
destroys the colony so you almost don’t want them dieing in the ant trap itself
guys you want them picking that poison up from there taking it
back to the nest and that’s how it kills them .Another place I’ve had them problem
with them coming in from along my door from my outside along there they come along
here so I’ve put one of the traps along here because I also find ants will get in
anywhere last year I had a terrible problem with them coming in through this
crack in here but no problem with him this year but at the same thing that
trap may catch any stragglers Now while you could argue they’re almost pet friendly
on here I suspect that is the kind of thing an inquisitive dog might care to
chew on it probably wouldn’t do them the power of the good so while a cat
or dog can’t get in there and lick their tongue in there very easily I would not
recommend leaving them ideally where an animal can get to them that said ideal
placement for them is under the edges of cupboards there where it’s hidden out the way
or down the crack at the side of your refrigerator where you get food and dirt
buildup so you might want to push them one down there as that’s definitely a
good place to put one of the ant traps well a question you’re all asking is are
the hotshot ant bait traps any good well fingers crossed guys I
have not had in three or four days now a single ant coming across the keyboard
and those soldier ants guys it wasn’t big infestation just one ant every five
minutes or so driving me crazy fingers crossed in like I think three if
not coming up on four days now since the first bit of this video I have not
had any ants coming across my desk so the hotshot ant bait traps they’re
working for me guys gets my thumbs up or thumbs up if you like this video guys
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