Hornets and Wasps can be VERY Dangerous Burning a Bald Faced Hornet Nest Dracarys

Night time is best for visiting hornet/wasp nests you can hear night insects this is a bald faced hornet nest there are around 300 insects in this nest you can hear a fire lighting off a torch is coming close crackle of brush testing the flame strength this is a propane flame thrower also known as a weed burner dramatic music begins the reason the nest doesn’t burn completely is that there are brood inside the cells brood are mostly water, so they dispell heat once you start burning a nest, it’s important to keep the fire going you may notice hornets flying around those are scouts and foragers that were not inside the nest during the burn it is important not to do this when grass is dry we have had lots of rain, so the surrounding brush won’t catch fire you can hear some crackling sounds note the scouts flying around already each colony has ONEqueen in the spring when nests begin, there is one hornet at first, that is the queen Queens are much larger than workers ants move in here right away this is a normal sized worker hornet buzzing can be heard going around the camera none of these workers were present during the burn they often spend the night out in the field and return during daylight that’s why it’s important to follow up any treatment for removal the white packets are brood it’s amazing that this much of the nest it left after burning they actually pull the bodies out of the six sided cells this entire nest is the result of one queen in spring now they are after me and the camera the slightest tap and you’re done! walk away, but do not run they will sting you anyway, but more stings result if you flail or swat at them the nest is uncovered, so they are more defensive than ever you can hear them butting into the microphone speed is reduced for detail they sound like small motorized aircraft you can hear night insects chirping it is actually dark hornets don’t see well but go after objects in low light starting off the fires again frogs are croaking on the pond propane flame thrower starting up again dramatic music is playing a woman’s voice laments the demise of the insects it’s generally a good idea to call professionals to deal with bald faced hornets though their sting is no more potent than most, they are definitely more defensive they are quick to attack near their nest all quiet now only insects and frogs can be heard night birds and bugs a few hornets can be heard flying around again, those were not in the nest during the burn over the next several days, only a few hornets returned and I collected them for study the nest was taken apart by a skunk or some other night prowler if they are not near people, leave them alone thank you for watching stay safe

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