Honey Bee Orientation Flights, Honeybees

Honey Bee Orientation Flights, Honeybees

Out working to bees the other day I
caught some orientation flights here’s what a normal hive looks like with bees stacking up to land in an orderly fashion busy hive but nothing really extraordinary
good group of bees landing, coming and going Now the chaos of orientation. Here we can
see bees filling the air space in front of the hive as a climb the front of the hive they
cast themselves off hover about in front of the hive orienting
themselves to the surroundings. Again, typical hive entrance activity
sees the returning bees stacking up waiting to land as the bees
at the front of the hive on the landing board inspect the returning bees in an orderly fashion. As I was filming the initial hive
orienting a second hive started its orientation
flights. This hive, right here in the foreground with the red honey super is in the initial stages of orientation. You can see the frenzied activity in the
air space in front of the hive as bees slowly come out of the hive and climb the hive surface, casting themselves off and orienting. These bees are actually making small figure 8 patterns that they will increase in size as they rise above the hive in the air above the bee yard. So, that’s it for orientation flights. Thanks
for watching and remember to eat more honey and tune
back in for more HIVE ACTION!!!

5 thoughts on “Honey Bee Orientation Flights, Honeybees”

  1. Thanks for posting this! When I see this behavior I worry that the bees are preparing to swarm. Can you comment or post a video to help explain the difference between a colony preparing to swarm and bees that are just orienting?

  2. I can't thank you enough for posting this!  Just about an hour ago I went out to my hive (package bees that I hived about 7 weeks ago) and saw exactly what you have in your video.  As a brand-new beekeeper I wasn't sure if I was seeing swarming or robbing, but the more I watched them they didn't seem to be in the midst of some robbing activity and when I saw some of the bees alight on nearby leaves I could see that they were new bees and not members of the original package I installed.
    Again, thanks!  You saved me a big heap of worrying about my bees! 🙂

  3. Great video and explanation. My first thought was they were being robbed. I knew they were not swarming after witnessing one, nothing compares to it – a tornado of bees with immense noise. Soon enough I realised they were the young bees orienting or as I call it flight lessons. Every day, same time usually 4-5 pm in spring/summer or earlier of there was a down poor of rain. Robbing is similar in bee activity but the bee movements are not as fluid. Sharp and sudden direction changes are evident and you will see bees fighting with each other

  4. Do you know what a bee would have to do beofore starting its "first""virgin" orientation flight ? 99.9999% of bee keepers do not even know !

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