Honey Bee Complete life cycle  |

Honey Bee Complete life cycle |

Watch the latest video :Life Cycle of Silkworm Link is in the description below: You It’s a tough job, but someone has to do the Queen’s royal scent prevents the female workers from laying eggs themselves It takes a few days for the eggs to grow into larvae They are then bathed in a special food brought to them by workers During its first day a larva eats so much its weight increases five and a half times In six days its weight increases 1,500 times You In a colony of tens of thousands only a hundred bees are born male the dome-shaped covers of their brood cells provide extra space for their larger bodies Worker bees act as midwives – a system But a worker herself has to fight her way out of her brood cell unaided no coddling allowed here Soon the worker will follow her well-ordered behavioral cycle beginning with cleaning her own cell The males on the other hand receive special care They are helped out of their cells and immediately fed In an otherwise society of equals the male does not have to work Even his name drone is another word for an idler His large compound eyes tell of his sole purpose in life citing the Queen on the mating flight In a honey bee colony every member has a specific task to perform and everything Using our flow hive here’s the things you’ll need a jar Achieved to get the honey into the jar And a flow key 2:10 to harvest the honey And if you need a beekeeping It’s a good idea to wear a bee Val and base out in to be really comfortable and confident or any beehive Okay, so let’s have a look and see how much honey is in the flow foams No, look at that. Isn’t that good? Just here. We have a completely full flow frame You can see when it’s ready. By the way. They’ve put the wax capping on each side Next to it. We’ve got one that’s Feeling you can see them actually Depositing the honey in themselves, if you look closely you might even see their tongues depositing, honey I’ve harvested these two frames a couple of weeks ago so you can see these ones are empty Yeah And take out the upper cap Sometimes you need pliers to do that, especially when they’re near from the factory. I’ll remove the lower cap and There’s a tag on the end of the flow tube And that goes into the honey leak back point. So the flow logos on top of the tube My jar under the tube And the flow key is in the lower slot Wow, you can see the honey pouring man Get a look at that It’s absolutely pouring inside the gym here Isn’t that gorgeous? beautiful fresh honey straight from the heart The left-hand side. It’s draining away the right-hand sides horror on its tail Just remember, this is just the honey harvesting process You still need to look after your bees just as you would with any be home the quickest I’ve had a jar Phillies in seven minutes and a longer says be 3-4 hours It can be quite hard to turn the handle and open the whole frame at once So to make it easier you can simply open part of the frame at a time So what we’re going to do Is open the frame in section, so I’ve just put the tool in a quarter Now I’m going to turn that And another quarter turn it again another quarter Then all the way So you notice these honey’s flowing quite quickly the bees keep the hive at about 35 degrees Which means the honey comes out quite warm, you can feel the jar and feel that the honey actually is Every year thousands of beekeepers throughout America produced millions of pounds of honey These beekeepers own and operate colonies of bees starting with a single queen bee that can lay up to 2,000 eggs a day beginning in the spring bees gather nectar and return to the hive Which can contain about 50 to 60 thousand worker bees? Starting in late July the beekeeper will begin to harvest or pull the honey from the hives Smokers are used to drive the bees into the bottom section of the hive This process is harmless to the bees and only natural ingredients are burned to create the smoke the boxes which are called supers are then put on a pallet loaded into trucks and transported to the honey house at The honey house the supers are unloaded and stored in the hot room, which is kept at a constant temperature of 100 degrees To decrease the viscosity of the honey making it easier to remove from the comb Each box from the hive is placed on a conveyor to remove the individual frames From there. They enter the uncapping machine Sharp blades rotate at a high speed to remove the wax cappings from the cold each frame is checked to make sure that all the caps have been removed before entering the extractor a Total of 128 frames are loaded into the honey extractor during the rotation which lasts about 12 minutes honey is spun out of the comb to the outside of the extractor and pumped into a spin flow separator the Separator is simply used to remove any wax particles that are still present in the honey as the separator spins at a high speed The honey which is heavier than wax moves to the outer wall through centrifugal force After a thorough cleaning The empty supers are stored for the winter while the bees are transported by truck to various southern states for wintering The bees are also trucked to states such as California to assist in the pollination of many fruits and vegetables bees play an essential role in pollinating a wide variety of crops Including almonds apples cherries blueberries and melons the extracted honey is stored in large 2500 gallon tanks holding 60,000 pounds of honey Honey is poured into 55-gallon barrels or directly pumped into stainless steel semi tankers It is then transported to one of sube. Honey’s three honey packaging plants located in Anaheim, California Elizabethtown, North Carolina and Sioux City, Iowa Once at the plant the honey is pumped or poured into large melting and blending ovens From there, it goes through a state-of-the-art packaging system leaving only pure 100% natural, honey Sube, honey, containers are filled Inspected and packed into cases for delivery to grocery stores around the world Because The kid in the jockey Hey Possibly Remember The other coin purse is a clip Father is the government agenda negativity. I don’t Oh Jas corner teacher, this is a mature attaboy here. 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  1. In the future evolution of the bee .the future holds for us a bee with feathers on its body.

  2. Nice to see different systems followed , In India the whole hive is not disturb while harvesting honey from tree hives .Only the region where only honey is stored is plucked smoothly

  3. It's really not a life cycle as commonly as it's referred to an educational film should state these are a bees life stages. Cycles tend to end whence they began. If referring to any cycle would be made it should be made when educating about how a hive swarms, how the hive goes from one queen to the next, which the film entirely skips.

  4. If all of you complaining watched the beginning of the video you would know that a kid still in school made this video for a school project.

  5. Sant krupa honey bee farm -gujarat,jamnagar.
    1..गर्मी के मौसम में….. शीशम ,लीची ,तुलसी ,और श्रॉफ का( मध् हनी) खाना चाहिए..

    2…सर्दी के मौसम में …………….अजमाइन, मल्टी, धनिया, सरसों ,सफेदा, सूरजमुखी का( मध् हनी) खाना चाहिए..

    3..बारिश के मौसम में…………… तिल,अजवाइन,लीची ,शीशम ,फ्रॉक ,तुलसी ,राजका, सफेदा का( मध् हनी) खाना चाहिए.

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  6. This is very informative, I learned a few new things. We will transfer this knowledge to our hives, thanks.

  7. As an Indian I'm ashamed of the guy who makes bee sauce instead of honey and I can't even call that a beekeeping or some sort of farming technique….
    Don't judge the whole society by taking account of some people…
    We do farm bee in boxes alike the Japanese way…. And we do respect the nature.

  8. The Indian traditional method thou….the man destroyed the entire hive most of which was brood comb.

  9. Здравствуйте подпишитесь на мой канал удачи

  10. in algeria we make good honey also in our pure oxygen mountains you can visiting algeria is amazing

  11. Riddled with spelling and grammar errors, with pretty much all footage and stock photos ripped from other sources.

  12. Hi people , does anyone know where I can get the type of heaves (showing one the video) that you can extract the honey straight in a jar ? Thank you !!

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  14. When I was a little kid, I didn't know any better. And I loved catching lizards (blue bellies or alligator lizards as we called um) One summer I found some thick leather gloves (I was 12) and thought It would be a good idea to take pollinating bees and attempt to make a hive IN A SHOE BOX GUYS.. Yeah! I found out eventually durring this endeavor I was not allergic… Unfortunately my brother was deathly allergic!! True story.

  15. سبحان الله وبحمده

    سبحان الله العظيـــم

    ولاحول ولاقوة إلا بالله

  16. thank you for this video, very educative, could be good to normalize the sound as we keep lowering, increasing it throughout the video.

  17. the music is just fooooked up.. ruins the video.. distracting if anything.. up and down.. turn off your volume. other then that would of been a good video..

  18. Where is China, the number one honey producer? Please give credit for all the video clips of others.

  19. India pls bees are going extinct if you keep on doing this ! Try doing it without harming the bees pls

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  21. I mean… the harvesting is so fast with this technique…. may be the initial cost is more but in long term it's beneficial

  22. A lot of these apiculture methods seem rather barbaric, intrusive, and disruptive given our knowledge and advancements. The Flow Hive's method (demonstrated at ~7:35) is really the only solution that doesn't make me cringe from the lack of ethics in terms of treatment toward these creatures.

  23. great video! It would be nice to have sub titles on what the bee keeper from various countries are saying.

  24. I was here to watch life cycle of honey bee but your video targeting India in bad way. I'm from Northeast India. I've never seen such Indian method. I acknowledge you that in India every 10 to 50km language, culture and tradition changes.

  25. i really like the idea of this video and was interested in watching this. after 1:30 i realized there is so many misinformation in this video and bad CGI that i have to stop instantly… what ive seen in the first 1:30 : where is the beequeen coming from? she dropped from the sky`? beequeens only can lay fertilized eggs which is
    necessary to raise a "princess"/new queen. (unfertilized eggs will get males). now a small part of the video is right again: yea the new princess will start an "nuptial flight" but this will not a chase across the mountains. its more like a gangbang, every hive can have more than one princes and thousends of drones, these will meet at an "drone aggregation area" (close to the hive entry) where the nuptial flight will start, princesses will go airborn and surround the hive while the drones have to catch them inflight and mate with them. when the gangbang is over the princess (if successfully mated) will not go back to the hive she came from, because she is now a queen herself and have a huge journey ahead of her. she will start now her own colony by building a new hive. (going back to the hive she came from would be a deadly move, her "mother" would send drones to kill her by the chance of 99%). only a queenless colony would accept a new queen, or a colony which realized their queen is in bad condition and has to be replaced… man really sorry but you are not good in getting information together, 25 min video where the first 1:30 is garbage already, better watch some bee documentary on discovery channel then lol.

  26. Bees are even mentioned in the holly Coran and how is honey has a cure to man kind .
    And we know how bees is very important to the agriculture Subhan Allah
    As an American I would like to thank for this awesome video

  27. Good luck for you, IM from Indonesian 🔥🔥🌧️🌧️🎙️🎙️🔄🔄☕☕🏘️🏘️👌👌 camback for IM video 👍👍

  28. I really don't want to hurt the honeybees. Take only what allows us and try not to killed even one bee by mistake 😢😢😢😢

  29. Between the stupid outdated music at one volume and the voice from the 50's at another volume, Please just remove this and do it right. Sorry, I know, a bit harsh, but I studied entomology and this could have been a great video

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