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Hey, the only good wasp is a dead wasp. Let
me show you how to take care of them naturally. I don’t know what the deal is this year, but
the wasps seem to be everywhere. And I don’t know about you, but I’m a live and let live
kinda guy, but when it comes to wasps, I don’t know. They sting and they hurt, so I want
them out of my life. Here are a couple of ways that will help you make sure there are
no wasps around. First thing I wanna show you is a repellant, which is really easy to
make. All you need is a spray bottle like this. What’s great about this recipe is it’s
all natural: It’s water and peppermint oil. You see, wasps hate peppermint oil. So what
you wanna do is you just wanna take 1 tablespoon of peppermint oil to 4 cups of water. Just
like this. Add the water. You can spray this directly onto the wasp’s nest. And you’re
like going, “Yeah, okay, when am I gonna do that?” — because you don’t wanna get stung.
Well, spray them when they’re sort of drowsy or asleep. So spray them at night or in the
very early morning. And what you’ll find is peppermint oil — by the way, this smells
really good — peppermint oil will kill the larva, the eggs and the adults. And they hate
the aroma of this so badly that they will not return back to the nest. So think about
that. Now let me show you how to make a wasp trap. All you need is a 2 liter bottle. And
what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna invert the top of the 2 liter bottle like this. So
let me show you, I’ve already started this one: You simply cut it, about the top 1/5
off of it like this all the way around. Ta-da. And then this is placed like this, and then
you just simply take some duct tape, who can live without duct tape, just take some duct
tape around the top just like that, okay. Now the idea is that you pour a liquid in
here that attracts the wasps, they follow it down into here and they can’t get out,
and they die floating around in whatever liquid you use. Now I’m making a simple syrup, which
is so simple, you’ll always be able to remember this recipe. It’s actually 1 cup of boiling
water to 1 cup of sugar. And when this goes into solution, all you wanna do is allow that
to cool and it will look like this, and then you simply pour it into the wasp trap like
that. You don’t have to use to all up, that’s plenty. You can also use beer. Yes, wasps
are attracted to beer. But this you can make, keep in the refrigerator, attract the wasps,
then kill them there if they’re flying around and bothering you. If you’re finding these
tips helpful, check in with us regularly. Make sure you subscribe to eHow Home. Alright,
going after these wasps.

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