HISHE Dubs – Ready Player One (Comedy Recap)

Hey everyone before we start the video I gotta give special. Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring this video. They want me to talk about this little game of theirs I’m sure you guys have never heard of called Fortnite It’s a whole lot of fun and I may have put many many hours into playing it. So if you want to check it out, click the link in the description to download fortnight for free. We’ll talk more about that later. but you came here for the dubs Let’s get on with the show In the distant future! Hey everyone, my name is Wade Watts. Here in the future everything sucks! Our houses suck our home life sucks. Even our beds suck. So unlike in your time We play video games to escape. Weeeeee I’m escaping! Everyone’s favorite game is the Oasis you can be or do anything go hang gliding in a hurricane or hang out with Batman Because I’m rock climbing and that’s me in the game I like to bounce when I walk it was all made by this guy James Halliday. He’s dead. I’m dead But I left a giant easter egg behind so whoever finds it will control the Oasis. I’m a wizard now for some reason. you will need three keys to find the Easter eggs And you will get one every time you complete a challenge The first challenge is a race I wanna win the race! Nu Uh! We’re gonna win the race! Those guys work for I O I. They’re the bad guys We’re the bad guys! Hey it’s me, your friend! Are you masking your voice? Whaaaat? I’m not a girl! Nothin’s gonna stop me from winning this race! Whaaaooooh! I think I’m in love! Hey! Get your head in the game! We’re racing! I’m gonna win! I’m gonna win! NO! I’m gonna crash! So you come here often? Why is your hair floating? I like you. High five if you like me back. no. Halliday kept all of his memories in this archive. It’s where I like to look for clues. I’m the super snobby butler and I’m programed to hate my job. Let’s look for clues! Any hints on winning the race? backwards anything at all? backwards really fast. I could really use a hint! Ugh! Go backwards in the race! I’m laying it on really thick. I got it! I can’t believe nobody ever tried this! What!? Whooohohohooooo! Hacks! I did it! I won! *horn noises* Nice racing! Wow! This is amazing Anorak! Shut up! Take your key! Wooooow! That guy just got the first key! We don’t like it! Don’t worry. I’m the main bad guy. And I’m the bad girl. When we get control of the oasis… We will do the most evil thing in the history of evil things. We will put ads everywhere. Ooooo anything else? Micro transactions. The clue for the next key has got to be in this memory. I really like this Karen girl. Cool! Do you mind if I marry her? Wha? I got an idea! Let’s meet up later. High five if you think she likes me. That’s dumb. You’re dumb. So. What do you wanna show me? Dance party! Wow! You’re so amazing! I think I love you. Whaaaaaat? Wow there is no character development in this movie at all. Love me? You don’t even know my real name! My real name is Wade. And I love you! I’m gone. But I love you! This is our first date you weirdo! I think that went well. We now know his real name. It’s Wade. Time to make a call. Hello, Wade. We’re the bad guys. Want to team up? No. Come on… pretty please? No. Fine. You dead. Oh crap oh crap oh crap! My family!… that I barely liked. *choking* I know this looks bad… I’m not a bad guy though! See! Not a bad guy! Hey there! Art3mis in real life?! I love you! Yeah Ok. No really! You’re like my dream girl! I have a giant birth mark. I still love you. Please stop saying that. Wanna kiss? NO! Aaaawe. Why not? I just figured out how to get the second key! It’s from a movie that Halliday saw. Do you think it’s War Games? No. That’s too nerdy and not visually interesting. How about the Shining? Yeah! Is that a comedy? Uhhhhhhh. *screams* Wanna dance? Want a Key? Wade, there’s something I need to tell you. You love me??? Get out of here Wade! Okay. I’ll let you capture me now. Cool. Guess we’ll stop looking for Wade then. Now I’m all alone again. No you’re not! I’m Aech in real life… And I’m a chick! I knew it! I’m Daito in real life And I’m Sho in real life! This is so different than the book. What? You killed my mom’s sister! Your aunt? Give me back my girlfriend! Please. You guys aren’t even dating. Let her go! Okay! I’m free! Man hacking this office was a great idea! I heard that! Dang it! They hacked my feed and now Art3mis is gone! I’ll find her. Hello Everyone! I know us gamers like to fight each other. But now it’s time to fight someone far worse! The bad guys are held up in this castle trying to get the last key… so we’ve gotta stop them! Who’s with me?! Oh I forgot to mention we have the Iron Giant! Nostalgia!!!!! Quite the army they’ve got. Good thing we’ve got this shield. Yeah. It should last ten million years. Hey Alexa, turn the shield off.
Okay. Let’s go! Attack! You guys go ahead! I’ll play music! There’s Art3mis! I’ll get her! AAaaaaagh! That was convenient. Godzilla suit Go! If only we had someone who could turn into a giant robot at a moments notice! Gundam suit Go! How convenient! Now we just gotta find a bridge! Super bridge. Thanks, Iron Giant! Can you do one more movie reference for us? There ya go! Now you have to escape for real! But before you go I have to tell you one last thing. Please don’t I love you. He’s the worst. Now lets get the last key! I did it! I won the game! AAAAGh! You don’t get the last key by beating the game! You have to find the hidden easter egg. My turn! Better let me play. No! Come on! Pretty Please? No! Fine. Everyone DEAD! In your face. I have an extra life. Oh no! We have to kill him in real life! I’m on it! no. WAaaaagh! *head trauma’d* And here’s the easter egg! And here’s the key! Alright! Have you been drinking? Got the key… Unlock the locks… and sign the paper? Psych! Here’s the real ending! Whaaaaoooooo it’s a bedroom. Oh that’s just me as a kid. Try not to think about Tron and if that thing has feelings. Heeelp meeeeeee. Here’s the egg. Woooooooow! If this was a HISHE I would shoot you right now! We’re the fourth wall police! Stick to the movie! Dang it! You did it! Wade? Senator Palpatine?! What? No! Oh I thought everything was a reference in this movie. I’m Ogden Morrow… Halliday’s old partn.. Shut up! I need to kiss my girlfriend! Now where were we? We’re the police! Is everyone okay? Shut up and let’m kiss! Now where were w.. We’re lawyers! I’m not gonna kiss her am I? Nope! Can we at least close the doors one more time to make a cool entrance? Ooooh yeah. *cheers* Waaasaaaaaaaaaap! So I won the Oasis And my friends are gonna help me run it! We also made the bad guys go away! And now we turn the Oasis off two days a week for Make Out Time. I love you. I know. Hehe Star Wars! Thanks again for watching! Please give us a like if you enjoyed it. And thanks again to Epic Games and Fortnite for sponsoring this episode. Fortnite is this free game where 100 players drop out of this battle bus in the sky… onto an island. They collect materials and weapons… And whoever is the last one standing wins. It’s available for free on multiple platforms And even on your mobile device. Currently in Season 6, Fortnite is constantly adding new characters and content to the game And with the Season 6 Battle Pass, there is over 100 unique cosmetics to be found Like these brand new pets! Just look at these cute pets! Little puppy, and chameleon, and a dragon You can play solo… Or with your friends in Duos or Squads And Fortnite is constantly adding new game types for you to enjoy. So if you wanna play, jump into Fortnite yourself using my link in the description below. Okay that’s all for now Let us know what Dubs you’d like to see next… And we’ll see you next time Bye!

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