HILARIOUS Matt Edwards WINS Ant & Dec’s GOLDEN BUZZER! | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

HILARIOUS Matt Edwards WINS Ant & Dec’s GOLDEN BUZZER! | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

by accident Okay Hello, what’s your name? My name is Matt Edwards, hi, Matt hello Where’re you from based on that I’m from traffic suffolk great. How old are you? I’m 34 thirty point. You have a day job Why? Do I look young um yeah? I I’m a magician if I do for my day long Lovely so tell us something about you [that] makes you different from other magicians that we may have seen on the show I Think me. What makes me different from other Magicians is the type of magic. I perform isn’t necessarily sleight of hand it’s a little [bit] crazy a little bit variety I would say Like the sound of that [all] right well we look forward to your act. Good luck so [dunno]. Yes Lovely to meet you. All my name [is] Matt. What’s more name brilliant? That’s enough now I’ve only got like a minute to show you what I can do so ladies and gentleman I’d like to perform a trick but before we do my trick. I’m going to propose a toast [I] want to take cheers to everybody so when I say cheers everybody in the audience shout Perfect amazing now because I’ve only got a minute I’m going to give this a big build up in the hope that everyone claps really loudly and then all the ladies take off their Bras and throw them in my face subscribe look at it you, Alicia Let me try ladies and gentlemen Senor Si senor es. De Medeiros elaborate enjoy college definitely Pavarotti, [Kira] racial other [Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba] Sadly [Evans] and Magic I like it others How about the [song] good [Hops] [oh]? I’m fine. I’m fine oh bro, oh ladies and gentlemen everybody says [thank] [you]. Thanks. I say there David A Brilliant way to present a Magic trick I Love when people push jokes as far as they possibly can go until they almost break. It was very funny very entertaining It was pretty well done. Thank you, Amanda. Yeah It was sort of silly how tommy cooper used to do it you know you’re so distracted by you clowning and messing about that We’re not paying [attention] to what you’re actually doing so therefore. It’s even more magical. [I] really love you I think you’re charming. I think you’re funny, and you’re kind of old-school with a twist. Which is absolutely perfect for Britain’s got talent well I gotta be honest with you matthew. You know when you start with that voice. I thought it’s going to be really annoying But actually you are brilliant. [I] mean really really funny And how are you 34 you thankful okay? I’m surprised you haven’t had a break yet Matthew because really likeable and now You’ve just got something about you your energy. This is what we look for on these shows people who’ve got star quality I’ve just got a bit about you We’re going to take a boat baby on another horse. I’m going to show you hold on hold on the ball hello [very] good I wasn’t expected now honestly. We’re lovely so much. I thought was going to be Really funny the world is burning love the afternoon Simon You said it you still get four years old and for some reason He hasn’t been given a break yeah now and so we just wanted to be Really [good] really good really good. Love it. Yes, that’s a good one. Yeah I got something that they [were] absolutely on the money. This is what it’s all about dreams come true good for you There’s one little box we loved it humph honestly that was just silence eleg never clean it up for years ah Please blow me but not Because I’m going so much. I’m ready to show the world. Thank you so much for the opportunity of welcome You know it’s got your large [strictly] [with] the semi-final you

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  1. Still my Favorite, and i don't even know why i love him, it's been 2 years tho. still my favorite with that happiness that can cure the viewers too and that 6:21 , I'm Happy for you matt 💗❤❣

  2. I don’t know if it is just British humor or something but I do not find this hilarious he’s funny but I didn’t think golden buzzer

  3. When I read in an internet article that Ant and Dec (Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly) were earning US$1.25 million each annually to be untalented personality-only stage hands on the Britain's Got Talent show, I vowed to never subscribe or donate to AGT or BGT. I the years they have worked there both have pyramided their net profits through real-estate and other investments into between US$30 million and US$40 million; not bad for a pair of useless clowns. Better that 90% of their salaries be used to promote the entertainment skills of promising contestants. Question: are the whole staffs of these shows equally overpaid? P.S.: And we wonder why the youths of both countries are reluctant to devote the time, expense, and energy to training to be doctors and engineers, etc, when entertainers and professional athletes are making from 10 to 120 times more than US$125 thousand doing nonessential jobs.

  4. He had a fake thumb he had the thumb in his closed hand and poured the salt into it and then wore the fake thumb thats why his hand was empty. Later he removed the fake thumb and put in in his closed palm and poured the salt out

  5. No offence to Matt it was a good performance but it wasn't really a golden buzzer kinda performance imo. There were was better magicians with great acts who would've deserved the golden buzzer way more.
    His reaction was adorable tho

  6. (Exclamler: I’m not trying to be mean, it’s just what I feel)

    Other people: gets the golden buzzer
    Me: Aww they are so lucky!

    Him: *gets the golden buzzer)

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