Giant Water Bug Strikes!

Giant Water Bug Strikes!

– [Voiceover] And, action. (groans) – Oh boy. Really, do I have to catch this? – [Voiceover] Oh yeah. – You guys know
what that is, right? That’s my old arch
nemesis, the Toe Biter. He’s down there hunting. And Mark wants me to stick
my hand under the water and catch him. I really gotta catch this? – [Voiceover] Yeah. And why am I just the bad guy? – I don’t know, cause you’re
the guy with the camera, and you want the shot. Alright, here we go, ready? Nothing makes me more
nervous than this. I’m gonna try to grab him
right from behind, ready? (suspenseful music) Got him. (groans) Look at that gross bugger! (groans) And I know everybody’s
watching me right now saying Coyote, are
you gonna get stung by the Toe Biter today? Absolutely not! Oh man, if I were to let
go of his back right now he would pull himself into me. And their proboscis
up front there, looks like a giant needle. Would go right into my finger. I think I might be more
creeped out by this thing than I am the Giant
Desert Centipede. He’s trying to get me. Let me see, get your, get
your pincer over here. Oh yeah look at that. (frightened gasp) Jeez, they are so powerful. – [Voiceover] Did
he almost get you? – [Coyote] He did almost get me. Jeez they are so powerful. – [Voiceover] Did
he almost get you? – He did almost get me. That’s cause he grabs
me with his little arms, and then tries to
get the stinger. You see that? That’s what gets
you, right there. Look he’s reaching for me. He’s trying to get me. I’ve been stung before, it
is unbelievably painful. – [Voiceover] Bear
Grylls would do it. – No he would not. Nobody in their right
mind would do this, I’d get bitten by an
alligator any day, as compared to being
stung by this thing. Ah! Oh he’s like an alien! Okay, now I’m not willing
to be stung by this, but watch how violently
they attack, watch this. Look at that. Oh my gosh if you guys had any
idea how powerful this was. Look at that, this thing is
latched on to my flashlight. He’s holding the
flashlight right now. And he is trying to sting. You see that? Look at that, he is latched
on to my flashlight, and that’s what they do. If you’re walking
through a swamp, they will grab onto your
leg, bury those claws in. Whoa! And then sting you
with that stinger. Come here you little bugger. Whoa they are so powerful! Alright, I’m putting him
back, can I put him back? – [Voiceover] Yeah you
can put him back now. – Please? Okay, ready? – [Voiceover]
Bring it up on him. – [Coyote] I’m gonna put
him right here, ready? – [Voiceover] Action.
– [Coyote] One, two, three. (laughing) I’m outta here! (suspenseful music) If you think this giant
water bug was creepy, go back and have a look at
the Furry Puss Caterpillar, and don’t forget, subscribe,
to join me and the crew, on this season of
Breaking Trail. Look at that, those are
what dig into your skin. And you go to pet
it, and you’re like, (painful groans) your hand is on fire. And actually, I think
I got a couple of them that touched my finger, cause
my finger’s starting to itch. (animal growls and howls)

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  1. one thing i need to ask you cayote would you be bitten by the bullet ant every day then get stung by that creepy alien thing

  2. Oml. I was Disney World swimming in one of the resort's pools at night with my little brother and all of a sudden I see this giant bug and my brother and I just get out of the pool just in case it's dangerous. Now I'm the type of person to pick up cockroaches and throw them at people but I had NEVER seen anything like the bug before. I run inside our hotel room, which is right next to the pool. We were staying in the B Our guest Hotel so if you know what that is you know what I mean. Anyways we told our dad and our dad came out to look at it. He said it was a water beetle and that they WILL bite you. So he runs back inside and gets his bucket and scoops the bug out of the water. He then proceeds to dump beer in the bucket to kill the bug… lmao.

  3. fun fact Water bug if you get stung by a Water bug it will turn your fleash into liquid. like if you did not know this😜

  4. Thanks, camera guy. Not only did Coyote get creeped out by the giant water bug when he had to grab it, the water bug missed its chance for a meal when that fish swam near it at 0:30.

  5. Today i found a water beetle at my school when i was in recess i wasn't scared but i had to research what it was. But i didn't know it bite! Luckly it was in a cocanoo or something and i was scaring my friends with it

  6. G- gross
    I – indentical
    A – Awesome
    N – Naughty
    T – Tired

    W – Worrying
    A – Amazing
    T – Tickling
    E – Envies
    R – Rocking

    B- Breathing
    U- Ultra
    G – Goose

  7. We found one of these in a river on a field trip today. It was horrifying and everyone just started screaming and panicking because we all wanted to take it and identify it but nobody wanted to touch it.

  8. so i found one of these last night.. right in the middle of Sudbury, Ontario… on Elgin street.. trying to walk up a concrete wall..

  9. its weird we found one like that in our school where everywhere os concrete and theres no near river or something, theres no water bed too

  10. Coyote 2016: Nobody in their right mind would take a bite.

    Coyote 2017: Today i'm gonna enter the bite zone with the Toe Biter!

  11. No te da miedo andar en eso tan oscuro ,que agresivo el vichito ,alomejor tenía apetito ,pero nose supe si era más acuático o terrestre,era enojon😆😆😆😉👍👍👍☝👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.

  12. He doesn't give much information about its venom, what are the effects, and what to do in case someone is bitten by this bug

  13. If it punctures you with apparatus at the FRONT end of the animal it's not a "Sting" it's a "Bite", a "Stinger" would be at the Rear-end of the animal!!

  14. Funny how at the beginning he was like "oh shall I pick it up, why do I have to doit"
    Lol but, when he dropped it, he picked it up like he dropped a coin
    So much drama for nothing!

  15. Its funny how the Water Bug is an all-round insect. It can swim, fly, and crawl on the ground. Then alongside that, it has powerful pinchers, looks scary AF, and has a hard shell…can't believe I never got bitten by these before, there was A LOT in my swimming pool when it turnt to a swamp!

  16. I remember in sea world seeing that bug in the pool I had to talk to the lifeguard to get that bug out of there

  17. Most painful reactions of BW num 1. Toe biter. Num 2. Gila Monster. Num 3. Hawk Wasp. Num 4. Bullet ant. Num 5. Centipede.

  18. Bear grylls would let it sting him, he'd cut its stingers off with his knife and eat it…then comolain it tastes like warm pus and snot, y'know cos he was expecting rib eye flavour 🙄

  19. I live in Florida and I see one of those and I was like a friendly beetle and I touched with a stick and It did a fang thing, That scared me so bad

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