GIANT Stick Insect | Jungle Nymph | Creature Feature

GIANT Stick Insect | Jungle Nymph | Creature Feature

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  1. Hey Creatures!! Welcome back for another CrEaTuRe FeAtUrE!! I really want you all to know that I appreciate each and every one of you for encouraging me to persevere with my channel. It fills me with joy when I find out that I've helped you to learn something new, made you feel good, or inspired you to pursue an animal career. I can't ask for anything more 🙂 Ps: Im now on YOUNOW as well! That means live streams! Find me in YouNow by searching for 'Emzotic'!
    Thank you all so much!! mwah!!

  2. She is fantastic and beautiful. The green is so VERY GREEN HAHAHA 😄😎🌻 "…. oh, i can't take it anymore…. " —- and throws herself down onto floor. HAHAHA ✌😎 Your enthusiasm and empathy and love for the animals is really something beautiful

  3. We have stick insects in Northern Ohio. They are brown, as skinny as a twig and I have seen some as long as five inches (13 cm). They walk in a curious forward-and-backward bobbing motion, I guess to seem like a twig that’s moving in the wind.

  4. I'm 9 and I had jungle nymphs in September 2018 and they died in November at the age of 3 months it was a Male and female kept in different enclosures do you know why they died so quick

  5. I love animals but my girl how do u deal with her crawling on u I’m not scared but I’m twitching just watching her crawl

  6. Just want to let you know that nymph also means a woman that sleeps with a lot of men so I wouldn't go round claiming your a jungle nymph hahahahaha

  7. Girl you are amazing. These videos are so awesome, interesting and so informative. The way you love and talk about these animals made me ALMOST want a Madagascar hissing roach,ALMOST. I AM TERRIFIED OF THEM, but I almost found them cute the way you were talking about them. While I won’t be owning any, learning about them was fascinating. Good job, I’m a subbie now.

  8. If you'd spell her name "malej" it would mean small in czech 🙂 however it's used with males. For female it would be "malá"

  9. I don't think this insect has short life, for example, chinese hamster also lives for 2 years. It is amazing if you think about it this way 😀

  10. o lord!! my respect for you lady, i can't even hold in my hand a butterfly! not scared of insects,, but instead FOBIA!!!people are always mistaken FOBIA with scared! is not the same!😱 am def scared of LIONS!

  11. I have a question.. when jungle nymphs are in the wild, because of the hooks on their feet, how do they manage to sit on leaves or plants without breaking them?

  12. We had them come to May school and I was the only girl that would hold them. And all the boys were scared too. 😂😂

  13. I like to play dead too but it’s mostly when I hear my mom stomping towards my room because she’s mad at me

  14. Nautical







  15. Science brain: Insects naturally have a larger thorax and it’s just part of nature

  16. I remember when i was in the hospital, there was an insect that kind of looked like this one, but way smaller. The others saw him and another insect and decided to put them against each other and refused to let them back away and forced them to fight.

  17. This is way more helpful, infomative, and sustainable than zoos, making these videos an excellent substitute for them, and any school can display them nowadays. 10/10. Glad to see there are people who know how to properly take care of animals.

  18. I'm glad I'm not the only one who kisses my insects. I love my hissers! I have developed the habit of if a hisser hisses at me I kiss it and handle it until its not afraid. So hisses get kisses.

  19. a women with a bug on her face and doesn't freakout why its like seeing an albino for the first time

  20. what a beautiful girl 🙂 wish i could get to hold one in person one day, they look so neato

  21. Mom: hey hunny i got u your dream pet!!!!!!

    Me:what is it mom???

    *mom shows green stick bug*
    Me: gasps aa

  22. They r like oversized praying mantises like with the spikes and all the (but mantises have them on their claws ;-;)

  23. Is there away you can help me identify a insect or bug I found in my bathroom it was huge

  24. Heya Emzotic,

    Pretty sure this is your video, just not your channel..

  25. I thought the antennas were going to end up in your mouth whilst you were talking 😂😝 I love your style girl! Brave and smart 🤗

  26. i'm the "bug girl" at school and whenever a bug is hurt everyone calls me to help them. sometimes they give me DEAD bugs and im like "i'm sorry theres nothing I can do ;("
    my favorite insect is the katydid i have a pet one. 🙂

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