Getting rid of Bed bugs made easy

Getting rid of Bed bugs made easy

If you are watching this video you have bed
bugs. This is an instructional video on how to get
rid of them without using any pesticides, any special methods really.
…uhhh…this is very dirt simple method. The only drawback to it is that it does require
a lot of time. As you know bed bugs mainly attack at night,
but this method..uh, it’ll return the crazy that they brought on to you.
So stay tuned and we’ll walk you through this. Alright, so you’re going to need three things
if you are going to work toward the long term solution of getting rid of bed bugs.
First of all the most important is an all purpose plastic cover.
Second of all a plastic bag. This is so you can collect them and keep track
of them. and of course.
Lastly, lost and lost of time cause this isn’t an easy procedure overnight.
We’re literally going to kill them off slowly but surely Now the first step, and by far the most vital
is covering the area with the plastic tarp.
Now as you can see it is very important that the edges to be facing up.
This is because the bed bugs themselves can’t get enough grip.
Euh…you will find that they will be very creative in getting to you.
From what I have witnessed: they will climb the ceiling; climb the walls – jump off and
land on top of you. So you really , there is very little you can
do to keep them out, but the secret here is keeping them in.
Cause once they’ve..uh.. filled their sack full of blood its really hard for them to..clam..
climb out Since its really hard for them to climb out
they can’t go back,hide, and procreate therefore you really eliminate their food source.
Now, I would really recommend that you use two layers to achieve the very same results
this is the same train of though of adding additional wall.
so it keeps littles one out, but the big ones have a lot more strength to them and they
will muster though anything to get to you. So…yeah ,just designate you sleeping area
cut out a sheet long enough that you will fit comfortable and yeah just sleep on it
now I’m explaining a little bit of the method behind the madness.
as you can see here I have two blue lines umm..this is representing the two ideal sheets
that you want to use. Now If you are limited one will work but two is really ideal for
the method here um.. so how this really works is that we have
here a bed bug trying to enter and ofcouse its going to be a huge obstacle for them to
overcome the first one since its really hard for them to get grip on the plastic
the slicker the plastic the better because it’ll make really hard for them to come up
so if they do get through the first layer I did find that they either got stuck in the
first layer and couldn’t make it in the second or just went under the first layer thinking
I was there now IF they do mange to get in there the do
engorge themselves with bloods as you can see here
but as they try to make the climb its rather impossible for them
and I often woke up many days finding a lot engorged ones with blood.
Now my you. you will have to over come the fear bed buys
remember that while you’re sleeping they are crawling all over you
you need to overcome the fear that they’re touching you, because they already have you
just haven’t been aware for it. but really something to watch out for if you’re
going to use this method even though its easy it does have its share
of trials like i said earlier its really effect for
you to keep a bag as you can see here I still have a remnant
of my victory but if you find bed bugs in the morning especially
the ones engorged with blood I suggest that you don’t kill them but rather
collect them and contain them. and see how many you can collect because really
that would give you a nice time frame of how long they’re alive
because right now what were doing is cutting off the food supply.
and bed bugs have been know to live a very long time just on water
and they can get water from their environment rather easily
when you find them in the morning collect them
and if you have enough you can start killing them off
but really it gives you a good idea of how long they can live without having a good feed
and I have seen go through at least one or two
generations so in these bags you collect
you will see them procreate and hatch
and lay eggs hatch
and yeah it gives you a really good time frame of when its safe to stop using the plastic
but really you have use the plastic every single night
just like any hungry animal they will become aggressive
and by this I mean that..uh.. that once you escape the comfort of you lily
pad cause I am going to call it
this is the lily pad method if I use two layers and they do become really aggressive and by
that I means that they will attack you during the day
so you are sitting in your desk minding your own business and if you do feel the sting
of the bed bug cause a lot of people don’t feel the sting
for me the string was by far the hardest part I didn’t have an allergic reaction by meaning
I didn’t see any bite marks and welts and swells anything really
but what woke me up at night was those stings I couldn’t, I couldn’t sleep through those
sting so when I would be sitting in my desk I would
feel the bites I would give it quick search I would find uh..really really flat ones
and by fla.. and that means that A. they had eaten in a very very long time and they were
really aggressive for the next meal also you will find that they be really eager
to escape the situation and by that you really have to look for..through your bags your clothing
your shoes any thing you take with you because they will latch on just trying to
get the hell out of here because its not really and environment that
they could ,they could excel in because your no longer giving that option
theres no longer an easy meal like I said
this method is very effective in terms that you don’t really need anything but plastic
but the inefficiency is in the time it is not a over night process
that why I said you should really keep them in captivity because this will give you nice
time frame as to how long you have sleep with the plastic
i would also highly recommend that you sleep in the floor
if you already have sacrificed you bed then you really have no other option
but the fact the floor give you a stability so the plastic stay in one position
I found that if you sleep on the mattress with plastic you peel if off it will roll
off it really defeats the purpose of having the
plastic in the first place now as for sleeping on the floor you’re going
to need really just a rug something that will dampen the floor
cause sleeping on bare floor is a bit uncomfortable but manageable
yeah over all its just trying to.. the main goal of this is so every one
to get a good nights rest I really just hope to spread the word along
uh..because really I don’t want any one else experience this
This was by far the hardest year of my life and I would only wish it on my…. I really
wouldn’t wish it on anybody really its just a pest
and i cant believe solution was so simple when we tried absolutely everything else
and recently we had Orkin come in with one of their dogs to check if there was anything
left and the dog couldn’t even find anything so
I was really amazed at how simple this was and how effective this was
so yeah spread the word and
we could easily get rid of this pest once and for all
and I would also recommend you keep the plastic in case you have a relapse
so…good night

50 thoughts on “Getting rid of Bed bugs made easy”

  1. I stumbled upon this video quite by accident. I found it very interesting just because it's so easy, so cheap, and so smart. ūüôā

    Curious, though–in your case, how long did it take to completely, from beginning to end? (I know that each person will have a different result.)

  2. it really is hard to say. I was loosing track of time as well as my sanity by the time we implemented this, that's why captivity is a key element to knowing how long you have to keep this up.

  3. It should be noted that, even once the live bed bugs have died, the eggs can survive and hatch up to 6 months later. I would recommend that you continue to use the plastic sheet for 6 months after you have seen your last bed bug.

  4. Mahalo (Thanks)
    Raul, We really appreciate your simple solution since we just started the bedbug battle last week. Soon to be bedbug free in Hawaii.

  5. Hi Raul Robles,
    your Lily Pad idea gives me some crazy idea which I think might work ..
    instead of using your body as a bait which is painful :

    1) maybe u can just blow a lot of CO2 into a big plastic bag, poke tiny holes to let it dissipate slowly to attract them to the lily pad  (bedbugs are attracted to CO2) Рblown up balloons may also do the trick
    2) u can also put a switched on laptop (which produces heat) on the lily pad to attract them (bedbugs are attracted to heat), just ensure that the laptop is well isolated with a plastic box or something ..
    3) while u r out at work, close the curtains to darken the room. Bedbugs r sensitive to light, so a dark environment entices them to come out from hiding onto the lily pad.

    So, u can get the above preparations in place, go out to work and come home to see the results ..

    At night if u need to sleep in peace, I think u can get an uninfected mattress and metal bedframe, put the bedframe legs in cups of grease on the floor. The grease acts as a sticky barrier to stop their paths and it does not dry for months. As for the ones that fall from the ceiling, u may nail a loose hanging canopy of plastic sheet onto that part of the ceiling, grease-coat the side where they will fall on so that they are trapped in the grease

    But I find these are just temporary solutions. I think the permanent solution would be to repaint your room – the paint kills the bug and also seal up the eggs to prevent it from ever hatching later. Of course u have to discard those infected furnitures especially if the furnitures have too many crevices for them to hide so there's no point wiping it or keeping it. Wrap potentially infected small items in plastic bags to at least prevent any potential hidden bugs from spreading.

    Just suggesting..

  6. Why would you care how long it takes them to die just kills the nightmare good methods of catching them though

  7. are you kidding me so ya want me to get back on the bed to be bit I don't want them on me lol why would I get back on the bed

  8. This made me get an idea for my own place which seemed to have turned into an infestation after spending a few nights at my cousins home which was at a motel and because I didn't know how to check for bed bugs and I didn't know how clingy and contagious they were. How about just using the bedbug powder along all the crevices and cracks where the carpet meets the wall since I seen then hiding in there and, then after the powder instead of the plastic how about duct taping everything carpet &all

  9. hmmm. i like the idea. but i think it's possible to prevent them from getting to you altogether with a bigger sheet of plastic and suspend it higher.

  10. Hmm, couldn't you buy a juicy groin, poison it, and then burn some dry ice nearby?

    Dry ice = carbon monoxide, breathing = carbon monoxide.


  11. basically the guy is correct. I suggest a full plastic cover that totally imprisons them. Add a fumigating agent which should accelerate death. I noticed I have both big ones and very small ones. They obviously have a nest somewhere in my mattress. After feeding on me they seem to disappear for a few days. Regarding the sting, most bedbugs discharge a painkilling agent so you don't feel the sting of their bites.

  12. Raul, Is there a chemical agent i.e. like Vinegar that might be toxic for them. I am in Europe and have just started renting a flat and observed them in an aggressive mode. Daylight attacks. Its hard to sleep when you know what is waiting under you.  

  13. I would rather hasten this process and seek outside intervention. Bedbugs can live for over a year.. That's a long time to sleep on a bare floor with plastic lol

  14. Go to your local Farm and Fleet store and buy Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO PURCHASE AND USE FOOD GRADE TYPE! It is not poisonous to humans or animals. It is used on farms to deter and kill bugs around animals. It is actually very very finely ground glass and will cut the bedbug up as they walk through it. Also cover your bed wheels or wood with Vaseline. They cannot climb up it. Your bed can't touch the wall and your bed covers cannot touch the floor. This seems to be the safest way to get rid of them, but you likely won't ever get completely rid of them. They're all over! 

  15. Rubbing alcohol worked well to spray my issue i sprayed them in the same place every day for about two weeks.  But i did not have them bad.

  16. All you need is something which will eat bed bugs if only you could train a dog to smell them out and them zap them lol…they are ruthless.

  17. Do not fear the pesticides! They have been tested for decades and when used according to the label they are completely safe.  "Natural" products don't work anywhere near as well. So get over the hysteria and get rid of the bugs.

  18. I am sorry for what you went through wow, but you found a solution great to hear.   I am going to use your premise but use glueboards on my bedlegs, so if they try to crawl up they get stuck.  I have been doing this already and it works. They can walk over double sided tape I tested it, but they get stuck in the glue.   I will put something on the ceiling to catch them too so they do not reach me, but get killed.   This way like with the lily pad they slowly get killed off, until none left to lay eggs.

  19. Raul did you try spraying them with Lysol mixed with laundry powder.     Someone on youtube said this killed all the bugs and eggs.    He seems very credible and showed an example on youtube.    He said this is all he did he sprayed everything with this solution and no eggs hatched and it killed the bugs.    I will test it on a live bug.

  20. Wow!!! You did a great job demonstrating how these bed bugs cannot climb the plastic, and get trapped there too! We covered all chairs and sleeping areas! And made simple C02 traps very easy to make!!! The hungry bugs began falling in the traps about 2 to 3 days later, as they were use to getting fed, I also applied plastic around the walls so the could not climb up, Vaseline also works, Ive also seen them climb and drop out of light switches, I covered some with tape. They say it can take 18 months for these bugs to die. Spray any live ones you find on the plastic with alcohol 91% works good, and can be mixed with vinegar.  I hope your doing okay!!!!!

  21. These critters suck.  I've been battling them for a couple of weeks now.  I sleep on my couch and I have found their shells, eggs and waste in every seam and crevice of my sofa.  I've been vacuuming like a mad man and researching.  I've slowed them down using the diatomaceous earth, vacuum, and "Harris Bed Bug Killer Spray" but I have not been able to completely eradicate them.  Thanks for sharing this video as I plan to incorporate it into my attack strategy.

  22. Can I take the plastic, set my couch on top of it and then use vaseline on the legs of the couch to keep them from climbing up?

  23. I used defensive end and got rid of them in around 6 weeks, been over almost a year and no more bites. It is easy to use, cheap and safe for kids and pets.

  24. Place a saucer or plate under each bed leg and place some oil in it, or if really want to, some turpentine or pine oil, and of course they crawl into it and drown. You can also place a stream of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth around the bed or room. These things work for bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches, and other little critters.

  25. Poor Baby! This guy is NOT rid of the bed bugs! They will not go away that easily! From the first time you see them until the last,may take a month of dedicated search and destroy! Use every method available. Heat! Clothes in the dryer on hot! Spray walls and all openings with strong alcohol! Vacuum all areas around bed and then steam inside vacuum! Put traps under bed legs. Research all methods and don't give up! Moving and throwing out your things will not help and only spread them around. Use a steamer or iron on hot to treat furniture. Don't give up! Takes about a month of treatments every day to insure that they are gone and even then,your neighbors might bring them back! They are everywhere!!!!

  26. This spray on Amazon killed my bed bugs!
    Zepol Labs Bed Bug Killer 16oz, Natural Organic Formula

  27. Thanks Raul, I don't know if I can deal with them crawling on me on purpose. I am having a super bad allergic reaction. I did have breathing problems and welts on my arms & wrists – my whole body. And you are correct. I called 2 professional companies, well known, & they don't even guarantee their work. I'm going nuts!
    If you try the diatamacius earth, please put out a video on if it works. Thanks.

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