Getting CS:GO’d: The Best Bugs, Glitches and WTF Moments in CS:GO

Getting CS:GO’d: The Best Bugs, Glitches and WTF Moments in CS:GO

To be CS:GO’d is to be rekt, to be wronged,
to be utterly destroyed, through no fault of your own, by the one they call Valve. Now the traditional definition of getting CS:GO’d
involves putting your crosshair over somebody’s head, pulling the trigger, and having the
bullets go through them like nothing happened. But for the purposes of this video, we’ve
expanded the definition to include those pesky bugs, those glitches, and the general what-the-f–kery
that has happened in pro play. So let’s get it started with the traditional
definition of getting CS:GO’d. (Casting) Now, while getting CS:GO’d can really make
your blood boil, arguably worse are the random seemingly unpredictable bugs that can cost you
your life, the round, and even the game. (Casting) Now, to round this one out guys, we wanted to look at some of the more lighthearted glitches in the game of CS:GO. This kind of stuff you can’t even be mad at, you just have to sit back and laugh. (Casting) “It’s just a flesh wound.” (Casting) Well guys, that’s all we’ve got for you this week on Best of. Now, this particular installment is really near and dear to my heart, because I’m always getting CS:GO’d in my games. Nobody in the office even believes me. But you guys do, right??? Let me know in the comments and I will see you next week.

100 thoughts on “Getting CS:GO’d: The Best Bugs, Glitches and WTF Moments in CS:GO”

  1. that is absolutely a miss. do you not even play cs:go dude? if your bullet didn't hit, you were moving or you fucked the aim.

  2. Servers and game is broken as fuck, but hey let's make some useless UI update… that breaks all the sound settings 😉

  3. Thanks for the upload, i’d almost forgotten why i uninstalled this trash and went back to the good versions.

  4. lol the olof (first clip) wasnt a bug , see the line was still blur its not 100% accurate when you shot it

  5. His crosshair never went solid, he was still moving in that 1st awp shot. Just saying u can see it in the slow Mo

  6. First clip with olof was a miss because he moved slightly, when the crosshair is blurred on the awp that means you have moved or you have just scoped in causing it to lose accuracy for a split second and olof shot right before the accuracy reset, causing the shot to be innacurate and most of the time, causing you to miss.

  7. I mean if there was bullet drop and velocity it would make sense but we all know that thats not the case with cs go since its so broken and just a money grab. devs dont care. kinda funny how the most simple mechanics in cs dont work properly sometimes

  8. They should really reduce the time it takes for the AWP accuracy to recover from movement. If I'm standing still, there should not be a stupid fucking recovery delay. As soon as I press A or D opposite of the direction I'm moving, I'm at a stand still but my scoped accuracy still is fuzzy. That needs to change. In the meantime, I'll be sticking to an AK where you can actually sidestep and shoot reliably.

  9. Dude, I get CS:GO'd all the time too! Almost every game, actually. Like, yesterday, I was in a game and I couldn't kill anyone. I was 2-18 by the end of the game. CS:GO'd again!! THAT'S why I'm Silver 1 >.<

  10. You guys are dumb if you think those awp misses were anything but dead on. All this talk about hours too and how much you know. I guarantee my hours dwarf yours. 2k is nothing.

    Those should have landed.

  11. 6:28 isnt a bug, the nade exploded "behind" the frame of the door, so felps actually had "cover" and didnt get any damage.

  12. Imagine just trying to connect to a server for a faceit match or whatever and ending up in the middle of a pro match. I would laugh…

  13. 0:50 u can see the scope line a blur meaning he is still moving while shooting with the awp and if u familiar with fps games moving while shooting is not a great idea

  14. Most of the awp shot misses are actually the player's fault,if your crosshair is blurry never shoot most dedicated awpers will never make this mistake but the shot in 1:42 was device getting csgo'ed the actual hitbox in csgo only covers the player's body it doesn't cover their gun,it doesn't cover all the jazz they have on the outside like bags and stuff

  15. We need a new counter strike game asap, csgo is probably the worst engineered counter strike game ever

  16. So glad I stopped playing that game put 100 hours in got my shots in Target learned some corners and tactics , and the instant you go competitive , it's a fucking shit show. Everything that's suppose to work doesn't , your shots just magically wizz through all your enemies and they're bullets inflict triple dmg on you even on your foot through a wall bang. Also way to many hackers.

  17. I shot an Awp on enemy's head at Point Blank…. And no damage…. I was like…. Yepppp Obito is alive Allright


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