Garnishing Cocktails With Edible Insects

Garnishing Cocktails With Edible Insects

(slow upbeat music) – [Narrator] This Great Big Story was made possible by the Singapore Tourism Board. (slow upbeat music) – We try to push the
boundaries of which ingredients can be used in a cocktail. We’ve used ants to grasshoppers to kimchi, and we’ve even used salmon roe in one of our cocktails. We are one of the only bars
in the world that focuses on using ingredients
in the way that we do. (slow upbeat music) My name is Vijay Mudaliar, and I’m the co-owner of Native. We’re a cocktail bar based in Singapore that focuses on working with foraging ingredients. (slow upbeat music) So I’ve been foraging for
about three years now. As a younger bartender,
I was always interested in like unique imported ingredients. The environment in
Singapore is quite diverse; sometimes we do a bit of urban foraging. We also go out into the forested areas and we also go down to the coastal lines to
get things like seaweeds and clams. (slow upbeat music) Using some of these unusual
ingredients we can get certain interesting flavors. The forage ants, for
example, contain formic acid, so when you pop them, they taste like little limes or lemons
because of the acidity. For grasshoppers, what
comes out is this like miso, vegemite, soy flavor, which has a real savory note to it. (slow upbeat music) Our cocktail making process lasts four to six months. It usually starts from an idea
that is based on a tradition, culture, location or the environment. For example, our Peranakan cocktail is based off the local Peranakan culture and is inspired by one of the desserts called the quay salad. We use pandan and laksa leaf from a local organic farmer; a jackfruit rum, so we’re using foraged
jackfruit; also goat’s milk from a local goat’s farm. The enzymes in the jackfruits curdles the milk, and
we get a clear cocktail. We try to incorporate those ingredients that have been used culturally
for over a hundred years. (slow upbeat music) What I like about incorporating
foraging ingredients is that it allows us to understand our environment a lot better and to find forgotten
ingredients in our culture. Hopefully in the next few years, the idea of foraging won’t feel so new. I think people want to
experience their location, and when people are traveling the world, they want to have a sense of identity at the place where they are.

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  1. Wowww
    The insects are a bit much for me, but overall a super interesting video! I totally wanna try some of his foraged fruit cocktails. They all looked so pretty and delicious, and I wonder what those berries are!
    I've had durian before, and it was pretty good, but have no idea what those small fruits were that he knocked off the tree. I wanna try them lol

  2. Lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo lololololololololololololololololololol

  3. Horrifying. Why would you kill for absolutely no reason. You have no empathy, kindness or care for other living things. They are not yours to kill.

  4. Not bad. Pretty cool.

    But while foraging need to make sure if the stuff u find isn't a secret garden by some resident if One is looking in an Urban area lol.

    A relative of mine talks often of how people find her plants and take the things she grows haha

  5. Visited last week for my birthday, really cool place. I encourage anyone in Singapore to visit. 'Perenakan' and 'Pineapple Arrack' were especially good.

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