1. Unimpressive?!?! Really Rhys!! U r so freaking amazing!! The sturdiness of your hands, ur attention to detail, your “bedside manner” is IMPECCABLE!! I’m TOTALLY impressed.. but then again, I’m ALWAYS in awe of what u do and HOW you do it. And to hear the excitement in your voice really amps it up!! Great job as always!! 👑👑👑 of was wax removal!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👑👑👑👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  2. Oh my gosh, I was holding my breath at one point. I felt like I was watching a tight horse race. The suspense was totally emence. You are the best.

  3. What a great video! Your genuine care and passion for your work is evident and I’m cheering for the patient along with you. Not to mention I’ve learned so much since I’ve started watching the channel.

  4. Superb video and an intelligent, beautifully presented commentary that really added to the quality. Bravo! Fascinating to see a different issue, fungal ear infection, explained and tackled with such skill and clarity.

  5. Spores and custard! blech For the first time, I had to bail out on a video. But as Arnold Schwarzenegger said in The Terminator, "I'll be back."

  6. DR. RHYS, do you ever remove the hair from the ear for a better view. New subscriber, my hubby and I love your channel. Hello from Carmel, Indiana.

  7. I felt heartily sorry for this patient. I bet they were relieved after you had cleared all that nastiness, your patience is admirable.

    I have a couple of questions. Are fungal infections in the ear common? What causes such infections?

    Thanks so much for entertaining and educating us Rhys 🙂

  8. That was edge of the seat viewing! Your commentary was particularly good on this one Mr Barber. And the patient must feel so much better for your work ☺️

  9. I love how excited you got during the video. It was like you were calling a ballgame!! Great work, Rhys!
    Also, just curious, what would cause a fungal infection in the ear canal? And what type of fungus might it be? Poor patient! I can’t imagine how itchy that would feel. I would definitely be using Q tips to scratch!!! I absolutely despise itching! Can’t imagine how awful that would be-an itch one cannot scratch! 😩

  10. When it’s this suspenseful, I stop breathing. I could have died watching this LOL 😂. Thanks heaps Rhys. 👍💙

  11. I found myself tilting my phone trying to help you negotiate the angles! Thank goodness you were able to help this patient. 💙

  12. That eardrum looks as irritated I was while watching this video. You, Rhys, must be the most patient person on the planet!

  13. I really liked your comment toward the end, “Here’s the obligatory tank shot.” Poor patient though. Having had athlete’s foot, I can imagine (sort of) the itchiness of which you mentioned. Ugh 😑

  14. I just now paused the video and looked at the tip of my small finger and I must say you have a tough job. I've always admired what you do now I have more than respect for the tedious job you have. I feel for this person, there ear infection must be so sore and I'm sure painful.😔 GOD Bless them💖

  15. How much does a procedure like this cost? My girlfriend lost hearing in one ear and is losing it in the other. Any info will help? Thank you for the Awesome Video

  16. Hi Rhys, when you’re working with a patient with a fungal infection do you worry about the spread of the spores or cross contamination because of how close you have to be to the patient? I know you wear gloves, but do you use full PPE for cases like this?

  17. I sneezed while watching and realized how horrific that would be during this procedure. Helps drill into the mind just how delicate and incredible this procedure was done.

  18. Every time it looked like the skin would peel away, I caught myself tensing up my whole body in anticipation. By the video's end, I needed a shoulder rub to release some of the tension! What a great removal!

  19. Hook line and sinker, this video was so interesting!!! Did indeed look at my pinky, almost forgot to breath due to the suspense😅

  20. Rhys worked his way through audiology school as a golf announcer. 😆. He truly is a soothing force in our chaotic world of Brexit, Turkey, and Trump.

  21. That was amazing to watch, never knew you could get a fungal infection in your ear. That poor man, that must have had been driving him nuts.
    Great work as always Rhys.

  22. I definitely looked at the tip of my finger 🙂 Do they make a curved tip that could dip down into that valley?

  23. Gravy or custard skin plus infection, BOOOYAAA🥳
    Naw, on a serious note, that looks incredibly painful! How much does something like effect the patients equilibrium? How many weeks into treatment were they? Is the texture too sticky for use of the crocs?

  24. Does anyone cock their heads to the side to try and see as he tries to get the parts in the valley that are hidden lol great job!

  25. I held my breath watching this haha thank you for sharing such an interesting and satisfying case with us! Hopefully the patient will feel better soon. That must've been terribly uncomfortable.

  26. You do the best play-by-play, but I'm never going to look at custard and gravy the same! (Yes, I did look at my pinky!)

  27. My husband thinks I’m weird but I like to listen to RB narrate these videos before bedtime because his voice helps me fall asleep 😅 he could narrate paint drying and I’d tune in every week!

  28. Just wondering, when a patient has inflamed canal walls like that can a something like lidocaine drops be used just to make it a little more comfortable?

  29. I held my breath for most of this one. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC & SKILLED SERVICE💯👌🏾U R A TRUE EXPERT & GREAT ORATOR REECE‼️Your patient was amazing too, despite their infection & the sensitivity. A true delight to watch, actually fascinating.

    Thank you over & over for your inside ear skills & expertise! 👌🏾😊👍🏾🎉💓

  30. It drives me crazy that you don’t get the bits and pieces from all around the ear. I guess I’m a Little OCD! LOL

  31. TRIUMPH!! YES! That was tricky,and oh,I felt for the patient,that ear looked very unhappy.But should improve now that a lot of the icky stuff is cleared away.Hearing restored.
    LOL yes,I did check out the tip of my little finger.

  32. Yes, I am guilty of looking at the tip of my finger when you said how large the canal was! 😛 Please tell me I'm not the only one!

  33. Do you ever work with patients living with Ménière’s Disease? Do their eardrums appear different that normal eardrums?

  34. Caught me, I looked! Crazy though how tiny of a space in which your working. With the camera it looks so large. Of course my ears are what I would think is a normal size and they are small (barely large enough to shove a
    Q-tip in there… 😉😊 just joking) but my husband is a big guy his are much larger. Funny I never thought about any of this until I ran across your video one day. It’s really interesting.

  35. Wow this was a cleaning that took a lot of patients!!!! I would love doing this kind of job , it’s amazing!!!! You are the best and you explain what you’re doing very very well!!!!👍

  36. Rhys! You make these videos so exciting as well as really informative! Full props to you mate, and all the very best to your lovely, gracious wife, too!

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