From the Headlines: Bed Bugs with Louis Sorkin

From the Headlines: Bed Bugs with Louis Sorkin

When I feed them, sometimes it’s once a month,
or sometimes longer, usually, there’s a little bump that starts, it swells within an hour
it’s totally gone and then maybe six hours or more is when the little red marks show
up. I got more interested in bed bugs back in the late eighties when someone actually
brought one in to look at. Now again, there are more people in the world who are interested
in this insect and trying to learn more about it, too. How to get rid of it and how to manage
it and just to learn more about its biology. I’m looking at the behavior because trying
to find a chink it its armor is actually trying to find out something that can be manipulated
in its behavior to assist you in either monitoring or removing the insect from the environment.
Media coverage online or on television, explains about searching the bed, searching the mattress,
searching behind the walls, look in the walls, look behind pictures, picture frames, and
the problem is that most of the media then doesn’t show you what bed bugs really look
like, so you really don’t have any idea of what you’re looking for. They only show adult
bed bugs and that one-sixth of the population is a quarter-inch long or less than a quarter-inch
long, but reddish-brown, and that’s an adult bed bug. But the youngest bed bugs are about
a millimeter when they’re born and they’re pale white, and they blend in with the background.
Well, a small infestation could actually be just one female who has mated and then she’s,
you know, in your home, on a package you brought in, or clothing, or something, and that’s
all it needs, ’cause then she produces a few hundred eggs in her lifetime, but she’ll probably,
in the first month, lay five to ten eggs, and then she’ll have to mate again in order
to have sperm to produce more eggs, then she’ll have to feed to make more eggs and also nourish
the sperm she would have inside her. You wait too long to get rid of an infestation, your
population of bed bugs really increase and you have them in so many more places of your
home than you have started months before. There is no magic bullet to get rid of bed
bug infestations. If there were one product that worked that way, then we wouldn’t have
a problem anymore.

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  1. If I found 1 small one does that mean there is a lot more ?? even though we ripped the couch apart, washed all the curtains ans cleaned the carpet and vaccummed the furniture> is ther more cause i dont have $ to get an exterminater do you think there is more, any suggestions??

  2. A product came out after this was made. CIMEXA! EXTREMELY effective against bed bugs and other bugs. Kills bed bugs up to 3X FASTER than diatomaceous earth. Quite a few videos on here about it, but watch the two parter by Joel Z. Williams.

  3. Hello, this is Annie Wang from New Tang Dynasty TV. Recently we're making a news story about bedbugs. Is it possible for us to use some of this clips in our news piece? Thank you.

  4. Could there be money in bed bug farms where people get bitten by thousands of bedbugs and lose weight? I could make a fortune… Bed Bug Weight Loss Farm and Yogurt Bar…

  5. Nice documentary that really gives no solution. The obvious was stated. Like, subscribe and hit the bell notification so you can watch more of a guy getting bit up by his pet bed bugs..

  6. I suffered from bed bugs for along time Whenever I diminish a small part they go and appear in other bed or sofa , so I decided to fight them with an idea , i brought a steam iron and stick the nozzle to the bed each spot for 10seconds then I steamed all my clothes piece by piece I concentrated on the edges where the sewing then went to the children's rooms and did the same .. it was an exhausted week but I finally got rid of those tiny monsters

  7. I woke up at 3 am once and I found one on my arm and me not knowing what it was I pinched it with full force and it exploded guts on my arm and I was just laying there like what the hell just happened?

  8. but how do you know that there is no proven method for eliminating bedbugs??? you say "If there were one product, then we wouldn't have bedbugs", but I do not agree. keep searching and testing all the possibilities

  9. If you don't like the bedbugs, please DO NOT DISLIKE the video!!!!!
    You're hurting the CONTENT CREATOR!!!

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