(heavy piano roll) – I’m Coyote Peterson. This is a mountain of fire ants. I think we all know
where this is headed. Oh boy, here we go. Holy Cow, that’s a
lot of stings already. (groans) (fast percussive music) (sighs) All right, guys. So when I was in Arizona you saw me put my
hands into a mound of harvester ants, a
species that both bites and stings. I lasted 60 seconds and
took a lot of venom. (squeals in pain) Yeah, got stung already. (squeals in pain) They’re all over my
hands now, look at that. Today I’m in South Florida
and right in front of me is a giant mound of fire ants. I’m sure you’re looking at this pile of dirt
thinking to yourselves is that really an ant hill? Looks like no one’s home. I promise you, there
are thousands of these fiery little ants
beneath the surface. And the second that my
hands disturb this dirt I’m going to be swarmed by
these ornery little insects. Am I excited about this? Not really. Am I curious about
what’s going to happen? Of course, and I know
you guys are too. I think at this point
I am ready to enter the strike zone
with the fire ant. The red imported fire ant
is native to South America. Yet they have established
populations in several places across the United States,
including Florida. What makes these insects so
dangerous is that their mounds camouflage into the environment, resembling nothing more
than a pile of dirt. Stumble into one, and
before you even realize what you have done, you
are caught in the swarm. Now just like the
harvester ant, the fire ant can bite and it can also sting. And they say that the
sting of a fire ant feels like putting your
hands into a ring of fire. Now before I actually
go through with this, here’s a little something
we all should know. The sting of this ant species
possesses an alkaloid venom known as Solenopsin,
which exhibits a potent necro-toxic reaction
in any one who’s stung. This not only causes
searing pain but also causes the sting zones to swell and
form unsightly white pustulates in as little as 12 hours. In short, this is
one nasty sting, and boy am I about to get
my fair share of them. You build yourself
up for these moments, and then you second
guess yourself. We’ve done a couple of
practice dry runs at it just as rehearsal as to where
I’m going to put my hands. When they go in there, I’m
going to be able to do this one time. I’m going to try to keep my
hands in there for 60 seconds. My heart is racing right now. Hopefully my body reacts
okay to the venom. I don’t want to go into
anaphylactic shock or anything. I did okay wit the
harvester ants, so I think I’m going to be okay. All right, here we go, ready. Okay, go get in position,
I’ll be there in a second. – [Voiceover] All right, man. (Ominous music) – Never, under any
circumstances, try to replicate what you are about to
witness in this video. I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m
about to enter the strike zone with a fire ant. You guys ready? Your shot good?
– [Cameraman] Yup. – One, two, three. (light, percussive rattle) Holy cow. Ow, ow, ow, ooh! (pained in and out breaths) Holy cow, that’s a
lot of stings already. (suppressed groan) Okay, I’m going to
have take my hands out pretty quickly, guys. (pained grunts) So much worse than
the harvester ants. (pained groans) – [Voiceover] 30 seconds (heavy, fast breaths) – I cant, I can’t, I gotta stop. I gotta stop, I gotta stop. (Timer buzzes) – [Voiceover] You all right? How are you, tell me
what you’re feeling? – A lot of pain. They’re still on me. (pained groan) My hands are on fire right now. It is worse than
the harvester ants. There’s no question about it. (groans, breathes quickly) – [Voiceover] What’s going
through your mind right now? – My hands feel like
they’re swelling right now. I feel like I’m
still getting stung. (light groan) Be one with the pain. Be one with the pain. Look at my veins
are all swelling up. When a mound of fire
ants is disturbed, thousands of them instantly
swarm the invader. (groans) The attack comes from all sides. And as the ants bite and hold
down with their mandibles they use a stinger in their
abdomen to inject the venom. (deep groan) I was hoping to last 60 seconds. However, my pain tolerance
finally gave out, as my brain was
screaming, “Get your hands out of that ant mound.” All right, so, it’s
been about five minutes since I had my hands
in the ant mound. As you can see, they’re
starting to swell up. There’s a bunch of little
white lumps all over them. It’s actually not too
bad at this point. It hurts less than it does itch. I really want to itch
my hands right now, and I know that i
shouldn’t, because if I do it’s only
going to make it worse. Now, if you want
to know the answer of which is worse,
the harvester ant or the fire ant, I
think the pain was worse with the harvester ant,
but obviously the swarm was more impressive
with the fire ant. This is much worse than
the harvester ants. (groans) The moment those ants
were covering my hands, I was immediately getting stung over and over and over
again, and it did feel like putting my hands
into a ring of fire. Here we come. (groans) I think no matter what,
at the end of the day the lesson we’re all
taking away from this is that if you’re out in
nature, and you’re exploring, always do your best to avoid
any and all ant mounds. I’m Coyote Peterson,
be brave, stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next adventure. In total I sustained
over 300 stings and for over a week
I suffered through incredible discomfort,
which included flashes of pain, and
continuous itching. It took over 30 days
for the pustulates to completely diminish, and they left behind a trail of
scars, that today serve as a constant reminder
of why you never want to tangle with fire ants. Nearly all the ant attacks
on humans happen by accident. Pay attention to
where you step or sit, and you hopefully will not
end up looking like me. Do you know the simplest
remedy for neutralizing ant stings in the field? If not, make sure
to click Watch Next for when totally gross
Behind the Adventure. And don’t forget, subscribe
to join me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail. (light, playful music) Well, I think it’s safe
to say that I’m done with ants for a while. (wild animal sounds)

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  1. I live in florida and recently was smoking while standing on a fire ant pile (theyre everywhere down here) before i knew it my rignt foot was stinging and there was about 50 ants sinking their teeth into my foot. I quickly moved and wiped them off. Its been 3 days now and my foot looks like it has hundreds of white head pimples on it. Didnt hurt too bad, but deff uncomfortable and itchy

  2. I got the sting from a fire ant and bit was that painful I got couple of the on my hand… Goodness Gracious it felt like I was being eaten but I only got like two.

  3. I got swarmed like him but i didnt know that i was standing in a fire ant hill, my legs where red puffs it stayed like that for a whole week and a couple of days! Im scarred. Also this is a true story

  4. I have walked through these ant colonies with little problem, other than permanent scars. A girl I know got bit once and she almost went to the hospital. They are very viscous, and will follow you for a bit because of the scent trail and pheromones they release, always be careful when dealing with these critters.

  5. Im a Peterson and im about to get stinged by a yellow jacket……*screams*.
    …………….:jack: are you okay?????

  6. Fire ants are no joke, man. This will be a bit long but this is my story of my lovely encounter with fire ants. They will swarm your entire body like they did mine. I was around 7 or 8, with my dad and Grandaddy at his lake house. Just got done fishing with them, and I went tubing afterwards. Got back and I changed back into my clothes, while my Grandaddy was cutting the fish up. So I decided that I would sit near the lakeside, my dad sat near me talking to me. Just looking at the lake and admiring the sunset. We sat there for a couple of minutes. I was wearing a tank top, shorts, and my favorite black and red tennis shoes. I didn't feel any pain until I looked down and kept scratching the back of my neck because it was itchy (I thought it was sunburn setting in). I was COVERED from my neck to my feet in fire ants, I sat in a huge mound and so did my dad. He didn't notice either until I started screaming. He was covered from his waist to his toes (he's 6'5" and weigh(s)(ed) 500lbs). My dad jumped in the lake (I didn't want to get my clothes wet as it was the only pair I brought), and didn't even help me at all, so I ran to get my Grandaddy. The searing pain was everywhere, my feet, legs, my genitals (Yep, they went there and it was not a fun time), stomach, back, stomach, arms, and neck, slowly working their way up to my face. My Gradaddy got a wet towel and did what he could while he ran a luke warm shower for me to take to be sure I got them all off, then left me some aloe vera cooling gel to put all over me that's used for sunburns to see if that'd help the bites once I got out. My Grandaddy drove back to his house to grab a pair of of my Gran's pajamas for me to wear (she's very petite). He drove back, washed and dried my clothes, bathing suit, socks, cleaned my shoes and didn't do a thing for my dad. He was mad at him for leaving me to fend for myself instead of helping me out too, and so he left my dad to air dry as he's a grown man and I was just a kid. I could hear them arguing outside pretty bad. After that, my dad came inside and told me that he was going home to clean up, that he'd see me soon and stormed off, so my Grandaddy drove me home (which is about an hour and a half long drive). No "I love you" or anything to me, my dad just left, mad. My Grandaddy ended up giving me and my mom all the fish we caught, explained what happened. Not only did I get a 2nd degree sunburn, but to have fire ant bites on top of that did not feel good at all, it was so miserable. My mom eventually took me to the ER because my sunburn was so bad, and the doctor thought I had Chicken Pox along with it and both me and my mom had to explain it was from me sitting in a fire ant mound. I was given some prescription burn creams from what I remember, and just take Benedryl for itching, I think. I do remember my mom buying the aloe vera cool gel for sunburns that my Grandaddy let me use. It itched so badly from the bites and even the sunburn, but I could barely even move or touch my skin because of the sunburn. Took about a good 2-4 weeks or so for everything to return to normal, the sunburn just made it worse. I have been so cautious of where I even step ever since.

  7. bruh when I was like, 2 years old, in florida I went on my friends playground slide and literally slid into one of these nests. They stung all the way to my knees, and my mom said I didnt even cry :')

  8. Bro your over dramatic I live in Beaufort sc and I get stung by several of them a day

  9. Are Florida fire ants different then the ones we have in Texas? The ones we have here are much darker in color and don’t seem to hurt very much

  10. Teacher: okay kids never destroy a fire ant home would you like it if a foot kicked ur home?

    Coyote: puts hands in fire ant home

  11. Dude I feel your pain
    Ive been swarmed by fire ants before and it's not fun
    I was younger and I stepped in an ant pile and they started crawling up my leg and biting me

  12. Well my mom accidentally say in a pile of fire ants after getting home from work and got up tripped and fell in another neighboring pile, she had to go to the hospital


  14. I,m Coyote Peterson and i,m about to enter the sting zone with a bullet ant hill 3… 2… 1… screams then tells Mario to turn on the satalight phone the goes into anaphylactic shock Mark " Well thats not good"

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