Feeding Cockroaches to Ants

Feeding Cockroaches to Ants

Welcome to the AC Ant Room, home to three
very large ant colonies. Each colony contains thousands and thousands
of ants. With all of these ants and brood within these
nests, surely there are hungry mouths to feed, and on today’s menu, we have their favourite
food item. Cockroaches. In this episode of the AntsCanada Ant Channel,
we will watch each of our three ant colonies, the Golden Empire, The Fire Nation, and the
Dark Knights feeding on cockroaches, and even check out some of the other snacks they enjoy! Also in this video we will announce the winner
of our grand annual Ant Love Contest 2017 and reveal the winner of a brand new All You
Need Omni Gear Pack, a complete AntsCanada ant setup! Today will be full of ant discovery and fun,
so be sure to keep watching until the end! AC Family, sit back, relax, and let’s watch
our ants dine, in this thrilling episode of the AntsCanada Ant Channel. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and hit the
BELL icon! Welcome to the AC Family. Bon appetite! Today I wanted to present tonight’s ant feeding
session in a more natural and real light, so I figured for a change in this episode,
we would observe the ants non-timelapsed and with less editing, instead showing more intimate
footage of the ants feeding so we can truly admire what happens when ants get busy at
processing their food. First to be fed, is our Golden Empire, our
yellow crazy ants. It’s been about two weeks since they’ve moved
into this massive terrarium we call Hacienda Del Dorado. It was a way to help them get rid of their
body mites. It seems the ants now have the ability to
dispose of their garbage appropriately, as I see them creating rubbish piles in locations
away from the nest. Here are some discarded uneaten Fire Nation
alate body parts and look, mites have found these piles to feed on. Unfortunately, I still see mites on the ants,
but I do see some ants without mites, so we’ll have to wait, perhaps a month or two more,
until the new generation of workers has completely replaced the initial mite-infecected generation
in order to truly determine if the move into a massive terrarium helped. You will see ants feasting here on some rotting
mango as well as some raw honey. They’ve been working on this for two days
now and are definitely craving for their protein. So here we go. Dropping in a native Philippine cockroach! AC Family, enjoy watching the Golden Empire
feast! More workers are coming now. Word has reached the nest that food lays just
a skip and a hop away. It isn’t long before the roach is surrounded
by many hungry Golden Empire workers. Some have completely abandoned the raw honey
to come and help. Yellow Crazy Ants lack stingers. They instead spray formic acid, and they’re
using it to subdue and kill this huge roach which as you can see is many times their size. Other workers keep the cockroach pinned down. Look at these workers trying to pull the cockroach
by its antennae. Haha! Persistent little ones! Now for those wondering, I feed all prey insects
to my ants pre-killed which means they have been crushed. This also means that their body parts still
move because insects don’t have brains like ours. They have ganglia, a grouping of nerve cells
which run down the center of their body. This means then that even if you decapitate
or crush a cockroach to kill it, it still moves. OK, let’s let them continue to grapple with
this huge carcass and move on to our most aggressive and frightening ants, the Fire
Nation, our red tropical fire ants! As you know, we recently moved our fire ants
into the Fire Palace, this deep rubbermaid bin full of soil which they absolutley love! It has become the colony’s main nest! Let’s drop in a cockroach. This one is a no brainer. It gets swarmed by ants in a matter of seconds. It isn’t long before a thick carpet of ants
covers this roach. Let’s add another shall we? OK, and now time to head downstairs into the
abyss to visit the new outworld on the Silver Glacier of our Dark Knights, our Black Crazy
Ants. Let’s drop in a roach for these hungry and
deserving ants! Let’s reposition here so we can see a bit
more. In no time, the workers of the Dark Knights
are all over this cockroach. Watch them feed eagerly from the cockroach’s
wounds. These black crazy ants waste no time. Every night, I feed these three kingdoms different
foods. A varied diet is definitely the key to a healthy
ant colony. The Dark Knights usually get 1 or two roaches,
as does the Golden Empire, and the Fire Nation, being a lot larger than the other two ants
colonies, they take 12 or sometimes I feed them pieces of cooked meat, like this chicken
leg which we offered as their house warming gift, and yes, of course I filmed it, but
this needed to be timelapsed because it took 2 days! And gone! Now, I don’t know if you remember but a few
months back I caught a trapjaw queen ant and kept her in the dark and fed her hoping she
would give us eggs, so we could start a colony of trap jaw ants. Well, I have an update, and you will be both
shocked and super excited! And all of that to come, in next week’s video. Thanks for watching! And we’ll see you next week, AC Family! It’s ant love forever! Alright, AC Family! Were you grossed out or was that cool? Inner Colony members today’s episode was a
little taste of what you guys watch every week in our hidden videos, but of course I
still placed a hidden video for you here, for extended footage of a cockroach being
eaten by the Golden Empire. And now it’s time for the AC Question of the
Week! Last week we asked: What is the name of the specialized workers
in honeypot ants that store water? Congratulations to Regnerum who correctly
answered “Aquapletes”. Congratulations Regnerum you just won a free
ebook handbook from our shop! For this week’s question of the week, we ask: What is the name of the groupings of nerves
controling movement in insects? Leave your answer in the comments section
and you could win a free Tshirt from our shop! Alright, and speaking of free stuff, as you
know, we love doing fun contest giveaways to you guys our AC Family, and so last week
we launched our annual “Ant Love Contest”, where we asked the question “What is Ant Love
to You?” for a chance to win a FREE All You Need Omni Gear Pack. This year, we received over 1700 entries on
our official Facebook page, and so as is our problem every single year, it was SO hard
for us to narrow it down to just 1 winner! There were just so many great entries that
made us smile, made us laugh, made us go WOW!, made us go what da?, even some that made us
tear up a little and warmed our ant-loving hearts! So, here we go after reviewing over 1700 entries,
a big congratulations goes out to our ANT LOVE CONTEST 2017 winner: John Poster, who wrote a cool ant poem, which
we have included in the info section of this video. Congratulations as well goes out to our runners
up. You guys each have won a FREE EBOOK Handbook
from our shop! Thank you all for playing this year, and for
those that didn’t win, don’t worry as we are always giving away free stuff from AntsCanada.com Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next
week, AC Family! Ant love forever!

100 thoughts on “Feeding Cockroaches to Ants”

  1. Hey Mike! I don't wanna be mean but, in some of ur episodes, didn't u say NOT to feed ants live prey? Or did u just do so for the sake of the video

  2. The thing I like about ants is they will literally eat just about anything edible you throw in their tank, only disadvantage is I hate bugs to death. About 15 min ago I was working in my garage when I felt something crawling up my leg, I brushed it off and got goosebumps and immediately turned my flashlight on and looked down and saw a damn black widow running away. Sorry I had to share that lol

  3. Also, do ants have a certain smell to them? I always remember whenever I'd kill an ant with my finger at the dinner table or something it would have a weird smell to it that wasn't pleasant.

  4. 2nd song is "Georges Bizet – Carmen Suite No. 2 – Habanera" for any curious music nerds. โ™ฅ

  5. ac:*plays sad music*oh poor cockroach they suffer so much being eaten
    me:rips its antennas out RIPS ITS ANTENNAS OUT!!!
    i really hate roaches.
    love ants but hate roaches

  6. I just found out how to comment but I've watched every episode of ants Canada and was inspired I recently made my own home made set up with a colony I don't know what kind they are but if you could somehow get a hold of me I would love to chat about the subject

  7. Dark nights because they're priced on the idea we have a dark nights versus the golden empire can you do that So scribe for you

  8. The first large cockroach seems to be giving birth, during death. If you look at the rear end of the cockroach, you can see a pair of wings and body emerging. (I'm probably wrong) Great Nature display, love all the 3d printed gear!

  9. Me: mum can I have a pet
    Mum:what pet?
    Me: Ants
    Mum : but you donโ€™t know how to take care of them
    Me:yes I do
    Me: you feed them bugs mostly cockroaches and they drink water and honey
    Mum: wow
    Mum: maybe then
    Me: YES!!!!!!!!!
    Edit: Me: when starting with just a queen try giving her food but she will probably wonโ€™t eat then when there is a worker or super rarely a alate give them food

    If I do it will probably a new queen from a nutsall flight and it will probably be a black ant as I have see no other ant

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  11. I've seen in other videos that ants sometimes move their food. Can you post a video of the ants carrying the food to see where they take it?

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    AntsCanada: ….. SURE

  14. That chicken leg was crazy. Instead of taking little pieces off till it was just bone they buried it by undermining were it was then covered over it. Wonder what happens to it when just bones left under ground? Do they leave it or do they bring it top side and put it in there garbage pile?

  15. imagine giants watching humans desperately eat giant bugs. that would be creepy, and gruesome! (that might be ho these ants feel)

  16. I have a small colony of dubia roaches as I feed them to my tarantulas.
    When my tarantulas were young I had to feed them dead roaches / roach parts. I remember removing their heads and they actually
    stay alive. The main body kept trying to run away, and the head still moved its antennae and reacted to touch.
    Cockroaches are tough little so and so's. Saying that, they are very clean to keep… and are rich in protein so highly nutritious feeders.

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