“Farmer” – Bee and PuppyCat – Ep. 2 – Full Episode – Cartoon Hangover

“Farmer” – Bee and PuppyCat – Ep. 2 – Full Episode – Cartoon Hangover

PuppyCat, don’t look! (chews and hums) Boop boop! TempBot, don’t look! Oof… Okay, now you can look. Hey, I haven’t seen you guys in a while. Whoa, you guys smell good. Like home-cooked food! And…home-burnt food. (taps screen) TempBot stop we don’t have a lot of time, we just came from the bathroom– Eww, you touched my face.
Wait, did you wash your hands? THERE’S NO TIME TO WASH HANDS,
WE NEED QUICK CASH! Ewwww. Okay, I’ve got a simple temp job on file
on Jelly Cube Planet. No one’s wanted to do it for some reason… Hold still for uniform assignment! Booooooop Extra pockeeeeets! Whoa, magic pockets! Booooooop. Buh duh buh. You guys need me to hail you a transport? No time let’s go. Hnng…you run so slow! You might as well not have legs– AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH –ahh? Ooh! (smash) Where is my gum? Ohhhh… Are you two here to– Yeah we’re here for the temp thing,
what do we have to do? On the opposite side of my sweet, jiggly planet, on top of my whipped cream puddle, is a beautiful, sugared cherry. Okay you want it or something
okay here I go. PuppyCat, stay here, your legs are too short to run fast. AAAAAA– AHHHHH ha ha ha ha ha (taps ground) ha ha ahhhh, ahhhh, get off! Bee’s been in the bathroom for a while now. Who cares. Deckard, don’t you think it’s weird that
she hasn’t grown up yet? She’s just having a hard time
finding a job that suits her. We aren’t all born computer experts. That’s not what I mean. Look, I saw your acceptance letter. Hah! Hoh. Snooping. Who’s not grown up now? I know you like Bee.
And I know she likes you too. But if she found out that you’re avoiding your future because you’re sitting around
looking for excuses to mother her, I think she’d feel bad about that. Ahhh… (gurgles) It looks like that snake likes you. (chuckes) Or maybe it’s just hungry. (gurgles) That cherry is the only (smack) source of nourishment for my animals. (smacks) No, there’s no need to do that. The cherry is merely a vehicle, to transport the fertilizer to grow my true crops. Oh. Huh. She IS the fertilizer. (pants) Huh. Guh. Oh, very pretty… …huh? PuppyCat! (beam noises) My… GUM! PuppyCat, LOOK OUT! (loud burst) Oh geez, you’re… heavy. (chuckles) Oh man, you got fat. …whaa? NO TIME GIMME MY GUM! (smooch) (chews and grumbles) Stupid trick cherry. Stupid pockets. Stupid stupid STUPID! (whooshing) STUPID GUM! (spits) And, from the sacrifice of one, a bounty of life springs forward. For as the lamb is laid in the soil, the flesh may rot, but the soul nurtures the crop. (punch) YOU TURN PEOPLE INTO PET FOOD?!? You’re…here? And yet, my livestock feeds? My innocent animals! Do not punish them for my indiscretion! I– Look, I killed your stupid cherry thing, but this gum I have, oh it works better than people. Well my payment was supposed to be
the sweet release of death. And a permanent home for the soul. Shut up! I’m taking this. (pluck) If you didn’t have all these animals, I’d MURDER YOU. AAAAHHHHHH– Oh! The sweetness of… gum. (gulp) (gulp) (gulp) Hello? Ugh, we got back late. Ha ha, awesome. …hmm? (chews) AHH! Uhh… Okay, let’s go. I know, I promised you a leather jacket, but since we didn’t get paid I had to kinda recycle one. Okay, open your eyes! OOOH IT’S MY OLD JACKET
FROM WHEN I WAS A BABY! Uh, yeah, ’cause it’s a surprise. You’re welcomeeee! Running makes me tiredddd…. Ahhhh…

100 thoughts on ““Farmer” – Bee and PuppyCat – Ep. 2 – Full Episode – Cartoon Hangover”

  1. I swear, people complain about how it isn't the same….but like, can you just like it as it is??😂😂
    I mean, it's their show, so they can't do whatever they want…but I guess this is just my onion👀

  2. I was watching this the whole time thinking I knew Cass's voice actress. Turns out she plays Enid in Ok KO.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks Puppycat sounds like the vocaloid len? Also I love this channel and this series.

  4. Savage Moments 2:
    TempBot: Eww you touched my face, Wait did you wash your hands?
    Me: WAIT, WHAT?! Did Bee just kissed Puppycat?!

  5. I don’t like the way the farmer said, sweet jiggly planet…he side glanced Bee too when he said it 😱😱😱

  6. It's like an even more trippy Adventure time mixed with Steven Universe and a manic pixie dream girl's acid hallucinations.

  7. Im watching this episode in my older sister's car and I told her what im watching and she said "that sounds like the type of show for you" with a serious but smirk face 😏

  8. Bee kissed puppy cat……


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