Family Guy – Peter Is Afraid Of Bugs

Family Guy – Peter Is Afraid Of Bugs

Wow what a night I guess so unsleep number is 69 Yes, it was apparently also number two would you maybe make some coffee and give me a moment? Car is packed for weekend weekend. Yes You come in late last night drunk and tell me to pack car for weekend getaway you booked online Then you make me watch Diff’rent Strokes episode with substitute teacher played by Kareem abdul-jabbar Yeah, I forgot about this weekend trip. Is that something we still want to do Well I do if you do Absolutely I do I was just seeing if you do of course I do I mean we’ve already had six nights out together It’d be great to have three more. That’s what I’m saying That’s that’s what any guy wants the same gal again And again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again then again then again and again and again and again and every gal wants the same guy who keeps getting fatter and fatter and fatter and Fat right day Lois. This is family guy. We only do the male side of the joke You know what I think this weekend will be fun yeah, I mean it’s not like we’re gonna miss anything around here Hey Jill, what the hell’s going on here oh you didn’t hear today is the opening of the first-ever Spooner Street Farmers Market Markets yeah, it’s really exciting for 50 cents. You can get your picture taken wearing a farmer’s hat fine I have a great weekend you too, so glad you’re finding time for each other Goat me get you goat meat here Cleveland are those yeah I have dibs on whatever silliness Peter loses interest in remember this to the Cleveland copter Now another Hawk, maybe it’s the same one you think it could be the same one doubt it Hey, do you have the address? I think it’s in my pocketbook somewhere cuz I gotta know if we should take 24 or 495 hang on Anything hang on Exits coming up Half a mile What a mile, you’d think I could find it yeah, yeah, I would if I would okay, I’m taking 495 This is why I don’t like big passes here it is it says take 24 to 128 Heywhat cookies chocolate chip oatmeal raisin I Guess they stopped 7:00 dinner at 9:30 Looks like that missed exit had the last laugh Look at this cute note in lieu of television. Please tune into each other, haha Haha, indeed and get this sorry no Wi-Fi, but the good news is your marriage has four bars Terrific oh here’s another note how adorable were those first two notes. I hope you read this one third There’s a used condom in the fireplace And the fireplace is decorative so that’s here to stay so do you think word just got out in the daddy-longlegs? Community like hey come to this hotel Pete. It’s a little warm in here Do you want to turn on that overhead ceiling fan sure looks stable? Can you notice that yeah Can you notice anything in the world other than that only that fist-sized moss in a lampshade by the bed? I’m going to bed so that go home time comes faster I’ll just sleep with the light on You

100 thoughts on “Family Guy – Peter Is Afraid Of Bugs”

  1. “Fffffaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrmmmmmmmeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr’sssssssss Mmmmmmmaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeettttttt?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

  2. Peter: (turns off lamp slowly)

    Möth: Don't you dare mess with my LAMP.

    Peter: I'll just sleep with the light on.

  3. Lol when the moth moved ill just sleep with the light on Lol same thing i would do hehehe. and aslo i liked the part in the car when he took the other road and then she just gets the card and says other road lol. and 3:46 wtf why would there be a used condom in a fireplace Lol thats messed up and oatmeal raisin ewwwwwww i would say the same thing as lois and do the same thing that peter did chuck them out the window

  4. Subtitles are supposed to be for the hard of hearing, not provided BY the hard of hearing. Spot the errors. I saw at least two without trying (clue: purses becomes passes).

  5. If I had a butterfly net handy, I'd catch that moth and set it free outside. Or if not, a very large cup will do.

  6. But….. moths are harmless.
    It's not even a big one. This is a big one:

  7. “There’s a used condom in the fireplace, and the fireplace is decorative so that’s here to stay.” I died laughing 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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