61 thoughts on “Every city needs healthy honey bees – Noah Wilson-Rich”

  1. Blew my mind. Like blew it apart and put it together in a new way. I hope that this 'affirmative' approach to colony collapse is adopted with other areas of science.

  2. I like the subtle irony in your comment. Roof gardens are really cool, aren't they. I know you want clear air and fresh veggies as much as the next guy. 🙂

  3. Actually, cities typically have much better water quality than most rural areas. Between fertilizer runoff, lower regulation standards for well water, a higher water table (which makes it easier to dig wells, but also easier to contaminate the water) hydraulic fracking… the only time urban water quality gets really low is when somebody's doing something illegal, like dumping industrial waste.

  4. Whelp, Puertaican bees are very special. Puerto Rico is a smallish island in the Carabean we have might and bees here have been Africanised for years but they don't sting humans any more often than one would expect. The thing is that European bee where brought here a very long while back and over the decades came into contact with African bees. The resulting mix has become uniform in it's genetic so we have docile africanised bees. Dosile to us but not to mites which they kill.

  5. Littering the bottom of there hives with there corpses. This could be very helpful for the prevention of colony collapse. Also africanised bee are more prolific honey makers. So win win really. All be it I haven't heard anything about selling queens to the states or anywhere else sadly.

  6. regular bees disapear, larger black bees & hornet numbers quadruple to fill the niche. this llittle mechanical contraption we call reality was made by something which can create a brain out of all the material in the universe

  7. Bees wouldnt give a fuck if you were running down the fire escape. Infact, if the fire were affecting the bees themselves, they would be long gone before you got there.

  8. TED sound tech really needs to get it together. in so many of these videos, i'm getting distracted and grossed out by breathing noises and saliva sounds

  9. Wow! I have been watching a lot of TED videos before. This is my first time to stand and clap my hands. Awesome presentation!

  10. Yes, it is a great idea, but non polluting cars like electric are essensial for the health and quality of the honey. We need more environmentally friendly cities first, so we can put bees in them.

  11. The scientific part of my brain is like "Yes. Yes, quite good. We do need healthier and more bees." But the girly part is like "EWWWWWWWWWW, BEEEEESSS!!!"

  12. Also, bees will make you eat healthy… cause you will not dare to eat or drink sweet things where bees are around, unless you want to attract them 😀

  13. My guess would be that in the city the are garbage cans filled with leftover pop which is sugar. (Practically everywhere) So they collect it and make the honey. They may be making more honey but the quality would be poor compared to country made honey

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