EVERY Ant-Man Origin & History Explained – Comic Drake

EVERY Ant-Man Origin & History Explained – Comic Drake

Hello and welcome to Comic Drake where I talk
about comic books and my name is Drake! So! The Ant Man movie’s coming out or has come
out by the time you’re watching this video, but did you know that the character in the
movie is NOT the original Ant Man? Did you ALSO know that there have been THREE Ant Men
in Marvel Comics? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then uh… stop watching?
If not (or if you’re just really bored) let me fill you in! The first was Hank Pym who became Ant Man
after discovering Pym Particles that allowed him to change his size and after creating
a helmet that let him talk to and control ants. Hank has gone by many aliases over the
years, Ant Man, Giant Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, and even Wasp. He’s a founding member of
The Avengers, the creator of Ultron, AND Earth’s Scientist Supreme, but he’s mainly lived
in infamy over the years over the one time that he slapped his wife. Later on, he was sidelined on the Avengers
and was then was eventually kicked off when he created a robot to fight them so that he
could pretend to defeat the robot to get back in The Avenger’s good graces. That… obviously
did not work too well. However, he did eventually end back up as a member of The Avengers so…
I guess everything worked out for the best. Now onto Ant Man number two, Scott Lang. THIS
guy is the one that the movie is going to be based on. Scott is an electronics expert
who turned to a life of crime in order to support his family. He got caught, divorced
while in jail, but was let out early due to good behavior. However, when his daughter
became ill he STOLE the Ant Man suit from Hank Pym and used it in order to save a doctor
who was taken prisoner who in turn saved his daughter. After his daughter recovered, Scott tried
to give the Ant Man suit back to Hank Pym, but Hank essentially said “Nah bro, you
keep it. The world needs more heroes”. Other than that, Scott’s never really been too
popular. He temporarily worked for the Fantastic Four, but then later joined the Heroes For
Hire, then he DIED because his friend Jack of Hearts exploded, but came back to life
when his daughter traveled through time and brought him to the present right when he was
about to die… because comics. Scott later joins and leads the Future Foundation because
Dr. Doom killed his daughter. Then he uses their resources to try to hunt down and try
to KILL Dr. Doom, but… doesn’t. But don’t worry, it’s all good because Dr. Doom brings
his daughter back to life during the AXIS storyline. Again, because comics. That brings us to the third Ant Man who is
one of my favorites. Eric O’Grady is a rogue agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who stole the Ant Man
suit off of his dead best friend’s body who accidentally stole it himself. See? There’s
a reason why I love this guy. Eric is one of the most despicable people in the entire
Marvel universe. He uses the suit to save women from danger and then convinces them
to buy him dinner as a way of saying thank you, and THEN he breaks into their houses
after dinner to watch them shower. In fact, he watches a LOT of women shower… While on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D., Eric got
a fake ID and a job with the super hero clean up crew, Damage Control, as the hero Slaying
Mantis which… really is not a good name for a hero… However, Eric was eventually
captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., but he was able to lay a VERY convincing lie on the S.H.I.E.L.D.
Director, Tony Stark, A.K.A. Iron Man, and Eric was allowed to keep being Ant Man as
a member of The 50-State Initiative. Later on, Eric became a member of The Thunderbolts
and performed top secret missions under the command of Norman Osborne, the Green Goblin.
Finally, Eric joined the Secret Avengers, but was apparently killed off, BUT that ended
up just being a life model decoy instead. So Eric… might not actually be dead. Regardless,
we have not seen O’Grady since and as of right now, Scott Lang is back to being Ant
Man just in time for the movie! So that’s all the Ant Men. If you want a good place to start reading
these characters, I recommend Ant Man: Season One for Hank Pym, The brand new Marvel Now
run of Ant Man for Scott Lang, and The Irredeemable Ant-Man for Eric ‘O Grady. If these are any other comic topics that you’d
like me to cover in future episodes, please leave a comment down below. Also, don’t
forget to like, subscribe, and follow me on EVERY single social media known to man and…
I guess watch the next video. I’m ComicDrake and um… I’m leaving now… Bye.

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  1. Um so just wondering. When you show comic book pages why do you blank out most or all of the words in the bubbles?

  2. Finally a hero who represents what any guy would do with a stealthy superpower. They should make a movie on Eric O'grady for that reason alone… You know for realism

  3. I personally don't like the fact that Hank Pym is the scientist supreme because the excuse ''he is the most imaginative one'' seems silly to me, especially when both he and Eternity agree that Reed, Doom and Stark are way smarter than him.

    Hey, at least they ain't going with Ultimate Hank Pym. The only way that would work would be if they got Chris Brown to play him(get it?) 😛

  4. I'd like to see you do a video about the New Teen Titans comics (the comics by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez that the 2003 Cartoon Network show was based on).
    Or maybe you could take a look at Archie's Mega Man comics; I'd like to hear your opinion on them as a Mega Man fan (personally, I think they're actually pretty good; way better than Archie's Sonic comics in my opinion).

  5. Can you do a video about Spider Man? I'm new to comics and find these story arcs particularly interesting. I know there a lot of characters that have extensive amounts of series and arcs, I've been reading the new Amazing Spider Man and there are so many connection that I know nothing of.

  6. THey're all pretty awesome. Eric O'Grady is my favorite but Hank is a very close second. Hopefully if Ant-man is successful, we might get an Eric O'Grady movie later on, or even have him introduced in AoS

  7. So when I was a kid my dad owned a lot of comic books, still does.
    I would often try to read them. Course these where old comic books so they where yellowed and thin, the letters might be splotched and they where dotted with adds for HOSTESS FRUIT PIES!
    So instead I would just read something that would tell me all about super heroes. 
    That's right I would read

    Who's Who of the DC universe.

    Who's Who was a series of comics that cataloged every DC character in alphabetical order. ( And super hero teams. ) There I learned about Dolphin, Bat mite and tons of other dumb, fantastic, obscure or popular Super hero characters.
    It was fun.

  8. Here is a topic I would like to have you cover. Mainly because I don't think it will come up in the Cinematic Universe.

    Ultron's creations. The Vision and Scarlet Witch, Jocasta and Wasp, Alkhema and Mockingbird.

  9. I like Hank Pym, though that's mostly down to his EMH incarnation.

    I think Ultron would be a good video topic. Until now i thought he was the robot Hank created to prove he was avengers material

  10. @Comic Drake you should make a origins of flash because i need to know moe about the original flash (jay garrick) if you could do a video about him or just all the flashes like  also wally west and barry allen that would be great

  11. Really well put together video. I'm not surprised they haven't brought Eric back, If I remember right the run was pretty controversial and whatnot, but I really enjoy comics that show what someone without "great responsibility" would do with powers. 

  12. I was introduced into Marvel comics through Avengers Academy, and I LOVE that Pym. He has that "nerdy dad" feel to him. But then no one told me at the time that "Oh yeah, Avengers Academy just leads into Avengers Arena and creates your least favorite story type: 'Battle Royale style'." And now I can't find him in many comics where I like how he's written… Not to mention comics with teen characters that I like and haven't already read. Oh well.

  13. Why was iron man the director also come to think of it who is the curent director of shield nick is believed to be dead so is it Maria hill?

  14. Simply because doom knows the ant mans loss and doom being actually being a kinda nice guy brought her back

  15. I think this video makes it pretty obvious why Scott Lang is the main Ant-Man character in the new film. Ya got serious problems wit the other two.

  16. Scott Lang is hands down the most uninteresting Ant-Man. Not even Paul Rudd's stellar performance could make the character appealing.

  17. Actually theres four, Chris mcarthy who only lived a short time after being shot with a lazer beam, THEN Eric took the suit and took his role. So four antmen.


  19. Can you talk about iron man's new armor in all new all different marvel or his endosym armor both are just so cool to me

  20. the third one is literally all of us here in the comment section,like seriously he went full on quagmire on those antiities tech

  21. you get a like just for saying stop watching if you already knew the information. (money grubbing YouTubers would never say that. subscribed)

  22. wait what he is the founding member of Avengers like he is the one that put them together or he is just one of them that put them together?

  23. how is he the creator of up ultron I mean I understand he is smart but for what reason would have he had created him for like the whole tony and bruce doing to make jarvice into a robot was a good reason but antman just know pin particals so like why would he build a robot??

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