[ENG SUB] (TWICE) MOMO talking about cockroach eradication episode

[ENG SUB] (TWICE) MOMO talking about cockroach eradication episode

[V PICK!] [MOMO is the key to your life]
“Anything special happened today?” Shh, it’s a secret! [I didn’t go to gym today]
You will know … [and now my heart is running]
later. Oh, right. I went to Hawaii with SANA. We took many videos there. I bought a camera so … we took many videos. And now I’m editing the videos. [Is there anything you can’t do, MOMO?] [Even the internet doesn’t know
what MOMO can’t do]
I’m trying many different editing styles. I’m practicing. And I look up how to edit videos. I’m looking up on the internet. And I finished putting the subtitles. So I put subtitles. I’ll upload the videos later. [Gosh, my cheeks are gone]
I’m not sure you would enjoy it. [I’m smiling so hard and my cheeks have gone up
to the universe]
I’m just trying to edit the videos well. Of course I could have asked someone to edit. But I want to do it by myself. I want to take photos and videos by myself. I like taking photos and videos. So that’s why I bought a camera. [Media companies must feel anxious
that MOMO is not doing everything on her own!]
So I want to edit as well. [I…guess I need to work harder as an editor]
I, myself, … I mean I was the one who were in Hawaii, … so editing by myself would make a better video. I thought I could do better. And also I want to give it a try. Yeah, it’s kind of a challenge. Well, it’s also for fun. MO CHAENG TV!
Right! We took one in Japan. But I don’t know where it has gone. I don’t know where the file is. I remember that we took one. [Hey, MO CHANEG file!
I’ll give you my legs and arms]
I don’t know where it is. [Come back here]
It’s just gone. At a dorm, … I wanted to have spicy noodles and meat. It was really early in the morning by myself. I made spicy noodles and meat. And then I was eating. But then all of a sudden, … this big! This big … cockroach was flying! [Oh wow, according to MOMO,
that cockroach is that big and it was flying?
(Fainted)] I got so scared. [Tonight, we will fire that cockroach]
I was so scared … [So Mr. Cockroach, move to another planet]
that I screamed!
But as I said, it was early in the morning. DAHYUN was sleeping. At frist, JEONGYEON came out and … said, “What happened? What happened?” So I said, “There’s a cockroach!”
And she said, “You should catch him!” And then I said, “I cannot! It’s so big”. And I went to my room. And JEONGYEON went after the cockroach. It was seriously this bit. It was so big. And it was flying! I got so scared!
And JEONGYEON went to catch him. She was like, “You should catch him!”
And she went after the cockroach. And she came back and said,
“MOMO, that one is so big”. [JEONGYOEON, it’s alright]
She said she can’t catch him either. [Even Thanos wouldn’t
have been able to catch him]
I was like, “No way!” I was like, “We can’t just go to bed,
leaving that cockroach flying around our dorm”. [The biggest reason to catch the cockroach]
“I haven’t finished my spicy noodles and meat!” [Well I want that combination too, MOMO]
And … DAHYUN was sleeping. DAHYUN is the only one who can catch bugs. I asked DAHYUN to catch him,
saying “I’m so sorry
but can you please catch him?” DAHYUN was in a deep sleep. So she must have felt really annoyed. She was like, “What’s with the fuss?” She came out and
the cockroach was sitting there. She sighed and then … I heard the sound. She said that she caught him.
Wow, she’s really cool. [DAHYUN’s has MAXIMUM courage
to catch the cockroach] So … she said, “I caught him, okay? I caught him”. She looked so cool. [We can trust DAHYUN]
So … I was so touched by her. I will be always nice to you, DAHYUN. [I thought MOMO’s cuteness can save the world]
Really. [But this time, MOMO got scared and
DAHYUN was the hero]
I really want to thank DAHYUN.


3 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] (TWICE) MOMO talking about cockroach eradication episode”

  1. Momo: Sees a Flying Cockroach & screams Somebody help me!
    Jeongyeon: What happened?
    Momo: Cockroach!
    Jeongyeon: Tries to get the Cockroach
    Me: Jeongyeon, what's going on?
    Jeongyeon: Help Me to kill the goddamn Cockroach!
    Me: Takes the Pesticide & kills the Cockroach & eggs dead Momo, is that a Flying Cockroach that you're talking about?
    Momo: Yes.
    Me: Let Me check your bedroom? Check Momo's Bedroom What a mess! Jeongyeon, I guess we have to clean up for her.
    Jeongyeon: Good Idea.
    Me: Starts to Clean up Momo's Bedroom Jeongyeon! Vaccum Cleaner & a mop.
    Jeongyeon: Passes the Vaccum Cleaner & a mop to Me
    Me: Turns on the Vaccum Cleaner & Cleans all the dust & Mops the Floor
    Jeongyeon: I've never seen my boy did so much cleaning & tidy up Momo's bedroom for her.
    Me: Sprains My Back Argh! My back!
    Jeongyeon: Are you ok?
    Me: I'm ok.
    Jeongyeon: Did you clean up Momo's Bedroom?
    Me: Yeah, I'm done. But….Arrrrrgggghhh! Now I've clean every single bedroom.
    After Cleaning Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, Nayeon & Jeongyeon's Bedroom
    Jihyo: My Bedroom is cleaned.
    Mina & Chaeyoung: Ours too.
    Tzuyu & Sana: Mine & Tzuyu's Bedroom are cleaned.
    Nayeon & Dahyun: Same here.
    Jeongyeon: Impressive my Bedroom is cleaned.
    Jihyo: I wonder who did that?
    Mina: Execuse Me boy!
    Me: What is it?
    Mina: So you did cleaned our bedroom?
    Me: Yeah.
    Mina: You did?
    Me: Yes, now I sprain my back.

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