Electonic Bug Zapper Review Elucto Raquet vs Bug-A-Salt 2.0

Electonic Bug Zapper Review Elucto Raquet vs Bug-A-Salt 2.0

okay so we’re late summer here and I’m having problems with wasps getting around my bird feeders and keeping the birds from accessing their feed particularly the Orioles they’re supposed to be drinking out of this cup right here which has grape jelly in it and you’ll notice there are a bunch of Yellowjackets around it so in this video we’re gonna compare two things that are designed to kill Yellowjackets these are my Yellow Jacket traps here and I’m testing different formulas out but that’s not what we’re gonna use we’re going to use the Bug-A-Salt 2.0 and we’re going to compare it to the Alucto electric flyswatter we’re gonna see which one is most effective here is the bug-a-salt 2.0 – if you haven’t seen my video about the Bug-A-Salt gun please check that out we go into great detail I’ve had three of these now I wear them out and this little salt opening here at the top tends to break off and wear out first but we’re gonna compare this I’m going to see what it kills besides flies we get a lot of questions will this thing kill wasps and Yellow Jackets also or is it just for flies well we’re gonna prove that out here are the Flies they’re dining on some sugar crystals here and we’re gonna blast them with a bug-a-salt 2.0 – after we do that we’re gonna test it out on Yellowjackets all the way up to point-blank range so yes apparently it does kill flies let’s see if it kills the Yellowjackets dramatic music builds tension the suspense is terrific killing yellow jacket wasps in slow motion The Bug-A-Salt 2.0 against hornets or wasps does not kill them with a single shot using yellow jackets for target practice don’t do this at home okay so I guess we proved pretty thoroughly that with the bug assault – which is the strongest bug assault gun the best you’re gonna do is damage the wings of some of those Yellowjackets but we’re definitely not going to kill them so what we’re looking at here is electric flyswatter this comes in two sizes this is the largest one Alecto makes and we bought it on Amazon and the link for it is down in the description below it comes with batteries and it’s ready to go we’re gonna go over the details it says it’s difficult to zap flies unless you have good skill for swing well practice your backhand a good hunter is waiting for it to land on a flat surface and you just need to cover it slowly you can do that with a bug in the wall for example fruit flies who cares about fruit flies we’re after bigger stuff today and there’s a warranty it comes with 1-year warranty apparently if you log in online you can get it to you your warranty for free so 100% money back I like what it says here in the features it says neatly and rapidly without causing irritation to the user you can kill things bugs will never be a minutes again so forget about bug bites and any bug attacking you and your family it will kill its normal condition if you hear a high-frequency sound because it provides a high voltage current keep how to reach your children I agree with that you touch this thing with your fingers and you’re gonna get zapped it feels like somebody poured hot water on you and pinched you at the same time pretty substantial so here it is it’s a one-piece thing nice and clean a little stronger than what they used to make this is carbon steel and of course the wires going across here are positive and negative alternating so when something touches both it gets zapped and the double-a batteries are more than enough for it and we’re gonna go outside and we’re gonna test that I’m just showing you the details here it is thin enough so that you can lay it right on the wall if you’ve got a spider or something and you want to kill it inside you can just lay it over the top of it hit the button and it’s going to zap it and at the very very least stun it so that it falls to the floor and you can clean it up and throw it away so it’s pretty well made I think better than some of the past units here’s the thumb button here the side of the handle while you have the button to press it will be electrified and ready to zap something and when you don’t have the buttom button to press it won’t be the double-a batteries going to put inside here they did come with some wear and tear on them but the charge was full so there’s also a little lanyard that goes in the bottom of the handle here and you can put that around your wrist so you don’t drop it push the button the indicator light comes on when this light comes on it’s ready to shock things don’t give us the kids they’re gonna chalk each other and here I am testing it out and snapping some Yellowjackets and it’s pretty clean it snaps and right down it’s a lot of fun actually I have to be honest picked one up here and it’s still alive it’s just stunned and you can see its mouth moving there so it doesn’t necessarily kill him but it definitely zaps um and drops him out of the air and you notice when it’s laying on the grid here it didn’t give a dramatic pop really but it did seize up you can see that he contracted right away and you see a little arcing and sparking there and so if you did this at night you’re gonna see little flashes of light obviously when you have mosquitoes or whatever you’re going to test out but one thing we’re proving here for sure it’s going to kill wasps so out here again and trying to take out a few more the problem I had was finding him after I hit him you zap them they go to the ground get a little back in there Owen everyone’s stuck right on the racket I’ll show you that up close and there it is and while it’s on the course there it is when you push the button you can see it seizes up and its stinger extends all the way out so be careful there too you can be stung by that wasp and I just laid it on the way the instructions say to see if it would zap something there here we have another Yellow Jacket right on the grid notice it’s touching at least two of those strands and there it seasons up not that dramatic but it certainly does kill them so there you go pick it up here again the stinger is fully extended if you touch your finger on a stinger even of a dead wasp as I mentioned before you can be in zapped look at those fingers extended on these two here they’re both dead and of course I found out that Yellowjackets are kind of decoys live Yellowjackets come to check them out and see what they’re eating and you can snap those two now does this electric racket zapper work better than traps not really but it’s a lot more fun this is a honeybee here on the clover don’t zap honeybees they’re different than wasps they are fuzzy and they’re busy pollinating flowers and they don’t come after you and they don’t chase off your birds the way Yellowjackets do so protect honeybees kill the Yellowjackets and of course here’s a fly there’s a saying that one fly walking across you is dirtier than a thousand cockroaches and you can believe it so go ahead and hit those flies with your bug assault – when it comes to Yellowjackets I recommend this electric racket go ahead and get one thanks for watching

62 thoughts on “Electonic Bug Zapper Review Elucto Raquet vs Bug-A-Salt 2.0”

  1. I continue to enjoy your videos so much. Your voice is soothing to listen to and your reviews are pleasantly in-depth, and the music you put over shooting at the yellow-jackets made me laugh. I also had fun admiring the resilience of them, like little airplanes on a battlefield. They really are tiny marvels of nature, besides being pests to your goals.

  2. Better get another tennis coach. Lots of work needed on backhand. Glad to see you had fun testing gizmos! Fun comparison. Cheers, Johno

  3. i believe that about flies.. yuk.. fun video to watch. i got a bug zapper a couple weeks ago. but i turned mine into a static grass applicator for my train layout. lol. I might need to get a second one now.

  4. a fly squatter to kill wasps lol lol vegemite in a trap is good too OMG shooting them with salt – life is too short A study published in the Journal of Pest Management Science in 2013, reported outstanding results with peppermint oil. You can plant plants that repel them – u can make ur own traps with recycled soft drink bottles -Soap and hot water on the nests Will ur electric thing kill bees as well ?

  5. Broke one of my humming bird feeders trying to swat wasps with the racket. Yah, I know, bad idea. But what does work is my air rifle with no pellets in it and just air at close range. Kills them most of the time.

  6. I’ve got that same racket and it’s great. Now it’s kind of fun when a fly gets in, the hunt is on! And mine also took out a nasty wasp that made a nest over the back door… he stung me once and it was his last mistake.

  7. I tried to kill flies with the salt gun, I was lucky to kill flies once in while.
    Tried it on yellow jackets and they are just getting stunt with it and after a few minutes they fly again. I was lucky to kill one yellow jacket.
    Not worth it to spend the money on something like that.

  8. I sent a message to Fred's fine fowl. I hope you got it. I made mistakes and was fired. Amazon is a giant revolving door. One minute in the next your out. Its awful.

  9. The electric fly zapper with double A battery don't work as good as the ones with the D battery. Go to Harbor Freight and pick up D Battery version for four dollars

  10. Great video, I would suggest one of the fly swatters that is powered by D cell batteries. They tend to pack a bigger zap, and make regular house flies explode. They're also more effective on larger bugs, as well as seeing how long a frogs leg really is.

  11. Lol cool video but your aim was killing me. iv had a bug a salt for years they can be fun. You would of killed all of them with direct shots, the one frustrating thing is that as soon as I pull mine out every fly disappears

  12. Those bugasalt salt guns are garbage I got the lawn and garden supposedly the most powerful one they want had and within 2 months to Salt turn hard inside of it because of the humidity that I have and it's been useless ever since so be very where and it desert I'm sure the gun might be much better but in humid areas forget it. And you have to pick up a substantial amount of salt I used it inside my house because that's where most of the past gets you in that annoy me so you have to sweep up or vacuum the salt after you've done a lot of that as if you start walking at it with bare feet you feel it in immediately and salt and your carpets do not mix well

  13. What I used to do is pick up the bug that was just stunned like a huge spider or something and lay on top of it and then just sit there and zap them while it Cooks them that kills them for sure but also eats batteries pretty good too

  14. I liked your video, well done. But, Slow motion showed your aim is off.
    I have been slaying yellow jackets and white faced hornets at my pear tree. One good shot kills most, some times need a fallow up. And spiders! It turns small ones into a smear, and just kills bigger ones.

  15. I have a zapper. Fun is what it is. One time I was reading a book and had the zapper in my hand with the button pushed. Fly went to it and met his demise.  LOL

  16. Looks like you need the laser scope ! Lol Annie Oakley missing point blank but still will made video. Love the dramatic music

  17. I have about a dozen of these zappers all from different makers. Most work well. the 2300 volt ones seem to work the best because the grids are spaced differently on all the different models. I don't have any of the ones with the grids like yours because some of those don't have the popping power like the other zappers. I have this monster of a zapper, it is handheld and it can be a buglite too a it plugs into the wall.

  18. I have 2 questions
    Does it work against a Asian Giant Hornet?
    If you put on protective clothing, how effective would it work against Killer Bees?

  19. I wish you could hit the ones just sitting still more than one out of ten, really bro your not even close, your literally missing from an inch or two away .

  20. We have those rackets over here for about 3 dollars. They are all rechargeable though. Great for mosquitoes .

  21. I think you obviously need to work on your aim. I think you probably missed like 70% of the time with the bug-a-salt

  22. Wasps love sugar. Especially fermenting sugars. When worker wasps no longer have a purpose, they love to basically be drunk until they die.
    I love my executioner. But I agree completely agree with your stance for honey bees. I have a rather large garden, so I avoid bees and spiders when targeting targets for the executioner.
    Also, liked

  23. Salted Yellow Jackets with grape jelly, Ummm! Bet the Orioles love that. I get it… it's pay back for pulling your lawn furniture apart.

  24. MY GOD I hate those little prick hornets!!! Kill em all they are useless little bastards!!! But yeah, you do need to aim a lot better, a lot of them you were point blank range and missed them entirely

  25. A cut rubber band works . Just hold one end firmly and use the other hand to release snap at the wasp. Practice on a paper target first . Remember wasp mush will attract them with revenge anger , so be careful ! A good shop vac with the narrow intake and soap water in tank also works.

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