Dritat Misterioze Gjate Termetit Ne Shqiperi

Dritat Misterioze Gjate Termetit Ne Shqiperi

Download the Brave Browser by clicking on the video description link for it enjoy an ad-free browsing, save time, is the fastest browser, Brave is the only browser that protects your information from trackers. Brave Browser is the safest browser. -On November 26, the earthquake in Albania with magnitude 6.4 caused Richter a lot of material damage. Make the SUBSCRIBE Channel the YouTube channel to bring you the most lots of interesting facts about the earthquake. After the earthquake many different videos circulated online like those of buildings moving, more interesting was videos published in a mysterious light so called by Albanian media during the earthquake in Albania, which looked like the light of a lightning. Strange lights that u appear in the sky November 26 have a scientific explanation to explain this phenomenon during the time the earthquake falls. Watch the video to the end because it doesn’t there is nothing to worry about these lights that appeared during the earthquake in Albania. Donate to Earthquake in Albania by clicking on the video description link. In 2017 Mexico hit a magnitude 8.1 Richter earthquake and some images of mysterious lights appeared in the sky. Called the mysterious lights of Earthquake in Mexico was a phenomenon that many scientists began research on them to explain these very rare occurrences. Lights can take different colors. Analyzing 65 incidents of light during an earthquake across it Around the world, scientists discovered that the lights were caused by electric charges activated on certain types of rocks during seismic activity. rock of basalt type and gabbros have defects in their crystals that can emit electric load in the air. Lights appear in less than 1% of Earthquakes worldwide, which the Scientists discovered by Fact and for this reason may be very useful Rrell. They also discovered that these Lights often appear in front of an Earthquake or during the termite. One of the most complicated things Scientists encounter during the study of these lights are that they may not be predictable and why always last only a few seconds. So the so-called mysterious lights in the Albanian media are not dangerous and there is no need to panic from them, all those conspiracy theories that are associated with Lights during the Earthquake in Albania and in various countries of a world like that of Mexico causing panic that it might be UFOs, everyone are frauds no theory is true because scientists have brought more accurate explanation with True Facts and are not dangerous

21 thoughts on “Dritat Misterioze Gjate Termetit Ne Shqiperi”

  1. Puna është se në Shqipëri jan telat elektrike nëpër shtylla. Linjat e vjetra të Enverit. Edhe kur kishte reshje apo fortuna të mëdha, gjithmon bënin kontakt e krijohej ajo shkëndija madhe. Shkencëtarët i din të gjitha, por akoma nuk iu kan fut studimit për tërmetin, e jo më për dritat.
    Ose nëse un nuk jam i informuar, më tregoni pak shpjegimin direkt të shkencëtarëve!

  2. Ti qifsha ropt pse thu vetem deme materiale po ato 51 njerzit e dekun a sende materiale jan mor ti qifsha tan ropt e ships ku ti kesh. Youtuber p*dh ropsh ta qifsha motren np**h.

    N'xhehnet inshallah ata qe vdiqen nga termeti🙏. SHPIRTI N'PAQE INSHALLAH🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Ok e kuptuam se BRAVE BROWSER eshte me e shpejte sepse keshtu thane edhe per Google kur u krijua keshtu boll me keto

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