Don’t Mess With Texas: The Lone Star State’s Tussle with Trump’s Border Wall | Full Frontal on TBS

Don’t Mess With Texas: The Lone Star State’s Tussle with Trump’s Border Wall | Full Frontal on TBS

Welcome to the peaceful Rio Grande valley, located on the tip of Texas’s pendulous dong. Home to quiet border communities, pristine natural beauty, and a good ol’ fashioned Texas shit show! Where Trump’s diverting billions of
dollars from the military to build a 30-foot wall, crushin’ critters and grabbin’ private
property along the way! Yeehaw! Alright, let’s just get to it. Mexico is not paying for it,
but the wall is happening. This is ACLU lawyer David Donatti, whom I met in a wall with a giant hole in it. Look, it’s a freakin’ metaphor, people! Priority number one is construction
in the Rio Grande Valley. But in Texas, the vast majority of our border
lands is owned by private citizens. So Congress has empowered the administration
to do something called a quick take where they take the land,
they build the wall, and they can figure out just compensation later. That’s right, with a quick take— they just take your land, then tell you what they’ll pay for it. So how are Texans taking to government
workers showing up and saying their land’s being
quick tookened? Texas law gives me the right to shoot these people. This is Nayda Alvarez, peaceful border resident, spirited driver, and wannabee Banksy. So how did you end up graffitiing your own roof? You know, after Trump said
we’re building this wall, he comes over to the valley. And I say he’s gonna fly by, and he’s gonna see this. You know he can’t read, right? I just didn’t have a chance to put
my middle finger up there. Just for reference, that would
look something like this. Nayda’s been told that her backyard is
about to get an exciting new addition. The wall’s supposed to go a few feet from us. Just like right here? Yeah. The government has informed
Nayda that her property— which has been in her family for generations— is now condemned. And they’ve sent more than just letters. We had a pervert show up through there. Someone hired by the government. A government pervert? There’s a little camera over there that caught them. Very quickly— Nayda’s camera captured a posse
of trespassing surveyors. One of them spotted the camera
and began a strip-tease, and then… They claim that you threatened to shoot them. I never threatened to shoot anybody. What did you say? I told them I was going to beat
the shit out of them. Oh, okay. Those are two different things! But not everyone can defend
themselves as well as Nayda. That’s because some of them are butterflies. So tell me where we are. You’re at the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas. We’re a 100-acre botanical garden planted with host and nectar
plants for butterflies. Butterflies? Surely the Trump administration would want
to protect innocent little butterfl— Actually, no. The government sent contractors here. I found five workmen cutting down our trees. We had no notice. We had given no permission. And I said, you must not understand the three F’s. If you’re not feeding me, fucking me,
and financing me, I don’t listen to you. What if I’m f-interviewing you? You got five minutes. Wow, Texas ladies are tough. So why piss them off? Why take this land to begin with? Because in this part of Texas,
the border is the river, which is made up of a substance
scientists call water. So… What they’re actually doing is they have
to go about a mile inland. And a lot of the United States is actually
going to be behind the border wall. So to wall out foreigners, we just have
to wall out our own citizens. That’s exactly what’s happening. The position of Trump’s wall
will create a no man’s land. In Spanish they call this “tierra de nadie,” or, roughly translated, “we just gave land back to Mexico!” To speed the process, the Trump
administration has ignored dozens of environment regulations. They’re violating the Rivers and Harbors Act, the Clean Water Act, the Solid Waste Disposal Act, the Native American Graves Protection
and Repatriation Act. I’m sorry—they’re building it on
a Native American burial ground? All of this area was once inhabited
by our indigenous peoples, and their remains are throughout the region. On the bright side, it can’t get any worse! I’m kidding. Of course it can! The government’s border wall isn’t the only threat. In November, they started building a private wall
on the banks of the Rio Grande River. A team of Tinder swipe-lefts— yes, that’s Steve Bannon there— raised $20 million on a Go Fund Me, then joined forces with a pro-Trump contractor
to build their own privately funded wall. It’s illegal and stupid to build it
right on the flood plain, so they decided to build it
right on the flood plain. Behold, the private wall! All in here, in this bend in the river, there was hundreds of acres of just
natural riverbank habitat like that. Just wild habitat. Father Roy Snipes is a local priest with
property right next to the private wall. He took me on his boat to
show me what happens when racism meets industrial-
scale arts and crafts. We always thought, well, you couldn’t just bulldoze miles and miles of beautiful riverbank. You couldn’t do that. But they did it. What do you think Jesus would feel about this? That’s a good question. The real moral issue would be demonizing people
who are poor and just struggling to survive. I think you just captured
the entire GOP platform. So, one last question: how will this private wall then connect
to the government wall? Oh, it won’t. It will be a freestanding sculpture. Yep. The private wall will be walled
off by the wall wall, which will also wall off
U.S. territory and citizens, none of whom can really fight back. There’s no invasion. There’s no crisis. It’s just a big shit show that people believe up north. And Nayda would like to confront the emcee
of this shit show, Donald Trump. I would like to see him in the face. I’m telling you, you wouldn’t. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want to be alone
with me in the same room. Now that I would like to see. I bet you he’d run out like a chicken. I see an incredibly lucrative pay-per-view
opportunity in the future.

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  1. Who knew the whole thing would be much more complicated and difficult than just repeating 3 words at rallies . Oh , wait – EVERYBODY WITH A BRAIN KNEW

  2. @1:10 – These people are igorant. Pull weapons on federal staff and suffer the consequences. As a texan and border resident – we need the wall. That being said – the wall should be closer to the actual border.

  3. I love that this validates what I've grown up seeing my whole life, that Texas women really are that badass. I see my sister and cousins in these women and I'm proud of them for fighting back against a losing battle on behalf of all of us Texans.

  4. This is my favorite episode and this is one reason why. This is a wake up call needed! They are stealing Texas Citizens' property, shrinking our own land for the wall, and is overall a middle finger to Mexico and US citizens at the same time.

  5. Just bulldozer it over once they leave and sell the metal for scrap. They put it on someone else’s property. It’s theirs.
    Shame on anyone that would do that job too.

  6. These private wall-funding people have so much money to waste, they should give it to the homeless and poor in U.S. Would do the more good in the longer run- or i don't know, invest it so they can stop being losers and hating the world to hide their insecurities.

  7. This is the funniest episode I’ve seen in awhile!!!! The 3 Fs response was great!!! Love you Samantha Bee!!!

  8. Threating to beat someone and threatening to shoot someone are two different things, just like pissing out the window and shitting out the window.

  9. texas: native american land
    white people: invade and steal the land
    texas: now mexico
    white people: invade again and steal the land
    texas: now usa
    white people: pretend like theyre being invaded and steal the land

  10. People invading, coming onto your land and taking everything you own and have worked for. No not immigrants – trump.

  11. So … are other Texans aware (or care) about their neighbors' plight or once again abandon justice and good sense and vote for Trump?

  12. Samantha, please remind people of this map when you do these type of videos, maybe mention it sometime. US 1812 – US MAP 1842 … this is ridiculous why this is not even taught in schools, I wonder why. Anglo-Texans live in Mexico illegally.

  13. People living in the border
    No problem with immigrants
    People from Michigan and up north Build the wall caravans are invading us. Trumpsters

  14. She is AWESOME! Listen to your Citizens! If it ain't broke don't fix it! Leave the people alone stop the nonsense.

  15. This was an exceptional piece. Both of those women are fighting worthwhile fights and I can't believe this is all happening with little to no coverage.

  16. The border wall needs to be built to help keep the illegal immigrants out it won't stop the problem but it will help more than doing nothing .

  17. Destroying the environment…. again… these people really can't do anything else in their free times??? So disgusting… so boring… so upsetting.

  18. Apparently, The Wall violates a lot of laws, common sense, and the Bible. But who cares, it looks big and powerful, or something…

  19. Watching this for the second time and just realized butterfly lady is wearing a butterfly clip in her hair… also naming my future daughter nayda after that badass woman

  20. Gosh, call me surprised. If you know Trump's real estate/business history then what's happening on the border is just business as usual. Pure evil isn't black it's Orange.

  21. Those women are awesome!
    >edit< It's an ecological fact that Monarch butterflies actually stop and reproduce in Texas, every year as part of their migratory journey through the US to Canada. Originating in Mexico.

  22. Mexicans are forced to be drifter nomads because their government is completely inept and just, well, impotent

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