Doctors Remove Live Cockroach From a Woman’s Skull

Everyone’s heard the old wives tale- you swallow
up to 5 spiders a year while you’re sleeping. While this is blatantly false, and honestly
makes no sense when you think about it- I mean would you willingly crawl into the mouth
of a sleeping giant?- other insects aren’t as cautious. Insects like the cockroach, that
most hated by mankind of all insectdom. Hello and welcome to another episode of The Infographics
Show- today we’re taking a look at the woman with a cockroach living in her head. Cockroaches are insidious little creatures.
They plague our homes and resist our best attempts to exterminate them. Yet no matter
how bad the infestation, no one ever seriously thinks that they would be bold enough to make
the move inside the human body. But that’s exactly what happened in the city of Injambakkam,
India, just this November. One night a 42- year old woman identified only as Selvi felt
an insect crawling around her nostril as she slept. Brushing the insect away, she was horrified
to discover that it had bolted straight up her nose! Feeling it crawling around inside
her nostril, Selvi said that the small cockroach gave her a burning sensation in her eyes as
it crawled around. Unable to sleep- and who could blame her?- she sat up and waited for
dawn so she could go to a nearby clinic. At the clinic the doctors quickly referred
her to a nearby government hospital, where she had a nasal endoscopy performed to find
the intrusive cockroach. Still alive, the nose spelunking insect had lodged itself in
the skull between Selvi’s eyes. “This is the first such case I have seen in my three
decades of practice”, remarked Dr. M N Shankar. The doctors would go on to successfully remove
the cockroach, and comment that they were glad Selvi had not waited to see them as if
the cockroach had died she would have developed an infection which could have spread to the
brain. Those doctors probably shouldn’t have worried about Selvi taking her time to see
them, as we’re pretty sure nobody would hesitate to immediately head to the hospital if a cockroach
ran up their nose. Selvi’s incident was a freak accident as cockroaches
don’t typically decide to go exploring inside the human body. Other insects however aren’t
so careful, or deliberately seek out other creatures to inhabit or lay their eggs in.
If you’ve got the stomach for it, stay tuned as we explore more incidents of creepy crawleys
ending up inside people. In July of 2013, for-year-old Paul Franklin
was on vacation with his family when he tripped and skinned his knee at the beach. Kids are
notorious for getting bumps and scrapes, so his family cleaned him up, bandaged him, and
didn’t think much of it. A few weeks later, the knee became infected and the family took
Paul to the hospital. After a quick inspection, doctors believed the cause to be nothing more
than a staph infection and treated it with antibiotics. The infection did indeed abate,
but a black bump just under the skin continued to grow. On a hunch, Paul’s mom decided to
squeeze the bump and out popped a living sea snail! Turns out that when Paul had scratched
up his knee, he must have inadvertently picked up a fertilized sea snail egg which got stuck
in his flesh. Paul took the tiny invader in stride though and decided to keep it, calling
it Turbo after the star of an animated film. Earlier we mocked the old wive’s tale of a
spider climbing into your mouth only to be swallowed, yet our next incident makes us
feel that perhaps we were a bit hasty in our disbelief. Back in 2014 an Australian man
named Dylan Maxwell went on holiday to the Indonesian island of Bali. Enjoying the tropical
beaches and lush jungles, Dylan felt what he thought was an insect bite at the base
of a small appendix scar on his navel. Visiting a local doctor he was prescribed an antihistamine
for insect bite and discharged. Upon returning home however a red scar-like trail started
developing from his navel all the way up his chest, and an alarmed Dylan visited a hospital
to be checked out. Doctors were shocked to discover that a small tropical spider had
actually crawled inside of Dylan and made its way up his body, staying alive for three
whole days! Dylan’s spider tenant was successfully removed, and the worst Dylan has to endure
now is his friends calling him Spiderman. Botflies are horrible little creatures who
lay their eggs on the exterior of other living creatures- usually mosquitoes or flies. Upon
hatching, the larvae burrow into the host and start to feed, emerging later to pupate
into mature adult botflies. Sometimes a female botfly will choose a human as a host, and
usually the burrowed larva is easily removed by simply covering the burrow hole with an
ointment or other substance that blocks the larva from breathing. Usually. The US Air Force and other military branches
routinely engage in humanitarian aid work, dispatching military doctors and other medical
personnel to impoverished areas around the world. Back in the year 2000, a 5 year old
boy reported to an Air Force medical camp with a swollen eye and complaining of not
being able to see out of it. When the military doctors examined his eye, they were horrified
to discover a nearly fully grown botfly larva attached directly to his eyeball. Under general
anesthesia, the doctors made a small incision into the eyeball and removed a whopping 19
millimeter botfly larva. The boy would go on to make a full recovery, and after learning
of this incident flies may have trumped cockroaches as our own personal most hated insect in the
world. (use images from: Our original story features a woman with a
cockroach who could have infected her brain, but our next one shows what happens when insects
manage to actually get inside the brain itself. If you have the stomach for it, keep on watching,
and if not we recommend you switch to another video asap. Ok, we warned you. Back in October of 2002 a 70 year old man
in the US was involved in a minor car accident. When police arrived they were shocked at the
man’s condition. Despite not having suffered any injuries in the accident, the upper portion
of the man’s skull and large amounts of his brain were visible, and the shocked officers
immediately contacted paramedics. When taken to the hospital the man was found to be suffering
from an unusual form of cancer which had eaten away at a portion of his skull and scalp,
but because it did not cause him any pain he had never sought treatment. The exposed
brain was discovered to be infested with live maggots, which had infested the man for an
unknown amount of time. Doctors removed the maggots by suction and with a mild bleach
solution, though the man would go on to die from his untreated cancer three months later. You might be wondering how the man could possibly
be alive after having an exposed brain infested with live maggots, but turns out that the
maggots were probably what was keeping him alive. As the cancer ate away at the man’s
skull and scalp, the maggots- which only eat decaying flesh and leave healthy flesh alone-
would have consumed any infected flesh that might have caused a serious and deadly infection.
We have no idea how this man chose to go around his day with an exposed brain and live maggots
living on it, but at least the maggots he was giving a home to were keeping his gaping
wound clean and healthy. In fact, doctors in developed nations have started using maggots
to treat infected wounds, and the treatments have been found to be far more effective than
anything used prior. So next time you go to the doctor with a bad cut, if it gets infected
you might just go home patched up with a few maggots wriggling around inside you and keeping
you healthy! By the way, if you have the stomach for it
go ahead and google this last story, as there are photos- but be warned, you might not want
to eat lunch today if you do. We sincerely hope you can sleep tonight without
feeling an itching, crawling sensation all over your body- is it just scratchy sheets,
or is some insect making its way along your skin, just looking for a chance to make you
its new home? Is that random itch by your ear just a stray hair, or is a creepy crawly
trying to get inside your ear and to your brain? Is that bump on your stomach just another
bug bite, or is something burrowing deeper inside you, looking to lay its eggs in your
flesh? These are all thoughts that we really, sincerely, hope you avoid after watching our
video. Specially tonight, when you’re laying in your bed in the dark. Or maybe next time
you go camping. Have you ever had an insect make its way inside
you? How could someone live with maggots crawling on their exposed brain? Also, be sure to check
out our other video The Luckiest Man That Ever Lived!. Thanks for watching, and as always,
don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

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